Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lake Chutes

Went up to the hill with my brother in law and we skied up high. I have to say I like the fact that I can make laps so easy up there and now their is a comedy show to go with it. People hiking up and falling over people hiking down and those almost keeling over from the alitude,... Humor and sking call it fun... The end id near..!

If it looks like a bull and smells like a.....

This to me is a crock of shit for years we have had to deal with only one grocery store in town and even when the snow is comming and the gappers are not here it still sucks.. It looks like people were getting ready for a hurricane. No bread on the shelves no fresh friut and people fighting over dairy. The stores are using the big snows in denver to say that is why but I say bull shit.. I love these mountains but it is times like this that make me say huh!! Yes this little valley has hit the limmit on how many folks can be here at once. If you want some real humor go to the sled hill and watc the mass of humanity...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rush hour

Went back out on the hill to jump with the kid today. I went out on the park skis so I could hit rails and not mess up the new ones. Sophia is starting to get the jumping thing it was just tough today because of all the people.. We have more snow on the way and that could be a good thing powder does not suck. I could ski for a bit more than it is time to start to ride bikes again.. I heard today that Maverick is back on board for next season which is good because they make one of the best squishy forks on the market. Now I just have to wait and see who else comes on board.. Skiing is good and bike are better I think that I need to get back out on the skate skis for awhile.. New music new old music but good stuff to hear...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Well it has come and gone just as fast as it got here. Birthday came and we got out on the hill under bluebird skys. Then a trip to the folks place to open gifts and do the christmas thing. Kid were good and got stuff they wanted and we got to see my brother and his kids.. Now we rest the boy plays with his train and the girl does what ever a 11 year old does. Warmer days are on their way which means dirt and sun..go look at steve in sedona at garro's site.. I hope all are well and have had a good time with their friends and family... Merry christmas to all and to all a good night..

Friday, December 22, 2006

I got out to ski today, with the day off of work.. The snow was great esp.. up high on the

mountain .

I got to run raps up in the lake shoots a place that for years you had to do a 25 min hike to the

top of peak 8.. Now just pop your skis off and do a 4min hike and you are

there. The snow in zoot shoot was knee to waist deep thick and rich and i got to be the first one in.. Did a few more up there some were amanzing and others skechy with lack of snow. Aim for the center of the gully.. sking with the kid tomrrow and she should have a blast.. More snow on the way??? Me and the new skis are getting along, I just have to stayon top...

longer not shorter

Longer day are comming and that means mure sun to warm us up as we take a sunbath on the spinning rock.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stiff and bitter

I am up dating the wily with a carbon fork from pace this should drop the weight a little and the good floks at sun race are sending me a set of hub to fresh'n' up the wheels.. And to top it off a pair of carbon mtb shoes , this will make it a nice stiff birthday, I though t about new skis but the ones that have work well.. The guys at sun race are working on a new web site to help roll out their new drive train and shifters. They have been so good to me over the years and I can't wait to help them put a bite in to the big companys.. Still no snow is going to come?

simple life

Spinning with your butt in a pumkin can't get better

war on christmas?

Well it is the christmass time of the year again and that means that people everywhere will spend them selves silly. They will buy what the tv tells them weather or not they have the money.. Here it is simple we have no money so we wont spend our wads until it hurts.. I know that I am not ever going to be a big wig who has tons of cash and all the sweet do dads and that is ok I just need to get above the poverty line which means getting out of breck.. I love here the mountains and the blue bird days but not being a trustafarian and not having a high paying job I strugle. I want simple I want easy I want no more " where is the money coming from"? Enough bitching it could be worse we could be totaly shit house broke the kid are healthy and seem to be well adjusted, and will get to have a lot more when we get to Wisco... Now if would just snow so I can spend the last days of 32 in powder, because if I can't ride a bike I want to ski.. I take that back I can ride the rollers now that xc is over but fat powder shots would be nice.. It can always be worse I could be in Iraq fighting a was that has no end for some dip shit who thinks that he is doing good....... All in all i do have it good , but it can get better!!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What would do for 5000$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Photos were hard to come by with the boy running and hitting on all the girls , but I think that these two work.. These guys were getting pulled in by a sled going 30 mph and getting up to 20+ feet in air,,. We saw some geat stuff dudes tossing airs for 5000$$$.. Shitty music some dj crap hell but the airs were sick.. I do think that james liked the bus ride there and back the best..


I want to be so sleepy like this photo pf james that I fall a sleep on the floor.... I got a set an old set of roller from a co worker and I have to say they are much more of a work out than my trainer.. I like the fact that I can't space so far out that I almost fall a sleep... Have not crashed yet and don't want to jinks it.. we need snow this global warming thing is making it ugly around here some freah snow would cover the dog crap in the yard..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Summer time fun

Here are 2 of photos of sophia racing this summer. They come from the YMCA JR. Cycling news letter that is just for girls. Such a great thing keeps them informed and stoked on racing

right link

here is the link for the toas bloger just another place to go when th esnow gets to deep!!!!! New photos of sophia racing later.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh yea they do

First off another one of the flagstaff freaks has had a run in with tragedy this time it was a roll over wreck and it has Big Johny pretty shook up, please send wishes to Johny his link is on my page........ This next one goes out to my brother who is going to be older in 10 days he and his kid are rippn' up the snow down in the Toas ski valley. This link is to a guy who is living the good life in some of the south west's best mtb. riding check him out. . As for things here just waiting for snow because before we know it global warming will take over and it will be summer all year long. What would happen if bikes ruled the world?

I am Robot

They always say that the box is more fun than the gift....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Over hang

You know you are getting old when you stay out late and can't recover. I can do a lot but not getting sleep wrecks me. I think that my hangover had a hangover, oh well .. Skied a bit on the hill this weekend and the snow needs some help like two feet or more would be nice it would give me something to do at work.. Not being on a bike is getting a little old just need it to warm up down in the big D. Here is a pic of the kid out today on the hill looking good just needs to get that eye of the tiger and she will be killing it...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cow Boy

Got another skate ski in today things are starting to click better, good work and what felt like a lot of hill climbing.. Still on the look out for another pair of skis the pair I have need to go back, I have one lead but need to shake the money tree.. Getting new gear wont be that bad there is skate skiing back in the midwest.. All this time on snow is just making me want to ride a bike more than back and forth to work. That was one of the great things about flagstaff the mnt was so much higher than the town so I could snow up there and be dry down below, plus sedona is just down the street.. My boy calls this his cowboy outfit not sure what kind but ok!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Warmer today than it has been so I went out to get some skate skiing in. Quite and smooth even though I still fell like a cat on ice, still need to get my grove.. But it felt good felt like I did something to raise my heart rate.. I don't like the fact that the gondola is going thorugh the gluch but I can't stop the evil empire....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Downhill nordic

Got out on the tele skis today not expecting much because it was cold and the lifts were full yesterday. Got up on the upper mnt and the snow was great esp. because the wind was blowing bown the mnt and it made for the sweet velvet snow that can happen in the bowl. Ran in to a bunch for freaks that I took laps with it was nice to see some old faces. Thick fresh snow and fast turns made the 4 hours of skiing fly by...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chase your tail

This looks like fun somthing that could keep me busy for a while....

Friday, December 01, 2006

sign up now!!!

Got this from Do you think that he had do the lottery to get in. He won't win I pick Toast to win that one..
Armstrong will ride in Leadville Trail 100Leadville Chronicle The rumors are true: Lance Armstrong is scheduled to ride in the Leadville Trail 100's mountain bike race in August 2007. Yes, that Lance Armstrong,, the seven-time winner of the Tour de France. Leadville Trail 100 race director Ken Chlouber confirmed, after speaking with Armstrong's coach, that the race was on Armstrong's schedule.

Kick my ass

Here is Garro out hand biking in sedona az. It looks warm and snow free I could spend some time on the red dirt.. Think this guy is strong or what?Check out the bikes he builds at