Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tears in my beer

We have had three weeks of great snow pack.
The trail conditions here in Lacrosse have been the 
best that I have seen in my four years here.
But so far today we are experiencing Shit Soup.
and it wont end until tomorrow night when they are calling for thunder storms.
Now I don't think that all the snow will go away but it is going to make our
Bing Crosby winter wounder land look like shit.
Now not being a smart man I will like I do most day gear up
for a 7.5 mile ride in to work staying dry on the inside and 
crying on the outside. It 
is still not even January so things can change and 
we could be sitting on feet of snow again. If not let all of it melt
let the temp get over 50 and lets start riding out side more with fewer layers.
Ok I am now done whining like a little Bitch.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I have  been skiing as much as 
I can. Not always as long as I would
like but as hard most days as I can.
Yesterdays hill repeats worked me pretty good,
and my thought for today was going to be just some Cruz skiing.
When I got to the trail head I was that the whole system was groomed
and off I went. Came across a new hill that they worked on with 
fresh corduroy on it. Straight up ,,,could not help my self 
so much for an easy day. 
But with all the good comes some bad ,, long range forecast is for rain on 
Friday WTF!!!
Rain in December this is going to piss me off and wreck the snow
pack. May just have to get on the bike.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The skiing has been good and I have been trying to get 
out as much as I can.
Other than the commute I have not been doing much with the 
bike other than day dreaming.
I have heard no and we are cutting back our budget more this 
year than I have in any other.
Still trying to get things lined up and hoping to hear some more yeses so I can start to 
line things up.
The new year should bring some changes.
All are recovering from some post holiday bliss.
The family had a good haul and I think that 
Anna really likes her new car even though she wont be driving it anytime soon.
Need to land another XC set up so the two girls don't need to share.

Go Green and Gold.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Brendnie

Here is to the man that they have called Grover.
I at times call him my brother.
Today he is old..... much older than me he is now
We  have been though a lot together over the years.
He handed me down his bike and I taught him how to ride it.
He was the first one on skis and I showed him how they worked.
When he finished collage and needed a place to live I had him move in with me.
We've rocked out to music and slid down mountain peaks,
stood in streams and watched our children grow.
Separated now by miles and miles 
we don't see each other to often but I know with skis on his feet and 
some fuzz tones in his head that Forty will be a happy day for sure.
Happy Birthday Old Man 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Light White Heat

Full moon ski but their was no moon to been seen after it slid in
to the clouds.
Their was new snow that was freshly groomed and it skied super fast.
I slid around at break neck speed 
up and down through the woods loving the snow
and the speed.
With bright light on my head the night was lit up and I wanted more,,,,,, but between needing to get the kid from work and being tired from commuting through the snow I  called it a night. 
Here comes the Light!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pale White

Saturday and Sunday ski has
left my legs tender. That was the goal,
the skiing has been great even with the hoards of people who chose to 
walk on the ski trail and post hole their fast asses along.
More snow is on the way and the chance of some freezing drizzle 
which can make thing a bit more interesting.
Commute to work this morning will be good 
could be crazy on the way home.
The light has almost returned and then
things will turn green. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


What a difference a day can make. Tuesday night
was as slow as molasses could almost 
walk up the hills.
Last night  the snow was lightning fast.
Their were times I felt as if I was a foot a head of my self the 
way the skis were running.
Bumped in to some of the Emagers and got
picked on for skiing with my Helmet but the 
brightness of my light said it all. 
With that light on I can see every thing and go so much faster in the dark.
It is wort it.
Regardless I am pooped this morning and now looking forward to my commute. 
Bring it on if it has not be broughten.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soft all around

I feel as if I am getting week as today is the third
day of driving to work. As usual it is a 
weather determined break that makes me get off the bike.
With wind chills in the -20's and the roads still nasty 
getting to work may be a challenge. I am hoping for some
good skiing. Last night was hard mixed with the cold snow and my wax getting skied
off. Every pole plant sunk in about 6" making for some funny form.
The Grooming is only going to get better as it gets more packed down.
I went with my Fp 3.1 and Cygo Light and that sure lit up the snow.
Tonight will have to be another session on the hamster rollers
riding in place and sweating out the bezeaousbelt.

Monday, December 13, 2010

White is right

Their has been some snow
and then some more snow.
Had a great ski on friday up in Winona, before 
the big snow hit and it was wonderful
hill and more hills. 
Then it started, a bit on the ground on saturday morning and I 
attempted to ski but after the van
pulled a 360 my mood was shot.
Sunday was spent moving lots and lots of the white stuff.
Ready to get back out there the Teal is on the sticks.
Under the lights tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Night sking
running lights snow
scared by a blade                     need
bigger lights

More Laps = More Funner

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nordic Good

Slow day at the shop
yesterday but the payoff was the last customer telling me how good the skiing was.
So home I went, with a much cleaner commute as all the snow had been plowed.
Need to get my bench cleared off and set up 
the waxing station.
Happy skis are fast skis,, and yes they were happy today.
Best that I have ever felt for a day one on snow.
And the conditions were great for no snow to snow.
Ran in to the former owner of my skis and we slid through the woods.
I could have skied for ever today but there was way to much other stuff to do.
I can't wait for the next time out need to find my light 
or more lights so I can keep going. 

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Snow is on the ground and the thought of hot wax and skis race through my head.
I am at the shop today and the voices in my head say
don't drive when you can ride a bike.
Just need to
let out some  pressure and I should be good. 
19 days and the light returns and we'll take another

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I am trying

 Something has got to give.... I can wait but for how Long!!!!??