Thursday, August 31, 2006

29er's are bigger

Short and good a trip down to frisco and back. Not pushing it hard and still was able to get under an hour for the 20 miles.. It was nice to be on the road bike it has been a while. Going to race at keystone this weekend just going out to have some fun and rock the 29er on some fast single track..... I am ready to do some more fun mtb rides with the fall leaves changing,,,,....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

sleep is gooder

I made it out for a 1 hour grind last night. It was nice to sprint up single track as the sun went down. Felt like I had unfinnished ridding to get after having gotten rained out this weekend. Made it up to mt. pride then over to the Tank again one of the best sections of 1 track around.. Ran in K-tron in the parking lot with his friend katy and we went down the aspen tunnel and the sun set.. Got home had a PBR and a pork chop and my head hit the pillow.. I love to sleep...

Monday, August 28, 2006


We have it good here in the land of summit county.. Out my front door is a maze of single track that is some of the best around here in the west. I have been other places and have ridden other single track but here, the quality is the best.. Flagstaff had some epic stuff but the forest would close due to fire danger.. The front range is crowed and the western slope is hot..... These are some of the reasons that I don't leave home to often to ride mtb bikes unless bike racing.. I know that the Butte is supposed to be the best . And I am not here to bash another town because the riding isn't good but it just seems like you have to spend so much time riding to the single track. And unless you have a town bike you are looked down on. I think that next time I go I will hook up with someone who can show me whats up.. But till that happens I ride the 1 track here and take my road bike on trips because I am spoiled..!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

weir bitch

Well I ened that week long of nothing with something.... It felt good to get out nobody was able to come and ride so I went solo.. The Colorado trail betwen Keystone and Breck is some of the best stuff around,.. I look foward to riding the 285 to highway 9 colorado trail ride.. That is nice to do in the fall/. Off to the Butte///

Thursday, August 24, 2006

stuck in a rut

I have not done shit all week that should change here soon.. More in that later

Monday, August 21, 2006

I am not the old one today

End of another weekend.,.which meas only one thing and that is I have to go to work and wait 4 more days to have another weekend.. Got out a few times on the mountian bike and it was nice.. Felt good to ride with out the weight of racing on my head.. I had fun just going out and climbing up hills and flying down desents... The family adn I are going to Crested Butte this comming weekend to hang out. The kids have never been there so they should have a good time.. I plan on doing the 401 trail, that is the one that everyone talks about... Until then some more rest and a little bike bike riding,, I am still tired... Happy Birthday to Anna,,,,,, Could not have done it with out you this summer,,,...!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well for the past three years I have goten third place at the breck brawl... Last year it was just enough to get me in to third for the overall and 3 two years ago third place cost me to loose the 1st overall by 4 points... Not last night I knew what I had to do going in to the night and at the start of the race thought I was not going to pull it off. Travis and chris and ryan were fast on the first lap and it took the whole firdt climb to catch back up.. Thank you 29er!!!! At the start of lap two I moved around chris and stayed there. At this point I need rayn to finish 1st adn travis 2nd.. It worked.. Chris did give me a scare at the line he started to charge on the up hill finnish and I had to sprint to the line... I don't know if he would have passed me at the line but if he would have that would have mad the differnce of 1st or 2nd on the year.... Thanks to all you out ther that have helped me have a great race season,,,....,.,.,.,

Monday, August 14, 2006

The further I go the futher back I get

Got an a mail this morning that the Wily Cylces is no more.. IT went on to say that the cost of running a bike co was to much and brad had to the the co go. I have to say that it was a great try and a good run.. The boulder proformance network part of the team is still intack and that is where Brad is going to put most of his time. Sad because the bikes ride so sweet and I have to say my 29er is the best bike I have ever ridden..... Just got back from a ride and can't tell how I fell the bike is running good I just can't tell if my body is where it needs to be my head is slowing me down.... 29er's get it done !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trees and downhills

One down and one to go... I have been told by my wife that I should not talk to the summit daily news any more beacuse I say to my dumb stuff.. I can't help it some times after races I am not thinking as clear as I would like.. But things went well I had to push my self hard and make some risky moves.. Hit one tree and scared my self twice.. Travis only had a few seconds on my and was only 45seconds behind the winner.. Next week is the last of the SMC races and it is on breckenridge mnt.. Just got to keep travis in my sights and ride a good race... Group ride with the kids torrow and that will be fun as long as no one gets hurt,,,.... Keep the rubber down and look out of assholes!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cars and Flag

Here is news from the Flagstaff front you can find out more at Garro and Drunk cyclist August 8th, 2006 Got some pics of Garro on his handbike. the Drunk Cyclist got fucking hit by a drunk driver… It sucks, but what I know of Big Johny is that he is easy going and positive. He will pull through. Posted in Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop | No Comments Be careful out there folks......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here comes the hills

Good weekend the big wheels are rolling over everyting and I love it.. Happy to get out of the woods with the kids and happy that George was not broken. I like working with the kids I gives me a good felling when they are killing it in the woods and grining ear to ear.. Put a new link on or hope that it made it there, but it is a link to Steve Garro's blog, check in see his stuff and hear how thing are going in Flagstaff. It would be nice to get there this fall but it might not be till spring... Work tomrrow and some free food and Eric's, Jeff's way of saying thanks for helping with the Firecracker. Food rest and more food.. Bring on the grind!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Not all people from Texas are bad?

I had some fun in the bike path this morning doing stop sign intervals. I always forget how much I love my road bike and how fast the two of us can go.... Today being friday it was a Little League group ride day,,.. We have been going to the afternoon sessions because it is better for sophia faster and longer rides. I got to lead the fast kids on the race course for wed.. We were having a blast flying up the single and fire roads, talking about when to pass or hammer or sit in.. A lot of fun... But it happened and it has not in a long time, it was even the same one who we use to have to worrie about.. GEORGE GRUBER!!!!! I was up front so no one missed the big left hand turn to the old mining town when it happend.. He grabed way to much front brake and rode on the front wheel until gravity took over and he was down.... Now before the start of the desent we talked about the road and how it was loose and their were a lot of good place to crash and I was looking over my shoulder making sure all my chickens were behind me and boom//... At first he jumped in to my arms like a scared dog and was really shook up. I did what I could to help calm him down. He had a huge bruse on his upper leg a bump on this eye where his glasses hit and some other big scrapes.. We were in the middle of no where so I sent chris and eric off to the bottem of the hill to see if their cell phones worked to call for help... The next thing was to get him out of the woods. I lowered the seat on my bike and lifted him on while Meghan walked down with two bikes.. He was doing ok more scared and sore than anything. After a while a Jeep was comming up the road and stoped so we put george in the front seat and meghan and I rode down on bikes.. The guy that was riding in the jeep in the shot gun spot jumped out to help get the third bike down the hill.. He got to ride mine.. I think that he might be buying a 29er single soon.... So george is fine a sore head and a bruse on his leg that is every color that a bruse can turn,,. Nothing is broke other than his shifters.. The other three Kids did a great job and helped a lot on keeping a bad crash under control.. Thanks guys... Not all texans are bad just the ones that are assholessssssss..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well things did not go bad just not the way that I wanted it to go.. I finished 4th and had some really good lines. I just for some reason after a small run section hurled. Didn't stop or get off the bike just look left and spew.. I don't think that this slowed me down that much but it ment that my body was not working the way it should be,,.. So my fourth place was good to be that close to the ones that I was chasing.. Two more left a big hill race and one at the ski area... I just need to get my head straight and go faster...