Saturday, December 31, 2005

New boots

Got out on the nordic skis today with the boss, and got to ski on new boots thanks to Bridget. The form is comming still need to work on it but it is getting better. Skied the black loop which was fun because of the big up hills and huge down hills. After a 55 min ski I was good and cooked, so tomrrow I will use the chair lifts and let gravity do the work. All of this skiing stuff is fun but still not as hard as a good long single speed bike ride. Be good to each other and think good thoughts..

It's all over

The year is over, just like all things they come to a end. 2005 was a good year both on and off the bike. Won a state champ on the single and the won at the banana belt those felt good. Learned how to cross race again on a single and even won a few. Snapped a frame in 2 and broke many other parts inc... a pair of race face cranks that i was told were bommer, guess that they weren't devin proof. Off the bike the kids kept on getting bigger and smater. Sophia has grown to be a fast mountain biker and one hell of a tele skier, and james, what can i say he is the man with a lot to say and never stops moving even in his sleep(just like his old man). With the new year comming big things are on the radar, comming up on one year with the town, Anna is movin from the breck, office to the office in frisco at the new medical building. James is turning 2 and sophia is getting closer to being a teenager. And the snow keeps on comming, which is good for the tele skiing and nordic skiing. So bring it on 2005 was good and 2006 shoud only get better.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Richard AKA *******DICK********

If your name is Richard does that give you the right to be a DICK!! The only person that I know that goes by his given Richard,or some times dick, but always Rocky is my father in law and he is far from a DICK. Then their is Richy from Daylight, and he goes by his given name, and he is a good guy as long as you don't burn the doughnuts. But then their are the ones that go by made up names to hide their richardness but it still comes out in their personalty. What iam getting at here is if you are a dick and you try to cover it up with mohawks and funny names you are still a richard. The first step is accepting this and mabye just mabye instead of being a big dick you can be a smaller dick. Nixon was a dick and look where it got him............,,,,,,,,,//////////,

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stop kicking my ASS!!!!!!

Went to the nordic center with coach and a friend of his who is a top road racer. The biggest problem that i am having is the the boots i am in don't fit that well, and my lower leg is killing me.Still skied hard and got a good workout just want to get stronger. Bring on Jan then it is time to get on the bike and I can get my shit togother. Watch out the sidewalks are Icy!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Every once and awhile the kid makes it seem like i am skiing with one of the guys. Today we were running laps on the T-bar, did one over on peak 7 a few ion contest and for the frist ever she skied egale's nest....Center of the bowl , and her tele style is starting to take shape, more than ever..Now if only every moment we spent togother could be like skiing on the hill

Sunday, December 25, 2005

what i need

Went to the hill today for x-mass.....It is what i needed after a grizwald family grathering... The snow was great and the skiing was againg going off... Ran into JC and it was the first time the season we rode. All i wanted was aome quality runs on t-bar and it worked. Good speed and good air enough to clear the head. The team today had a group ride in Boulder , would have loved to make it but it was in the wrong direction....Soon it will come... Ski rest ski rest and Jan.. will be here to ride bikes.....Be nice to each other and good things will come ...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Day

A good way to spend a birthday.. Powder skiing with the 10 year old.. We got to the hill around 8:30 and the place was empty. Right of the bat powder and a good amount, we made our way over the the t-bar and had freshies down contest bowl and spohia skied it so well making alpine and tele turns. The best had to be the first tracks in cuccucmber bowl the sun came out long enough so we could see everything man it was bad ass.... All in all we skied ten runs and i felt like a kid again not skiing like i was 32, jumping and spining off everything i could.. Tomroow down to the springs and i hope that the wind dies down so i can get a ride in, or just go ski some more powder in the morning.. Now it is beer drinking time.................

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ringing in my head

Went out for the 2nd day of stake skiing and it was good just a lot of work. I skied for 45 min and was shot I need to work on my tec.. and dress better it was freaking hot. Going down to the springs for christmas and taking the road bike, aleast an hour or two would do me good. only a few hours left in the 31 moving on and past the shortest day of the year. Bring on the daylight..... With the New Year comes good things,,,change is good, people change, hair styles change but more than that the days get longer..........bring it on..........................................

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Had good work today, got to try skate skiing today and it is fun. Went out with Coach , and the Cowboy Cheek, here at the breck nordic center. I have some work to do on my skiing up hill but every thing eles felt great. Coach had some gear for me that worked well and it sounds like Bridget might have some boots for me that will fit better than what i am on now. I can see me out there skating a bunch good work and makes the heart race which is what I need. Heard today from coach that he is getting the hook on a Fisher Rig for next year, with him on his rig and me on the wily we should be able to cause some havoc in the races next year. until then I'll keep on the xc skis and keep working on my goodspeed.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Today on the xc was hareder than yeaterday. My legs wern't recovered from the work that i had put in and I was shot. When i talked to the big boss man after words he said that i don't have the right style in my up hill and that is why it hurts sooo. I thought it just ment that i was soft and need to get back to getting my self in cycling shape. It has been almost a month since cross ened. Why do i love beer so much?? Might go see the snowboarders jump their jump tommrow or go to a office party for my wife, we need to see how the day shapes up. Anybody want to buy a 10 year old the price is a good,can't wait to see what teen years are like..

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Found some today.... To cold to go on the mountain and the way the wind has been blowing things are hard as rocks. I went to the place that I have ridden my bike so many times. This place is great in the summer and late fall , even raced thier a few times only to huge disasters once flatting and having to run most of a dirt crit race and and a Cross race this fall my first. At that race i dropped my chain 3 times gave up the lead and finnished 5th I did not let this ruin me. Today I went to this place and went nordic skiing. First time in a long time away from the backcountry. It was great quite the sun was at a great angle and I was by my self. Went to what they called the most difficult and it was fun big hills up and down. Did the classic style and soon will take up the skate style. Going to try to get out with the big boss man and my coach next door. When it was all done I went in to the hut and saw a friend Jim who at the age of 64 is faster and more full of pep than any man half his age(me). All and all it was fun, would like to be down with the freaks in boulder tonight but another ride will happen soon. Stay warm think good thoughts and before you know it the weekend will be here..........................................

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I need to ride a bike

I am trying to work it out so I can ride with the pilots in boulder on thursday. That damm life keeps getting in the way,Kids, sick peolpe and snow which means hours of time in the glass case of moition pushing snow. Time will tell what happens, need to start spinning so i can be ready for a mtb race in AZ in april. Oh well i have a good playlist for the day and life goes on just hold on tight to the handle bars.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Freestyle at 1.5

I asked james to jump his bike and this is what I got. This was his idea and I think he is going to be a natural on the bike. His other big stunt is riding off the last step in the house. Went to the doctor yeaterday to get some of the fat taken out of my head. This is legal with the uci and might make me faster, we'll see. The only problem is that this fat was keeping me warm, and tonight the temp is going to be around -27, that is cold. I think that i'll wait until friday to ski, was having fun last time out with the 360 tail grab, I would like to take it to 540 but landing in powder has been a chalange,.. Stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It just wont stop

I took Sophia my 10 year old up on the mountian today and it was sick. We went up the T-Bar and the snow was deep. It was so deep that when we went down the bowl sophia could not even turn. My self I was getting buried in my turns as i skied down joker. The snow keeps on comming and tomrrow should be great.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Powder Powder and yes more Powder

Well after another long day of pushing snow I got to go out and play in it. It was nice, I was able to get in 5 runs. The last being the best deep snow and a long run down the race course on peak 10. This is a place that will be shut down to normal peolpe soon because of ski racing.More snow to come. The crazy people at acc reposted the overall for cross yet again now i am in fourth place. Still good I just think that they are crazy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Still Happy

I am still happy with my place. The ACA one of the strangest groups to put on races reposted the cross overall and they have me in third. Which is still good for never racing cross before and being on a single. I had a great time doing the races and can only look foward to april for mountian bike racing to start. I can't wait to start riding my new Wily, I think that the 29" is going to be a great fit. Spent the day moving snow and a lot of it. It was about as windy as it can get here and that shoul make every thing up high ski well.Going to do some skiing after work tomrrow it will be nice to ski some powder.....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More snow???

Hey check out this guy he is a guy from wisco, who went to the same college i dropped out of. They breed freaks up there which helps me understand why he rocks the single speed so well. Snow is on the way and i am ready to ski before i get back on the bike. I call it nordic combined , Tele skiing and xc skiing. So let it snow and lets get through december on sticks then back to wheels.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stupid Chain

This is me going from the front of the race to the back. I am in the background working on my chain while Kris Thompson passes me look at the smile on his face. We both ended up in 2nd place overall for the cross season, not sure how but we did. Time to ski and do so riding with the new team WILY Cycles.
frisco a borrowed photo courtesy of peloton photo, check out his site, he does it right. shows for the races and shoots all day, thanks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This weekend did not go as planed. I did not run the mud on the first lap and my singleator started to give out. I went from 2 to 7 after my chain dropped 3 times. I was able to save some space and not loose to many points only 6 points back with sat and sun still to go. Good thoughts and hope to finnish well.Tomrrow I ski with my 10 year old and get ready to eat turkey.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I get to watch the sun come up 5 days a week, some days are better than others but todays was on of the best. It is a nice treat watching the black go away and the orange fireball come up. I do have to say it is hard right now wathcjing everyone else go on the hill and hear the stories but that is ok because i am still racing bike and that is kepping me going. I have to say that still ridding and being in the mix this late in the year is good. Going to race the red rocks race this weekend the one that I flatted at 3 times last month. I am ready for it this time and hope for a good race. Then when the racing is done for the year and my weekends are free it is time to ski.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Winter is here

It is hard to belive that we went from no snow to three feet. I spent today in the plow truck and with the hand shovel. It made it so when i got home i did not want to ride the trainer. I need to. I am going for a one two this weekend Boulder and then Red Rocks. I would love to finish on top and I know with a litttle more work I can do it. The skiing from what i hear has been great and i miss it but not yet my time will come. I learned to day that team Wily got two new members, Tim and Ronnie the husband and wife duo, we should have a kick ass strong team.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

White Jersey

The day started off with a bit of skiing with the kid here at breck. She had it going on making the tele move and having fun. Thenwe came ome and i got ready to go to the cross race. It was cold down in Denver but that was ok. A good line up for the start the two young studs were there and the race was off. Great lay out for the race and I just tried to stay out front. I duked it out with my nearest GC contender and crossed the line in third, it was nice to have some folks to work with. Then back home to the snow, I think i'll try to xc ski tomrrow.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Last day of vacation

well today is it one more day in the sun one more day of fun before going back to the grind of every day life. We got to go to trader joe' stoday which is by far one of the coolest stores in the world. they have every thing from high end meats and dairy to beer wine and hard to find good eats. It is hard not to try to fill the car up for the drive home. got one last time with james in the pool he is jumping in and haveing fun he'll be swimmimg on his own soon. I got one more road ride in today went out through fountian hill with the thought of going and doing more but the wind was getting the better of me so I just hit the hills hard and made my self work. In my head i am racing in the cross races but my wife is starting to say that enough is enough that it is nov. and I should be done. the thing that sucks is that i am having fun and could win the whole damm thing. Oh well it figure it out when it comes down to it it is a money thing. well back to the high country.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mcdowell Mountian

Today was nice, I like waht they have done out here. The mcdowell mountian park is a one way track coarse that you can rip appart. I usually come here with my daughter but she wanted to do some thing else, so I went. I was the only person out there and it was nice it is so fast, I can see why they race here last year for the norba circut, it is a shame they are not commmig back for next year. I did 2 laps flet really good and came back to find the kids in the pool so i jumped in. Not going to head back tomrrow it is going to be raining in moab so we'll do it all iin one day so i can head back out on the road bike tomrrow.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Critical Mass

Go out this morning on the road bike but did not make the group ride that i wanted to. James my son decided not to sleep like we wanted him to. But no bother their were so many people on bikes going in every direction. I jumped on a group to start chatted and saw another up front so at the light i jumped up the road to see what they had going on. They were a nice bunch two cupples on tandems and 5 other solo. They moved well telling me riding stories and asking questions about colorado. The thing that caught my eye was the group had a lot of Fetish bikes. Nice carbon road bikes , they had nice parts with seet bent rear chain stays. One of the husband and wife duo's were on a fetish tandom nice ride. All in all it was a good ride with fast speed and a unbelivable morning in the desert. Not sure what tommrow has in store hope to ride but it souds like thier might be other stuff in the works.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Today was a quick one the kids wanted to get down and see their grandparents. So i did a lap on the chicken point loop. This is a great trail one that I have done many times, years ago when I lived in scottsdale I rode it and ran into sharon and dave two breck ski employees , and right before I moved back to Breckenridge I meet Tim Grachek(sp). So I gave my self an hour while the kids went to a park and did it up. It was a great morning in the high desert with the sun dancing on the red rocks. It was a fun ride and was wanting more but need to get in the car and get down to scottsdale to swim. Tomrrow going to try to ride with in a group ride ........

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look Out

Well first things first. Went to see Steve Garro today , and let me say that he looks good for someone who was so close to death. I hope that I have this all right but he said he had 7 broken ribs, broke both kidneys, had a hole in his lung, busted up his adreanl glands, broke his back, and had his femur fractured in 5 places. I may have missed one or two things but was pretty blown away from the run down. Having said that he looked good, he was in the lunch room getting done eatting dinner and watching the sun go down. He has a great support base and a great out look on what is to come ,He even moved his toes for me and the doc's say he can come home in two weeks. We are all lucky that he is alive for he is such a great man and an icon in the sport of cycling. I skipped riding in moab last night because i did not want to ride with my head lamp and my son James need some dad time. But today was something else. Today I rode up to a trail Steve showed me years ago ( the look out trail ). It was great the temps were great and the sun was out through the thin layers of smoke from a RX burn. I went up Shultz creek trail and spured off some single track untill i hit the fire road that cuts acrrose the MT. From there I climbed old weatherford rd untill the trail started. This is a great trail it has everything smooth single track and tec sections that make you think. After statnding at the look out point i ripped back to town found the family and pounded a cold one. It felt good to ride a trail like this in nov. when their is snow on the ground at home. I know that no one reads this and that is ok but thank what ever is out there that did not take Steve away................

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Had a good one today in littleton .. I thought that the course was one of the best ones yet. The hard work that i did on friday paid off , i pull out a win .... The single cross so far is the way to go ..

Friday, October 28, 2005

Dirt sweet Dirt

Got to ride dirt last night. It felt good to be one the mountian bike. Next week i'll get to be on it a lot , then come home and sell it to get ready for my 29er. i have to say that i am going to miss this old solo one it has been so good to me , but it is time for change and that is a hand built 29er. The plan for next week is moab, flagstaff, sedona, scottsdale, and then back the same way ...

Sunday, October 23, 2005


60 guys on the line for todays race. Got out off the front and felt good , pulled some guys for the first two laps and then had to start working HARD.. Was not ready for the running it was a lot of up hill one after another . Held off a few folks and cross the line 8th . The single worked well just couldn't jump across the gap to hold on to the front 5 .Next race is littleton on sun and then it is time to ride dirt on the MT. bike .. Can't wait for vacation .

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Goat Heads SUCK!!!!!

went to golden on sunday to race cross..I was felling good ready to ride hard. Standing on the start line I look down and see a goat head , what to do we start in under a minute.. We start and i go about 100yards and that is it , go figure off the front and a flat . I got a wheel from tall travis and it held up but before the first lap was up i blew the rear , not much that i could do for the rear being a single set up with a gusset .. Told that i could race the 3's so i change the wheel and get ready for the next race , again standing at the line goat head !!!!! jumped in the car and left . Just got some tire strips and will bring a front wheel extra for this weekend but shit that sucks , drive down three tubes and no race . Hopefully this weekend goes better .. Then to make matters worse Tuesday at work i notice that my front wheel was flat again ,, damm goat heads suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Steve Garro

Yesterday down in flagstaff , my friend and single speed superfreak was hit by a car ..... So far what i hear he is stable and is shook up pretty good .. Thoughts and care go out to him and his wife Denise .... Check out and pay respects ................

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Top Gun

I always feel like tom cruz when i ride through the Air Force base , today they would not let me all the way through because i did not have the proper ID.. Oh well just went and found more hill to climb else where . The thing about riding down here in the springs is their is always another hill you have to climb , not like back home in the county where it is stright up then straight down ... Good work today getting ready for next week in boulder ..

Friday, September 30, 2005

Power Lines

The climb up is classic . I don't think that it can get much better than this one .. Start in town and go up , and you stop going up at almost treeline .. This could be the last time this season that i can climb this one , wed. morning their was snow on a good amount of the trail . A good day for the single , sun and lots of dirt , doing laps on Baldy is always a good way to make the thoughts in your head all make sence ..........I can't wait to go ride Flagstaff Dirt!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Single Cross

Well made it snow mnt ranch with little time to spare .. Did a pratice lap and got to the line with 1 min to go .. Right off the gun i went with two other guys and got to the first turn before the bottle neck .. From their on out i was off the front , more getting off the bike than i use to but it ws only my third race ... After 7 laps I got to hold my hands up in victory !!! About a min later 2,3,and 4 came in . The guy in second who won here in breck , did not understand that he did not win , i guess he never saw me up front .. Oh well , Anna was not impressed with his lack of sportsmanship ,, one other guy protested but it did not stand ...............the 44x20 worked well!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall In Breck

Went out with C-Ball , Toast , Dave G , and Big Huck , . I was the only one on a single for a good long ride .. We went up the little french climb which is in the best shape i've ever seen , colors changing all over the place with great temps which made the climb that much easier .. Our goal was to get down to the Co trail . My goal was to ride the north fork with out stopping or puttin a foot down .. 3 miles of climbing and about 15 mins of standing on the pedals and i was there.. The rest was all down , some of the smoothest fastest single track I can think of . All in all 30 mile of dirt and my day was done .. Today chillin with the kids and getting the cross bike ready for sunday's race .. Going to see if the 44x20 works at snow mnt ranch .