Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can't win why try

So I have been putting in a lot of miles in on the road bike (still does not make me a roadie). And tonight was no different, went out after dinner to get in some miles and a climb before having to clean up the kitchen. Well long story short good ride smooth up the bluff,,and almost home.. Snap broke a spoke.. now I have not been jumping or slamming in to stuff just riding a lot.. OH well now to get that fixed.. Good thing I start at a bike shop on monday.. My Big problem is Anna the crones has been giving her a real tough time and until july their is not much we can do.. I hate having to watch her be in so much pain. I wish their was something I could do...But their is not.. I have to say she is stronger than any of us mere cycling geeks...

dubble dipper

Went out with 2 wheel fun for an after dinner ride.. I got her to ride 20 miles at a good pace.. She has a 30 mile fun group ride to do in a few weeks so need to have her ready.. We will go and race in MN this weekend if I know my frame will be back.. Dean said they tested and looked over the frame and even though it looks cracked that it is not,, more than likely the paint... I am glad that it is not cracked but sucks that I had to ship it out to find that out.. Snow in Breck for the Wednesday Night World Championships Can't tell if that I miss that our if I am getting use to this weather.. A cool down is on the way with some rain to follow. I can't wait to bet back on the dirt.. I want to go to Levis Mound I have not been there since the doctor and I did some phyco biking experiments.. got to love college.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Two big climbs and some fast downs just could not get the legs maving as fast as I want... I am a little tired.. Nap time is comming..

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Cut

Another day and another 50 miles but today was sunny and gorgeous. I meet up with Eric(soon to be new boss ) and others at Smiths to go for a sunday ride.. I was at first a little worried about my legs with all the seat time I had, but they were moving well. They showed me all kinds of new roads,,great climbs and fast downs.. I do miss unlimited miles of single but this works.. Talking about getting a team together for the 24/9 be nice to get a 24 hour race in this summer. What to do tomorrow ride with sophia play with the boy?? Oh yea we went to the fair that was a hoot.. Have fun drink a lot of beer..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Utter What

Amazing how new bar tape can make the legs feel snappy... Did not get as far as I had planed because of weather but still a good day 2.5 hours and 50 miles.. Had 2 really good steep climbs and many miles of rolling hills..I am starting to get use to the wind I don't like it just deal with it.. My frame arrived in Boulder on friday and should get worked on monday.. The birthday party was good james had so much fun, and then today was the SunFish days parade. I do have to day it was a hoot I spent most of my time making jokes some not so PC but it was so dam funny. I never seen so many princes..And this a giant plastic cow on wheels, all i wanted was some one to go suck on a utter.. More to come try for another 50 tomorrow 30 by my self and 20 with the girl,,then on monday ?? not sure maybe Home Depot don't know if I'll have enough time..

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hills not Pills

Another morning and some more miles,,still not getting all I want but does that ever happen... According to Roy I am turning in to a Roadie.. I just thought I had a nasty cycling habit.. You know when life gives you lemons squeeze them and throw them at people. I don't have endless miles of single track out my door so do what I can.. Life in the disney world was fun could ride mountain bikes till your ass hurt, but I did not have the money to live in such a place any longer.. So now I ride what I can.. The Wliy should be in Boulder today and I hope that it get worked on soon so I can race it next week.. I would love a #1 we'll see.. The boy is 3 today and got a spiderman scooter..his bike is so much cooler. Anger no just board off my ass and the meth the kids at the skate park sold me dose not work... Dinner last night was sub par... I hate sounding like Adam from Norther Exposer but come on it is food why do have to fuck it up the risotto should be cooked not raw and if your waiters can't mesmerize the specials flog them until they get it right. To much money for food I should have just gone to Hooters again not angry just board and need more of something..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sun is UP

4:58 wake up call and 2 shots of espresso OTD by 5:10... It was already 70 out this is the warm before the storm we have some weather coming. I opted for more of a power work out today so I stayed out on the flats and out of the bluffs. I rode north to Trempealeau with the wind behind me so I knew that the way home would be some extra work.. It was winds blowing strong across the flat lands along the Big River..Good time 1:30 for 30 miles just a hair under 20 adv mph..Going to play with the boy watch some Giro and take a nap////Oh yea and watch Johnny Cash live at San Quentin. Hope he plays Big River...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am tired not putting in the hours like all the pro but still putting in my time. Got 25 miles in yesterday pulling the trailer good recovery when you are pulling an extra 60 pounds, it rolls smooth but you know it is there when you go to put the hammer down. The Wily is off to colorado so no mountain biking for a week or so, just mean more time on the road bike..Getting board of the stay at home dad stuff need to talk to adults and do some thing else than play at the play at the park. 10 years of marriage on thursday crazy that she had been able to stick it out with me that long.. Then the boy is 3 on friday.. Stuff to do.. Rest is good slept through my 5:00am wake up I'll get out this afternoon.. If I get around 200+ miles a week I am happy..

Monday, May 21, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Getting the Wily ready for a trip out west... It is going to the Dean HQ where they are going to deiced whether or the frame is cracked or just paint I am pretty sure it is a crack and I can feel it flex and creak when climbing. When fixed I'll be stoked.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Cold as shit and not the way I like to start a day.. From the get go I was about how well the race would be run.. This was the first race of the MN series. The start for sophia was rough they put they put the older men and Clydesdale's behind the 18 and younger girls.. The photo shows the result. My race went good they started us with the 30+ men and behind the 19something men... So their was a lot of passing I saw a guy in front of me I though that I had the whole shot but someone was up front.. I chased and almost caught up but got caught up and could not get around in the end.. Good day felt like a wed. night race back home in the land of Breck. Ended up #2 more work to be done I want to go faster and push a bigger gear... Now what to do about the Wily????????

Friday, May 18, 2007


First of all if Floyd has done what Lemond says he has it is time to just give up I understand why he is trying to say he did not do it but this time sounds like he is caught in his lie... This morning the sun was almost up at 5:15 monday it was dark at the same time. Cold start to the day with a slow speed crash in a soft shoulder trying to get around some water on the road.. Good ride still putting all the pieces together still would like to farther but time is not on my side.. Saw at the top of the big climb of the day a turkey vulture and a deer just hanging out together. Then down a nice descent..same one I climbed on monday morning 48mph in full tuck. Took the girl out to the HPT's to try out her new ride she did well she did say "dad I think that I like road riding better" which I replied i'll put your bike on ebay.. My bike had the bottom bracket fixed but now I can hear the crack in the frame move "stupid" Is their a RIG in my future?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Anna gets one afternoon off a week and that was yesterday so she sent me out of the house for a ride.. I went out after some hills so I hit up grand dad's and the back side of that.. I have to day their are a good amount of climbs in the area.. No 14 milers like frisco to top of vail pass but some steep 2 to 3 milers that can really get the blood moving.. Getting the bottom bracket fixed on the Wily totally shot and that is why the cranks were making noise.. As for the frame John at Dean is not sure that it is a crack he still thinks that it my be paint and that I should just keep riding it. OK?!?!?!?! Getting ready for this weekend... Not sure where I should line up the Expert class is going to be stacked with pro and semi pro riders not saying I can't hang just a 30 mile race against gear could suck.. The single speed cat in MN is the Sport class or at least it is called sport single speed still a 20 mile race with some fast guys it just says sport in the title.. I guess back in summit we raced the same as the sport racers just did think of it as a sport race because of how fast we were and how we were so out of breath at the end.. If anyone want to chime in please do.. Took Sophia out for some Two Wheel Fun last night on her road bike and we worked on pace and drafting I think that she is having fun with the Road stuff. She did 16 mile in about 1:03 and that is with a lot of wind...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pre Dawn

Up before the sun today....Trying to get some more ride time and I am still in the AM mode from going to work at 5:30 for the past 2 years. Nice and quite and a good bit of wind, Used google earth last night and found some new roads. County road s is my new training grounds, It starts up this coulée at a mellow pace and then kicks up to the top. Today was more of a scout mission to put it all together. Their is great possibilities now to get the rest of the day going Dragon Tails and coffee,,, a trip to the bike shops get the cranks fixed and talk to the Dean HQ wee what we are gong to do with my broken frame. Breaking bikes is getting a little old.. Minnesota this weekend to see who the other half lives.. Enjoy the Giro!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Say it ain't so

Another day and another bike shop has offered me a job this is the local one near by the house. Kevin sells mostly steel bikes and singles and fixies etc.... Cool shop small and right now the owner is the only guy there. My wife wants me to try to find something that might pay more but I left that in Breckenridge. Speaking about bikes I had a good ride on the single this morning but I think that the spacers in my Xtype cranks are blown so going to have to get that fixed and I have put a crack in the Wily in the chain stay right behind the bottom bracket.. It is in a wield where the chain stay and the cross brace come together.. This is a problem that I'll have to get fixed.. But I can't be out of a bike and I don't have a ton of bucks right now.. AHHHHHH SHIT!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Got a JOB offer today... One that I would love to take.. Smiths Cycling..............Now just need to find some daycare..Some of the family have come froward and said they would help, this would be a dream,,, with all the time I spend in a bike shop to get paid for it would rule... Talked to SUN RACE today,, they will have a new web site soon it is just one guy on this side of the world and his hands are full. They are going to send out a Cassette and Chain out for sophia's new Road drive train.. Now Wheels.... Have you sent a mother's day card out yet??? Go fast and take chances..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sophia does not dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia's new ride,,, looks sweet got all the parts now time to get it together. It dose suck that the wheels that coach gave her wont work because they are not disc ready, but new wheels can happen down the road.. We went to the local TT tonight and it was pretty good..Sophia and I were the only ones out of the 12 riders who did not have areo bars and TT wheels oh yea and we had MTB shoes.. The winning time for 12.2 mile was 27:?? i was in a 30:?? sophia was 47:??. The guy that won is the local stud that they call The Josh.. He is the fastest SS in the Mississippi river valley.. So got to get to work.. Sophia crossed the line with a big smile she said that she never saw the ground go by so fast.. maybe some new road wheels for her and a computer she is in to this road stuff I love it....Tomorrow is friday that means fish fry... When I was younger that meant something different.


Sophia has been reading a book called the Race. IT is a story about a boy who grows up in southern Utah and grows up to race in the tour de france. I think between that and the new road bike she has been having fun. The bike still need some work I did get shifters and now just need a cassette and maybe a rear derailer. For now it works yea she has to take her hands off the bars to shift but she is getting it all down.. Now longer miles.. The boy rode his fixed gear trike up and down hills yesterday for over 3 miles only one scare when he took his feet off the pedals and started going to fast. We should get his new two wheeler today Trek . This will get him moving and according to coach c-ball he might loose the training this summer.. We'll see about that.. Warmer days and a short road TT tonight we'll wee if things click...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time in

Rode as the sun started to leave the sky.. Middle of the day is a little to warm until I get use to the humidity. My ride was more of a recovery ride legs were still a little beat up from sunday still not sure where I belong in life.. I wounder if things would have been different if I had h2o and made some smarter moves on the first lap. What ever the issue is have more time in the saddle. Went up Irish hill out by mom and dad's house little over a 2 mile climb with a strait up grade to the top of the bluff. Passed a bunch of cows, always think that they are laughing at me. Last bit of stuff coming to the house today washer and dryer so now we (I) wont stink as much.. Once I get my new kit I can also rotate my clothes better.. this has been such a pain.. All good things in all good time.....Make me want to run for the roses..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

WORS Pic's

Some photos from the race thanks to RUSTY . Things look ok here at the start I got gobbled up shortly after here.. I was not as ready as I had thought.. Their is a road time trial up the street on thurs might give that a shot.. My head will be so much clearer after the dam house in Breckenridge finaly closes what a pain in the ass and mind.. Oh yea Jared the beer is POINT and no cheese on my head at least not yet...

Get them while they are hot

DEAN Titanium rigid fork:. The perfect blend of materials _ ultra stiff White Bros. aluminum crown assembly with Sandvik 3/2.5 titanium blades. It's both stiff and resilient exactly where it needs to be. Available both as 26" and 29" _ custom length and offset.

Monday, May 07, 2007

My Place

Well fist of all it has been one heck of a week. We have moved again to the next house over and now don't have to deal with the crappy smell of the chain smokers before us. Moving twice is hard having to dead lift all the heavy stuff is so much fun.. That being said this weekend was the first WORS and with a little peer pressure and thinking I knew what I was getting in to I race the pro/elite and let me tell you Holy Shit the Brothers are fast... I knew they were going to be but they are fast as hell. 65 guys on the line and one hell of a start totally out of my comfort zone for the first lap high heart rate and a line of guys in the single passing was tough and when I got passed I usually got shoved in to a tree or root. I never saw them after the start Jesse took #rd overall and Marko 6th. Me I was towards the back somewhere. It was a good test but not where I belong I fell so much better racing against the singles.. I had to try more work to be done and more miles to go. It is still only may sooo much more to come

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Road newbe

The boy and I went to the monkey park today did not see any monkeys they were not out yet.. Next time.. Good ride 16 miles with the trailer in tow.. then we went to the skate park I was hooked on the half pipe 4x12 nice transitions did some 50 50 grinds and rock to fake and smith stalls i want to wear knee pads even if it is uncool it was a blast nice park james had fun sliding in on the pipe. After dinner I took sophia out on her first road ride she did great need to do stuff to her bike like get some index shifting and or bigger cassette but she had fun.. More Tomorrow........


Took the big 26 foot truck and trailer back on wed. We had to drive an hour in to MN james had fun in the truck then the jiggling of the ride put him to sleep he went from singing to sleeping in seconds. We have been dealing with a bunch of bull shit with the new house we like the lay out of it and we fit nice it is just that the people who lived in here chain smoked so the place stinks and we have tried to clean and spray and clean but no luck. I am going to talk to the land lord today and tell him that we are not happy and if he can;t fix it we want out. as long as we don loose any money.. Anna had got home early from work so I got out on the road and it was a nice day. The body felt good not great but that will change did two trips up grand dads bluff which is a good climb 3+ miles with a steep grade at the bottom. More miles to go before i am where I want to be. Going to the park with the boy today, he is being so good now time to get him a two wheeler..