Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving.....Still needs work but it was time.....

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sun will shine on my back door some day!!!!!

 Well the fat lady has sung and the Griswalds vacation is done except for the folding of laundry.
We had by far the best week of weather that one could have asked for in the valley of the sun.
First two days were a bit on the warm side but that was just a good buffer for some mid westerns that 
had not seen the sun in months. 
We got to spend a lot of time walking in the desert and

 watching the flowers open. 

I made it up to Flagstaff and rode with Gnome and Thom from Form Cycles on what was an amazing day of single track. With tons of climbing and miles of descending.

The desert was a bloom and nothing is better than a dip in the pool after a long hike in the sun. 
The Boy was a fish and spent at time from dawn till dusk in the water.

 And single track and lots of it. Thanks again to Yuri I got to ride ride ride and it was a mellow week not pushing it hard just pedaling and smiling enjoying the ride. I got to ride six of the eight days we were out there and got to ride some trails that did not exist when I live in the valley. New trails new faces and good times.... 

Now time to get back to work and get ready for what is to come. First Wors this weekend although it has been wet and more wet for weeks now so not sure how the trails are going to be. This same weekend here in LAX is a up hill TT and Crit so in some way and shape I will be racing this weekend.. Just not sure where and when yet..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The higher you get the higher you are

Woke up this morning at 1200 feet and found my self riding single track @ 7000+.
Left the valley of the sun this morning it was 67 degrees out and 30 up in 
Flagtown. The drive up was just beautiful
the early morning sun dancing on the contours of the mountain and
clinging to the ends of the many cacti that make up the 
Made it up to town and meet up with Gnome and
then with Thom and headed off to go and 
get some high elevation single track.
Hitting up the connector trail to the bottom of Schultz Creek the 
trails were just as I remember them. As soon as we hit the bottom of the climb the 
speed went up and so did my HR. Legs felt great  but
the recovery was tough Du to the lack of O2.
Climbed for a good bit and up dog food and one we were not sure of the name
then started to head towards Moto.
That is where I found the ground but saving Yuri's bike from 
the sharp volcanic rocks.
We traversed the mountain shredding the moon dust single track till we came to Snowbowl Road. 
With another climb to get to the top of the mesa we descended back in to Flagstaff.
Just under three hours and tons of great riding. 
The cherry on top of a great vacation. One more ride before I give Yuri back 
his bike,,,,,Then on saturday we back to the great white north
If you did not know I love bikes and love when the wheels are 
Go ride your Bike!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feet deep

Life in the south west is treating me well.
If I have ever pick a good time to get out this is it. 
Weather back home looks more like March/February.

No heavy snow here just sun sun and sun.
More single track today and then off to Flagstaff tomorrow.
More fun is in store and I don't have to shovel.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bright Eyes

After a long day of weather delays and slow travel we made it to the valley of the sun.
Some stiff drinks and food and we were in the pool.
The whole family was thankful to be here and done traveling.
I swung over to Yuri's house this morning to pick up
his SIR 9 to ride while I am in town. Dropped off a small pile 
of thank you gifts and was ready to start riding. 
Now I have already heard that me riding a geared bike with suspension front and rear means that I am not hard core.  Not sure what that means but I am riding single track and not dealing with the weather back home. 
The ride it's self was super nice could put the bike any where that you wanted on a trail strewn with
baby head and bigger rocks. The Niner seemed to float down the trail. 
Felt so good to out on dirt and even better to be in the sun. 
More to come approaching this week as a rest and recovery have fun week
before the race season starts when we get home. 
Now time for more beverages and sunshine.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burnt Rubber

 Been trying to cram as much work into my days as I can. Two solid weeks and a few more days until we head off for vacation. Been going up through the quarry more and more now that the rivers have flooded the marsh.
 And after some 7500 miles and 2.5 seasons my
Bontrager hard case 28's have died. It does not help that I slammed on the brakes after I heard a motorist tell me to get on the F$#king sidewalk. 
I whipped a skid around and went back to his open window and asked what?
Now I don't think that I am too scary looking... all kitted up even in the Metal kit,, but he did not have much to say when I asked what his problem was? It was a fun back and forth....If I was Pickle or Kingsberry I would have hit him.. Again I am not  to scary, probably smelled bad so he went on his way.

 I like when I can watch the sun come up on one side of the bluff and watch in shine down the other. 
Got a ride set up next Wednesday in Sedona with Gnome then going up to hang out in the Coconino
HQ and talk bikes and old times... I am so ready for vacation and single track. It is going to be good therapy.

Speaking of Arizona picked up another new Sponsor for this season.. they are going to help keep my tires full of air and keep me in the running. 
Based out of Tucson AZ they have been keeping tires inflated for over 20 years!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Almost done

Up hill to fun

Big Hill

I like boxes