Sunday, April 29, 2007

Short one in the woods today with my brother in law but still fun. I am having a blast with the way the bike rides now. It was warm and that is just something that iam going to have to get use to it still can't get any worse than when I lived in Phoneix now that was hot and the kind of hot that made you stay inside. Nat won in Tennessee and Josh got #2 and they both beat Tinker great to see see the home town boys doing so well. Me I am woundering what is going to happen next week and the first WORS race. I'll get as many miles in this week as I can with the whole moving in to the house thing. Here are a few pictures the forest are starting to come alive and the bugs have not woke up yet. Another day with the boy in the trailer think I'll try the single cross.
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Saturday, April 28, 2007


The Wily fells so much better now that it is rigid don't get me wrong I love the Maverick and it treated me so well it is just now the bike is snapper and climbs so much smoother,. Now I just have to get back to riding like the old days of stiffness. I rode from the house to the bluffs today to see if could be done and it can it is just a bit more of flat than I wanted. You can get there on all urban trails and then climb up the TNT trail to get up to the HPT system. So 10 miles to the top and you are there. The climb up on a single is a good one. It is the length and steepness of hanious hill back in Breckenridge. It is a beast of a climb I can almost clean it almost. Did a few short loops on top and blasted back down good ride would have like to have spent more time in the woods but life called and had to be back with the family. Tomorrow i'll drive over with my brother in law and we'll log all of the dirt..

Friday, April 27, 2007


Moving can be such a bitch then on top of that throw in the fact that the Town Of Breckenridge and the forces of God her self were not going to make it easy. Today is friday and this is the day that the house was supposed to close on. It did not and for a few more days? The whole thing is riding on some good folks from wells fargo signing off on the fact that my neighbor gets 3 more feet of land.. The town deiced to pursuit this at the last minute and in turn fuck us over... That being said it was a fun uneventful drive. The only weird stuff happened in Kareny NE the guy at the front desk at the best western tried to get an extra 50$ out of anna when she checked in. Something about a 50 deposit on the room and it had to be in cash? I think that it was meth money. Anna got to go and check out her new work and sophia got to tour the school today. They are both happy about that. James and I rode the gears and trailer up to Trempealeau on the great river trail. This is a rails to trails project that runs along the Mississippi flat as a pancake but it is crushed limestone so between the surface and added weight of the boy it was good work lungs fell great and legs not so bad. I'll get out on the dirt tomorrow to test out the new fork. The twin six kit and gear should be here soon,, rocking the twin cities gear makes me fell like a kid again. First race one week from sunday in middle north wisco going to try to get to the point brewery fresh beer good//.. Be good everyone ride fast and stay safe....!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Things are packed and we are now putting the last few touches and waitting for the roads to thaw.. More from the road.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

15 years

I have been riding bikes with this guy for 15 years, I convinced him in collage to get a mountain bike and that is where it started. Those two blaze orange Gary Fishers allowed us to see the world. Crazy times riding not know what our names were or where we were. After we both move here to breck the riding continued at one point and time he was the self proclaimed fastest rider in summit county. This lasted until he bought his dream bike a Elsworth ID. This bike became his down fall it had so many problems he stop riding now only his road bike gets love, and his ID and Vail Cycle Works just hangs in the spare room. Long story short it was nice that we got to get in one more ride before I leave summit. We have the moving truck and have signed the house over and now comes the fun of loading and driving the big fun is that we are going to get up to 20 inches of snow.. That should make things fun.. More to come so to be in wisco..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The end is near

The end is coming and their is nothing that I can do about.. Now time goes by to fast. The weather now stinks it keeps on snowing hard to want to ride when it is like this. Had a small get together last night at Eric's with a few of the folks from TOB. I got sophia a small old trek road bike down tube shifting but it has big wheels.. So if anyone out there has any old 105 or some other index shifting please give me a shout also looking for some time mtb pedals for her. Got a small ride in yesterday the wind was strong so I kept to the woods..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not Sedona

Red rocks and the hog back not my fav but it was a nice hour of work to blow out my big city stress. Got to hang out at the Dean HQ. Saw some Wilys getting made and some Ti work being done. They have a Ti fork coming out that is going to use a White Brothers Crown.. Looks nice I can't wait till I get mine. Talked bikes and more bikes thinking about a new cross bike.. We'll see, only a week left..

Monday, April 16, 2007

group ride

Got out on a short group ride yesterday, I drafted this guy for about 2 miles. Spring snow showers today, not much dry.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Skied on saturday with the kid and my brother in law the snow was good. It had been almost 2 months since I had skied last, we were flying around the mountain jumping off anything we could get our skis on. After getting #2 to nap I went out for an hour of intervals, This was good work my legs were tired after three hours of deep knee bends. I could ski one more time but don't know if I will I would rather spend the time on the bike. The weather should hold up for the next week going to the Dean HQ on wed, and try one more time to get some hill climbing in the front range. 9 days left!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Punk Rock

Rode outside today only got an hour I was cold and it snowed but the roads were dry I figured that it was better than riding inside. My toes froze don't have the good booties they blew out from all the crap on the road. Need to get new ones before next winter, the summer last longer where we are moving to. The whole family is coming up from GOD country this weekend they are going to want me to go skiing we'll see about that... Ordered the kids new bike can't wait to see how nice we can get it.. well the big storm missed us which is good I would love to ride everyday until we move.... BRING IT ON.. Oh yea sirus now has a PUNK channel nice not to have to wait through the hip hopp ....FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dirty dirt

Just thinking back to last week, here are some more photos of our trip, dam it was nice to be warm.. 2 weeks left until we get our move on. Well it is winter again so I am getting some good rest yes I would love to be on the bike but last week is helping with the lack of dry right now. The boss man got his Spot frame today he is excited about get the 9er's rolling. New tires on the way and should have the new front wheel built so I can go with the carbon fork and ride with out squish for awhile.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I am glad I got out today for a good spin because the weather is shaping up to be snowy. As a matter of fact it just blew in they are saying it can be like this for a week, huge change from the last week I just had. The legs and lungs felt good being back at 9600 feet. 9 days of work left,,,,the end is soon come.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Some photos of my trip up to Flag and two random that is the goast town where the show down with the crazy biker happens. Short day today legs flet good but my back is a little jacked from going over the bars yesterday. That is one thing you don't hear about 9er's the distance to the ground when you do flip over the bars. I was lucky and did not land on any of the rocks that made me tip. Oh well me and the bike are ok just a little sore. The trip is going to end soon one more day here then on saturday we start our way back. One night in Moab and then back to Summit, it would be nice if it is warm when we get home. We did get some good news about the move today and that is we got the house that is in the bluffs and down the street from Grandma and Grandpa. beer to drink..........


Wow what a day everything that I could have wanted. I got to flag just as Denise Garro was getting ready to leave to go ride so we hooked up and went to the mountain. We started up shultz creek under bright blue skies and the trail was in great condition. After a bit of time on shlutz we jumped on the meadow trail which to my suprise was rerouted so you could now ride the whole thing with out a hike a bike. Up to orion springs which was the hardest climb of the day and topped out at secret trail. Now the fun really started we got to go down the new super moto which is by far one of the best new/old trails the forset service has ever done. Fast steep big rock sections....It kept you on your toes the whole time twist turns and a big lava flow all made this soo much fun. At the bottom Denise had to go to work so I went back up this time climbing all the way back up to lookout trail which was a nice cool place to eat some food and check out the views. Down lookout back over to hotshot down dog food taster and ended on the shultz creek and town connector trail. Got back to the Garros in about 3 hours of ride time Steve was building a friends bike while Troy worked on getting his new rack all set up. I could not have asked for more a great day in the saddle and good time spent with old friends.. Pictures to come!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I don't always understad macs haveing a hard time getting photos uploaded. went this morning for 2 hours of tempo still not felling well enouogh to do any interval work. This has to be by far teh worst cold tht I have ever had, I am at least better enough to drink beer. Felt gerat while riding today got some hills and a lot of speed. Road thrugh the little goast town that was used to film Rasing Arizoina. Highest point 2400 feet , the bigger climbs were futher down the road. Going to go up to flag tomorrow and going to ride MTBs. I hope to have geat picts and some of the coconino work shop..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

missed it by that much

Well i was able to controll the sick just enough to make it to this mornings start. 10 guys on the line all tan and looking strong. We got the first start of the day,8:01 and we were off good pace to start and you could watch the breaks form. 2 off the front with the rest of us chaseing. I managed to keep my self from puking which ws nice, that has only happend once in a race last year. Fist lap went well with a 45min lap time and same with the second, third lap slowed a bit but mainly because the expert riders don't know how to pass they say on your left and dont pass with speed they soft pedal and expect you to slow for them .. Bull ShIt. I missed my goal lof 2:15 by 5 mins and miss the podium by 40 seconds not bad for a sick guy. I was the only on asingle that was not from AZ or so cal the winnin gtime was 2:10 4th was 2:16 so I was in the mix sick just suck. Now it is time to start riding the road bike and get some more mtb.. riding damm my bike rode sweet.... Photos to come the girl and I are going to watch the pros race later..