Friday, September 30, 2005

Power Lines

The climb up is classic . I don't think that it can get much better than this one .. Start in town and go up , and you stop going up at almost treeline .. This could be the last time this season that i can climb this one , wed. morning their was snow on a good amount of the trail . A good day for the single , sun and lots of dirt , doing laps on Baldy is always a good way to make the thoughts in your head all make sence ..........I can't wait to go ride Flagstaff Dirt!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Single Cross

Well made it snow mnt ranch with little time to spare .. Did a pratice lap and got to the line with 1 min to go .. Right off the gun i went with two other guys and got to the first turn before the bottle neck .. From their on out i was off the front , more getting off the bike than i use to but it ws only my third race ... After 7 laps I got to hold my hands up in victory !!! About a min later 2,3,and 4 came in . The guy in second who won here in breck , did not understand that he did not win , i guess he never saw me up front .. Oh well , Anna was not impressed with his lack of sportsmanship ,, one other guy protested but it did not stand ...............the 44x20 worked well!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall In Breck

Went out with C-Ball , Toast , Dave G , and Big Huck , . I was the only one on a single for a good long ride .. We went up the little french climb which is in the best shape i've ever seen , colors changing all over the place with great temps which made the climb that much easier .. Our goal was to get down to the Co trail . My goal was to ride the north fork with out stopping or puttin a foot down .. 3 miles of climbing and about 15 mins of standing on the pedals and i was there.. The rest was all down , some of the smoothest fastest single track I can think of . All in all 30 mile of dirt and my day was done .. Today chillin with the kids and getting the cross bike ready for sunday's race .. Going to see if the 44x20 works at snow mnt ranch .