Sunday, January 29, 2006

A wholelotta!!!!!!!

Went to the hill today,and took the day off from the nordic center skied there three day in a row. The call for today was powder and not just a little a whole shit load. No one was out and i was able to run laps on t bar all day. My first run jumped off into cuccumber bowl and was blown away.Every turn was fresh and deep going to the white room with every turn. Ran in to bridget and we just ripped it for the rest of the day. It is days like today that make up for not going to the hill every day. I was wanted to go to boulder yesterday and ride with the team but life got in the way. I need to get there to talk options, the bontrager stuff is in which is wheels tires, seatpost, stem, and bars. Need to figure out what fork i am going to run. As of now i have a surly , but what do i really want Ti, carbon , or a mavreck? I'll get there soon. To ski or not to ski that is the question.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

just a little bit

Did a little nordic ski today which was nice , i was just going to come home and sit one the trainer.. I got a small lesson from the CLAW(jim h)he is helping me work on my v2 and overall form. The snow had not been groomed in the afternoon and it was not as smooth and i would have liked but what ever is.. Picked up the first born at the brewery and got to thanks the giver of my new nordic ski boots, and drink a champagne of beers, damm i like cold beer.....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blood stains, speed kills, fast cars.......

Took to the nordic center yesterday and it was slow. I was planning on going home and have some HIGH LIFE,but the boss called and said lets ski...30 mins and i was done, the snow was cold and the wax was warm, so the glide was gone. Today I went to the hill and showed people how to run laps on the t bar. A little over a hour skiing and i was able to get 6 laps, the snow was ok i am just board with the hill, i need new skis, that would spark some life in the tele world...... Sold the KHS and i am putting the last few things togother before i send it out. Took the boys at A GAS an 18 pack of pbr for thanks.. Bring on the wily I am so ready for someting new. With all the snow here it seems like summer will never come... Fsat cars cheep thrills.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good news Bad News

Good news Steve Garro is making frames again. That means that Coconino Cycles rides again. The bad is that he is having trouble with his bladder and one kidney. His legs are comming around just slow. Steve is a amazing man and hopefully some day will get to ride his bikes again. If it was not for steve i would still be on a geared mountain bike thinking that "one gear that is stupid" he changed me. I was in to bikes when i meet him at his then shop but after riding with him for two year I learned a lot ... Thanks Steve.... Check out his site pic's of his bikes and links to other freinds and bike freaks

Monday, January 16, 2006

Day two

Yesterday was day two, of the year on the road bike and it was good even though the wind was kicking. I was able to do another 30 miles in 1:40 and i felt good. Got to stay home today because the boy was not well enough for school. I did a spin on the trainer and it was good just not the same as riding on the road. Would like to get up on the mountian and ride the lfts but also need to get out on the skate skis and get ready if i am going to try to do this race comming up here soon.. Looks like the frutia fat tire week might have a mtb race again,,,,that would be cool it is a nice venue......

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Had a good day out on the road today. I was worried that all the work on the nordic skis would have me pooped but my legs worked. I was shooting for 3 hours but knew that the family was waiting for me at home. Did 30 miles in 1hour and fourty min, it felt good. Cooked for the parents tonight and i still got it when it comes to makeing good food. Going to try to get out in the morning before we need to get home to the snow..

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slient in the morning

Road the single cross to work yeaterday and it felt great, got to watch the snowcats do their work pushing snow earily morning.Quiet slient peacefull... That was before i got to work it all changed after that. Work crazy mtv shit lame,,loud noises.. Went to the xc center after the grind and had a nice ski moving well again Quiet peacefull and slient..Got some tips from Jim64 he says he would like to see me do a ski race. It could be fun . Going to the springs this weekend to get away from the crazy hip world of breck. Log some road miles and watch the broncos loose ,that should be fun.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Got the skis back from the nordic center yesterday and man the new wax made things faster.I feel like i am starting to get in to the grove, still not as fast as coach or the boss but getting their. Today I went and did the peaks trail on the classic skis, was supposed to go with coach and the doctor but had to just go with doc, time was running out. The ski was good about 6 miles out toward frisco in a hour then we turned around and skied back to breck. The classic were fast on the flats and downs but hard to go up on I think I like to skate ski more, faster speed. On the way home ran in to coach who was out with his golden protector, he was going all the way to frisco and getting a ride home. More snow comes and this week should be busy with m-tv in town......what did Jello say oh yea MT V GET OFF THE AIR.............. I think that got them a life time ban from the network. That is what happens when you talk the truth ...........

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New wax comming

Ran in to Jim at the nordic center today.. Jim is what i hope to be when I am 64. Anyway we talked skiing and about the kids and he offered to wax up my skis , said it will make me go faster. The ski today was good fell like I am gettimg better with what my body needs to be doing. It was quite out on the trails and you don't see a lot of people, not may chances to ski backwards or jump on rails to tell you the truth the park is not like the one on mountian.......Do they make twin tip xc skis?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Snow bike

Trying to make a my cyclocross bike work in the snow, got front and rear fenders and the front wont fit.. Sounds like i am going to need to make one out of some kind of plastic object.. Snow keeps falling and now my big problem is nordic xc or nordic downhill. The XC is a great workout and makes me hopefuly stronger but the downhill is fun just makes my whole body hurt. What to do??????? Things could be worse I could be doomed to lawn darts or hop scotch. Thank god for Punk Rock it helps keep the voices quite..............................................................

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Powder

Had a great day on the hill with the 10 year old skied for about 4+ hours. Ripping it up in the bowl sophia even skied contest proper today for the first time she rocked today.Got home and was told that my boss hook called and was more than pleasant to my wife. I guess that i need to work tomrrow because of snow, which is fine because of the over time it will produce but dont call the house and be a dick to my wife, that is not cool..Think that i'll take the nordic skis so I can ski after work. I got fenders on the way so I can start riding to work, now just need to make it so i can stap the skis to the bike.