Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Ringn

Dirt to work yesterday,
and then it rained but at least I got to ride dirt.
Smooth sailing today on the road machine.
Getting thing ready for the weekend
hoping to go fast.
The Spot moves well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home is where the bikes are

Almost fully in the new house one more load and a bit of cleaning and we can wash our hands of the the old shit hole. A totally crazy weekend with all that went on. The birthday was a good time and shocked that I had the fastest time at the dirt TT. The Spot is coming in to work with me tomorrow to get ready for the weekend big gears and a bit of a wipe down. I still need the new rear wheel but not going to stress. I like my new house, makes me feel good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our House

Work,busy.... Anniversary dinner,nice..
Move to new house and Birthday party, good for soul..
Still moving and local TT,,,Need more sleep.
A good packed weekend of everything, after a year living in a shit hole
I finally fell like I am home. The place looks great now just the final
touches like getting the old place cleaned and all of our
shit out of it. A few more days and it will all be done.
The kids did well epically the birthday boy,
as soon as I have Internet at the house I'll
have some pictures I think i remembered to do that.
Here comes another week of work.
Did I mention that I love the new Bike it
is moving so well.!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time on my side

The volume has been turned down
but that is just because the
work has been done.
I had a xc ski coach who said that
after the first 1000 miles of the season
to only spin in the small ring.
Well I have only one bike that I can do that on.
And on the road bike I have a hard time being in the small ring.
Local test on monday and then a big one on sunday,
time for recovery is now.
Can't believe how hard it is to sell a road frame
sweet one steel is real and had built is better.
11 years of bliss full marriage today,
good food to follow and then move into the new house.
Got to love the Point.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Epu Flying

Moving to fast for the camera to dial in on. Good bit of time on the cycle, always want more, the next test is going to hurt.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life on Mars

I need to read my posts before I hit post. Gamer was never my strong suit. So I bought a house this morning and it was the easiest closing ever. In and out in half of one hour, so with the rest of the day all to my self it was time to ride a bike. Off to the woods under the blue bird sky. The dirt was perfect and the bike rode sweet. No one on the trails but me quite and fast a good day in the hills. Still have some work to do before the next race on June 1st but I think that I can get it done. Next big thing is the move that is less than one mile, so that is what is on tap I have some photos coming soon of the new house Plus Jimmy Rock is have his 4th birthday this weekend fun will be had. Get a grip and hold on things could get nutty!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thanks again to rusty for the pics, I was having a lot of fun here. I took off the 20 tooth cog and went back with the 19 just a hair under 2:1 but it moves well. I have the rear wheel all the way froward in the dropouts so it can't slide if I jam on the brakes. Again I'll take a bit of weight for the smooth ride, like I said that Maverick for is like butter, that good triple creme butter. We are closing on the house in the AM and after that I am heading out to the proving grounds I have work to do and tomorrow it gets done. Now it is time for high life and dreams of the Agent Orange.

Pile O Rocks

Thanks to rusty for the pics, this was the big rock garden

for the race and a good amount of fun with people yelling and cheering.

Bike was sweet only going to get better! Thanks again to the CO. possy for helping put this together.

Nice spin in today with cooler temps new house tomorrow,, Crazy things are a foot at the circle K.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fifteen Bucks

First things first, once I got my wheel to stop moving things went swell. I do need a bolt on and will try to acquire one here soon. We drove across the state in the rain to only get to put up our tents in the rain. And no one said that you could not buy beer after 9:00 and then could not drink it at the camp site. I thought that I was in Wisconsin! Race day things were chilly and the pre ride was the best way to warm up. Good course working the funny ski hill and then spit out on to sweet single track. The Maverick fork was butter and the NEW Spot rode like a dream. I was scared to slam on the rear brake for fear of moving the wheel into the frame but it never did. Again need to work on that. I felt good for the most part would have liked a bit more in the legs but with all that went down during the week and the long drive I think that the end results were good. I missed the third rung of the podium by a minute or so but moved in to the top twenty for the elite/expert overall. They were giving money 14 deep and I was 19. Room for improvement. The best part was at registration when I was given some medals from past races and fifteen dollars in cash from the last race. That was money!! Good weekend and I could not have done it with out all the help from all my great sponsors. More miles to spin and more time in the saddle.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Van is loaded and bikes are tweaked ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,here it goes.... Hopeful fast!

Friday, May 16, 2008

SPOT on!!!

What do you think some sweet stuff. Still need to get some things dialed but will get it done before the race. The big news is that Spot just bought Maverick. Not as light as it can be need some other parts but the ride home was smooth and the handling was fast.. More to come happy happy happy.. Bring on the race,, now to figure out the gearing. Oh yea the funny thing is that it is orange like that other frame.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


It Has been a crazy week and a bit hard to get the work in that I like. Their have been miles mostly back and forth to work and home and some good trailer pulling. But today after a crazy day of work I took the long way home. Not that long of a ride but longer than the normal way up and over the bluff with a screaming descent down FO and then through some great valley roads. Watched the great ball of fire go down and spun the legs well. I also got to go to the eye doctor this morning and for the first time by a doctor I got my eye dilated. Whooo then i got to go to work and this shit was crazy, it was a strange morning. The good news is the new frame is on the way and as long as I all goes together the right way I should be rolling home on single track. Fingers crossed and I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fu Manwho?

0.00$ for gas on the way in,
with the north breeze I felt like a bird flying in to town.
Just don't piss off the Geese they are big and will
bite. You just have to table top low.
Things are coming together hope it all fits for Sunday,
nothing like trying out a new ride in a race.
My smiles come and go did I leave enough steer tube?
Bring on something!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spotting the Spot

Am dirt riding yesterday,,,,was goign to post last night but was to pissed about another broken frame. So once it is all fixed there will be a sale on frame and carbon fork.. Smoking deals to come until then watch the spot.

Monday, May 12, 2008

ChinaCat BikePower

How did you get to work today?
Single track was my way, sun coming up and the wheels
turning. The trails still had a bit of Morning Dew,
so to much speed and the magical forces of gravity pulled the bike out from under you.
Not enough and climbing would not work. Greasy like a cookie sheet, but still a great
way to arrive.
National ride a bike to work what are you going to do?
Spin to win!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Rain to start the mothers day fun, nothing like good food and sausage to start the day. With the weather the way it was I turned it into a day off the bike. The ADD makes it hard for me so it is nice when the weather forces me. The famdamily got together for the day and the sun broke, I think the only reason that we saw the sun is because of the high winds. Take your mountain bike to work day is tomorrow so I can get it race ready for sunday. Time to register and make plans.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Got out on the local trail for the first time last night. After waiting for a good long while The boys from the shop made it to the HPT. It felt good to be ripping the local dirt, even with the big gear. Flowing trails and lots of laughs it was fun, the only bad spot is where I stabbed the back of my leg with the nose of my saddle. I will no longer make fun of guys on the sideline with a hammie. Damn it hurts, but nothing that some beer and rest can't fix. Ahhhh riding the darker wave on big wheels good clean fun. Here is a shout out for Dirty..... Good man made out to be a villain. We'll miss ya good luck in CA. Get your Giro on..

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Du you Know?

Sun once again made the single speed tomfoolery so much more fun. Have not done much other than back and forth to work so I had a mission and it was good. Simple climb up the Grandad and then peek at the trails. The reward fried dough and a free cup of coffee.. I wounder if i pay for the free coffee during bike to work week if it is free for the rest of the year? After it is all done and said MTB with Tossin after dinner....Have you rode your bike yet today?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Sun on the rise
Watt yell and wheels turning
another great start to a day.
Yea it is bike to work week but I still don't see that many people
if they only knew how sweet it can be.
Lay low today bluff riding tomorrow single track
and punk rock. That is the SHIT!!
Less coffee today brain slept body
was a frog with electrodes.
Get out go fast ride harder!

Monday, May 05, 2008


Just got done going over the bike, I had a creak the whole race and I knew where it was coming from just not to what extent. I have issues with chain ring bolts and yesterday was not different. Upon inspection I had almost lost a bolt and had my ring shift pretty far. I'll try to get it lock down, before I go back in to the hills tomorrow. The trails are now open so that means that we can ride singletrack. That is a great thing. On the fence about the Sunday my brain says go but the married guy in me says that it might not be a good idea, if I don't it will be a while until the next race and I want to build on where I ended up yesterday. Have fun go fast and reach that Spot. Photo from Rusty

One down

One down, the first test went well. I lined up one row behind the pro's and had a good start. I spent the first lap trying to get some separation from the chasers. After that just got in the grove, yes i would have liked to go faster but their is room for improvement. Crossed the line and ended up in third for the 30-39 age group and 13th overall. Not bad have not raced an age group race in years, been in a single class for the past 4 years. Thanks to all the great people that helped along the way Thompson, Egron, Twin Six and King Cage ( never launched a bottle). Big things coming thanks to the CO Boys, wish that Next sundays race was not on Mothers day need to figure that one out.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I am sending this out to all of you before I put it on Ebay but this little beauty is for sale as you see it. It is a 56 Gunnar Roadie, I am looking for what I have in it which is 550$ Sweet hand made beautiful welds and a Ti-silver fade paint job. The powers that be have made me need $$$ and that is the only reason that I am going to part with it. So if you are interested get a hold of me.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


This boy is a Curran how know how to rock and roll. Not my cup of tea but bad ass. I told his dad years ago he would have made a great Down Hill bike racer.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

New motivation to Destroy.! Destroy all , Assholeman.

Regan in Jackboots

Coach refers to
racing as taking a test.
I hope that I have done the homework and
will be ready for the test on sunday.
It is more of a pretest for me as
the one I am really chasing is a week from sunday.
Today was going to be an off day but they have change the forecast
once again so I chose the LeMoNd for an easy spin in
and got some fuel from the hippy mart.
It seem as if I have been running the tank close to empty
a lot lately and can't put enough in so I keep eating.
Some times it feels as if I am tied to a whipping post.
The time is coming and I think that I am ready,
until then rest food coffee and more food.