Monday, September 25, 2006

Black sheets of rain

More frozen rain this time of year than I have ever seen.. I saw lines down the front of the bowl and in the ballroom and other places that this eairly is crazy. I got out on friday between snow and rode for fifty min and laied low on sat due to more Dales Pale Ale than I should have had . The sun came out on sunday and I got out with coach and a few other folks and put in 40 good miles before we ran in to piles of snow.. My Cross Cazy neighbor had a good weekend of racing with a win and a two.. i am going to try to line up soon just need to get more money....... If you have not done it yet check out Steve Garro's Blog, it has almost been a year since he had his run in with a Truck.. It is great that he is still with us and getting better every day.. Want a custom bike he is the man to talk to /////..././././

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Can't win so why try???

Ships creaking taking on bullshit so I scream jump ship jump ship.............. Their are days that I just don't want to do it any more... I just want to go to a warm place and be in the sun... Is it because there is 4 inches of snow ont he ground and itis only sept 21? I dont't know at least I have Clean socks.....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two Nickes One Dime

Warm today but does not sound like it will last long.. Cold tomrrow with sonw on the way. This should make the racing this weekend intersting.. Went up the hill and back down on one of the last days of indian summer I love riding Mountain Bikes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hand ball anyone on a clay court now that is fun... Fast Dirt quick corners and long climbs it don't get much better.. Rest now and get ready for the Mudfest (Fall Classic).. I lie her naked you lie here naked why are we differnt???

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ice Box

Not a warm one I think that it was warmer in Green Bay but that still did not help.. Their is 2000 vertical feet between my house and the top of little french. It was a nice spin up to that point even with the temps today hovering around 35.. Mondays is comming and that means that I need to work and clean up after the drunks on main street,,,...,,, It is my street to take care of... Skiped the banana belt today I chose to just ride this weekend and get ready for the Fall Clasic. Sounds like a good amount of people are going to show up for our little stage race.. Next weekend is the start of cross I think so the skiny tire freaks will have something to do.. I am not talking shit about cross just not getting super crazy for it. I don't need to be out getting on and off the bike and doing quick starts, I am on a single it is all of that all the time..My goal for cross is to not finnish last and to bunny hop the barriers .. we'll see..;,;,,.,;,'

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Drunkfest 2006

This is the time of year that the Town of Breckenridge shuts down main street and has notsoberfest. Don't get me wrong I like beer as much as the next guy but not being part of the beautiful people of breck I don't make it to the party.. Last year their was across race on sat and one on sunday. But the date has been changed and the race here in breck has a venue which will not be as good as the old one. Cross is not on my mind as much as it was last year I'll show up for a few but not going to chase any points this year. I want to keep riding on the Mtb untill I can't anymore. Today the temp was only 38 but with the right clothes it was great no one on the trails and with the wind last night the leaves have started to hit the ground.. It is now a Blur of color up and down any way you look..... I want to go to the desert and ride in the dirt there.. Getting out of town would be good but untill then layers and more riding.. Only 6 days away from the fall classic...!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Riding through Holes

Today was one of those days in the high country that it poured over there but not over here.. It day started with black skys and I thought nothing would happen after I got done eating breakfast at DD.. The sun broke out and I got to ride with C-Ball.. We went out to the colorado trail and took it kind of easy because his shoulder is still hurtting from his crash.. We managed to ride from one sun hole to the next sun hole and never got wet... We wnt up the North fork up to the junction of westridge and flipped there because it was wet in Keystone. The we rode the trailer park section to the bike path because it was not wet there.. All in all it was a good day.. Now if the rest of the weekend can hold up to the weather today.. If you don't have anything going next weekend come and ride the Fall Classic.........................................................................

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Getting Tanked

I had no plan on riding a bike other than to work, but soon after I cracked a PBR my wife asked me if I was going riding? So I pounded the suds and got dressed and off I went at 6:30. Today was the first blue bird day in a while and I was soooo nice to be out even if it was late. I did the tank loop up from carter park and over to bakers tank.. I was able to get back to the house in 1hour and 2 min.. which to me is good it is only 12 miles but it goes straight up then down. Came in the door and got to have a warm meal and another pbr! Now if I could stop the noise from my bottem bracket..... If you have never heard Smash your herd on the Punk Rock you need to get your hands on it. Sebadoh when they first got togother could make some noise...

Monday, September 11, 2006

I think that you would get your ass kick for that

Mondays?? Another one down only 3 days from the weekend... I have got one chain ring bolt that keep on comming loose which makes shit creak,,,,... Only an hour tonight and it was in the rain. Went out to the nordic center and did lap on the short corse for the fall classic. This is a sweet track for a single speed race 6 times around a 1.8 track with a small wall you go up 6 times.. It was good esp.. in the rain I think laps will be around 6 to 7 mins. Going to take a rest day tomrrow might go and ride with boy and work on his wheelies....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

When is it time to call it quits

It is the regular season unless you are the pack. At this point I think that the summit tigers could beat them. I got out and worked out the first part of the fall classic. From my house the hill goes up for a little while. At an easy pace it took an hour to get to the top. Because it was raining I came home and it only took 13 to get down the hill..... One hell of a hill. I can't wait to get that race on it is one good race...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wheelies on a trike

Ahhh Fall that time of year when the trees change and their is a nip in the air and like today snow on the peaks.. I got to ride with Daver and his buddy eric and the legand C-ball. It has be forever and ever that I have ridden with him. We rode on the ski hill which is getting ready for people from all over to come and stand in line... Went to the top and came down the game trail.. This is a good ride this time of year because the chair lifts are shut down and no one is around. Today was nice because I got to ride with people instead of being solo. This also ment that I could slow down and not hammer my self.. Slow is good it is just hard for me to take it easy...... Sophia did well in her xc race she said it was cold but not some thing that she could not do. Her brother and I did laps round the hood,. He is doing awsome on the trike. He is trying to pop a wheelie and trying really hard.. Hopefully more mtb tomrrow in the crisp fall air, before having to go back to work...

Waiting for the warm

Snow on the peaks this morning. A reminder that winter can be here at any time.. I don't know if the trails will be as nice as they were yesterday.. I would love to ride the mountian bike again but the road bike might have to do! On the fence with the banana belt next weekend. It is not the hardest race but can also not be all that fun. It is also 5 day out from the fall classic so it would be a good warm up to help with the slow that is stuck in my legs...

Friday, September 08, 2006

riding the storm out

Well it took most of the day but I finally made it outside and rode a bike. It has not been often here in summit but that it rains all day but today was one of them. It was more socked in than anything. The trails were dry and really nice for riding on. got out on a baldy loop and top it off with peak 9 and 8. It was a kick ass day on the bike it just took a while for it to happen.. Could been snow on the ground in the morning. Sophia has a xc running meet in leadvill in the morning it is going to be cold..I have to work on getting the slow out of my legs !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Flat Tires and wrong turns

Well the Mountian states cup is over the last one being at keystone.. It was a good season in the msc 6 races out of 10 with 2 second places I skiped all of the short tracks and the one hill climb. I finished in fourth which is one place better than last year. I think that if I did all the races I could fininsh higher just not sure about spending 40 buck to race 2 other guys for points!! Had a flat on sunday first one of the whole summer was sitting on the wheel of 3rd place as we hit the dirt road. This is what I wanted sit on him until he cracked and then pass and go fast. The air in my front tire had a another idea. Sophia got 2 out of 2 but she only fininshed 3 min out of 1.. She did great now if I could only get her to try a little harder and she would be killing people.. I know she is only 11 but she has so much more that she can do if she only tried a little harder. James the boy finally started to pedal his trike. He has turned in to a biking fool which is great because he has had this Trek trike for 3 months, I had no iead that it would weigh 30 pounds... Next up the fall classic...... hope the gas is still in the legs...... Get out and ride in the woods because snow is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!