Thursday, July 30, 2009

Put the Tarp on.

Weather delay!! Supposed to be taking the misses out for a Road Ride but it is finally raining here in the big river valley. This may make the legs happy but tweak the brain. The SSCX may need to come out for the AM pain Train tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ShouldA Been

Should have made it to see this.... But I am old and lame.... I even missed the Meat Puppets here in my own home town.... I need to have the bands play in my Garage if I am going to go see them.. LAME!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mornings are getting dark and little lights are needed for the AM Pain Train. Recovery+Fast Guys+ 5:30= Ouch. Not sure but think that i would like to keep the MadOne but the $$ might make it hard. Once the big lights come out it might be time to sleep in.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Muzzle Load

First off long drive to Elk River. Have not been in that area in many many years. Pulled in to the race venue with enough time to get dressed and warm up. From what I had been told it was going to be a lot of single track and a good bit of climbing. After call up's we had a few minutes to catch our breaths, and then go. I for some reason took the hole shot Ala Hollywood and then on the first climb started to get pasted by the faster guys. Back out onto the road felt as if I was going flat. But the flat never appeared. Got on to the single track about 14th or so. Just trying to hammer as much as I could. The course twisted turned and then again on it's self, fast steep climbs and long laps. Going in to lap 2 Andy got around me and I just could not hang on. With a large group behind me I just kept my head down and pushed hoping for some kind of gap. Last lap through the Jump line I went for the faster line and in mid air foot popped out and I managed to keep the bike upright but bent the shit out of my seat rails. Thankfully it was only 1.5 left to the Finnish. Crossed the line in 12 overall in the money. Good day hard day now need to the bike fixed up before the next race in two weeks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A dirty Thirty today, with single track on the way to and from work. Bike fells good engine ok pistons a bit tired. Going in to a race this weekend that I don't know and have the mental game in my head about gearing. Push or spin that is the question. A nice mellow spin is on tap for the morning. Sleep is next.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009


While at the Trek HQ I got to ride Jim's Trail's. This is the super secret fun tech trail that these guys and gals get to ride every day. Good fun went out with my inside rep and some of his closest inside buddies. Fast and fun tons of thought went in to building these trails. The only down side was the Misquotes that were out for blood.. Being at the Waterloo Site was a trip it was like Disneyland for the Bike Nerd. Bikes everywhere new 2010 stuff just hanging out and Lance and Contador at every turn. I saw Belt Drive Madones and things that may never make it to production. And I learned more about how the body and bike interact. I hate to sound like self centered but I need some time on the bike not just near the bike I need that Quiver in the legs again. All good this in all good time.. Sounds like I need to run For the Roses. Beer and sleep is on tap. Bikes at dawn!!


Busy week has me a bit Fired like bacon in a pan. I wish I could say that it was from riding to much but from all the other stuff that comes along with living. Need to sit down chill and have a cold beer. Get through work and tomorrow I can do as I wish ride with the family and Cilll the Fu@$ out. Good times were had hanging out with the Trek Crew.. Learned a lot now need to practice and see if i can make the numbers work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tipy Tip

Sophia and I made the quick trip to Red Wing for race #5 in the MNCS. I have good memories of this race and love the single track there. Sophia had a good bunch of women to line up against and hit the Hole Shot Ala Hollywood Him Self. As they Sorted out for the single track her place was decided. She rode a great race and pushed it hard,,,, Sixth overall and 1 in her age group. Another good one for her. As for me I was thankful for the call up,,,front row was going to be needed for the fast and flat loop around the grassy top section. Fast dusty and hard to see what was going on.. Just before the single I went to make a move and the rider I was going to pass got close and he hooked his arm on my bar end,,, I was looking for a soft place to go crash but before I had to use that option he got his arm loose. Lap one hurt lots of riders together going fast and blowing off the trails from time to time. Coming in to the Stair way To heaven I got to test my legs with the 34x18 and I was able to climb 90% of it and make some gaps stick. This was my goal now attack all the climbs. Lap 2&3 a good bit of back and forth with riders that were in front and those that were in the rears. Saved just enough for the 4th lap, I had two chasing hard and could see one up front,,,, at the bottom of the longer climb on the back side I buried my self to make a pass and enter the single track in front. It worked. I made through the stair way one more time, I could see the chasers coming and just had to make it hurt... Across the line in 8th place Overall and 2nd in age group. First time in the $$ all season. Great race worked hard felt good,,now a bit of rest and time to get back after it... Thanks to all the great sponsors that have been keeping moving over this season could not do it with out you guys...... Go Fast and Play Loud. Photo SkinnySki.Com

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Fish

One more in the Garage ,,, We have got our hooks in to the Mom of the family. She got to go out today with Sophia and had a nice ride....She Said "wow they are right about drafting that is easier ". One step at a time I hope that clipless pedals are not to far in the future. Red Wing tomorrow........should be a good one the goal is to go fast we'll see what I have... PBR me AsAp..

Friday, July 10, 2009


The octopus was out this morning drizzling his ink across the sky. The roads were wet and the group was small. The work was done and HR was low. Lots of spinning and bits of climbing. Tour is on and coffee is going down. Friday and living the HIGH LIFE!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Forth Of Yada Yada

Lot and Lots of stuff going on this weekend. Hanging with the Garro's, Swimming, Bike rides and family and Beer... Now need to decompress and get ready for another week of work,,,,,Whewww!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Have Some Coke and A Smile and Shut the F@#! UP

Boonen Gets to Race? I have always enjoyed watching him race, and now that he has rock star status he is even cooler. I mean he get to have a coke habit and still race. The Emag was hard to wake for but I made it, and was able to turn the cranks over. Friday, only 8 hours of work between me and the weekend. Go Fast.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Dirt with the kid this morning what more needs to be said.. A great morning trails were sweet and the bike rode well. I had the energy of 10 men and could have ridden all day if it was not for work. Sophia was riding well for someone who was so hurt that she could not race on sunday. Morning is going to come way to early and that Emag train is going to be moving fast. I hope that the 44x17 can keep up... Only time will tell.. The forth is coming and I wish nothing but good luck for all those doing the firecracker 50. One hell of a hard race and one hell of a great time. Now go to sleep and go ride in the morning ..... Wait one more beer needs to be drank....