Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting ready

Out yesterday in 
the woods trying
to see how I felt and how the bike rode. Bike rode well
I felt like I had cement in each leg.
Need to shake that out.
Rode the new shoes to work
like the feel don't like the way they interact 
with the Quartz pedals.
Think that i may go back to Time and 
see how that works.
Rear brake giving me grief along with chain tension.
Big down side to horizontal drops. The 
new Spots are built with a Paragon like
slider this changes the way the wheel  and brake line up.
All that said big test on sunday, hope I am ready,
now not sure about the kid came home with 
two bags of ice on her legs,, some pop in here knee at 
track. I told her to stop running unless cased.
Ride a bike.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I want to DesTroy YoU

Good work was done this week in 
prep for racing today,
but mother nature had the last word.
Even if the rains were not as bad as last year,
the cost of entry for Sophia and I did not balance
out if it was going to be wet at all.
We have bigger fish to fry and that 
all starts next week in Central Wisco.
Now I watch the winds blow and rain fall
wondering if their will be any wheels turning 
or just some much need rest.?
Next weekend as coach would say is going to
break some dishes. 
Love the race in Iola,, first one that I
did when I moved here and I learned quick 
how fast things move.
The Questions are there>>Have I done
enough>> Can I hang in with the fast ones??
More specific work this week and then goooo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Rang?

With new rubber and brakes dialed 
in, and off from work
a bit early it was time to celebrate earth day with shredding single tack.
Bike was riding sweet the new Marta brakes are
unreal never thought that stopping could be so easy.
The rear is squealing a bit but it should go away.
Trails are in great condition, i felt ok 
legs a bit heavy but that is expected.
A good time in the wood is a one way to 
stop the angry shadow in my head.
Cycling cures everything.
Now time to start thinking about the Dirt TT on sunday.
Ready or not here comes racing!!


Forecast  is calling 
for wet weather this
weekend. Why not it has been dry for weeks and now
that their is a race it needs to moisture in the air.
Last year it rained and rained and the
trail for the race was a quagmire and not like the funny
one from family guy.
I know that I don't need to race in a sloppy wet
mess to start the season.
I am ready and want to line up but will
watch the sky's be before I decide to
go to Iowa.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love my bike more than You

With Racing only a week away
it was time to 
push my self a bit harder through the week.
So happy to ride dirt on back to back days
and have a solid Emag ride friday morning.
The uno x uno's have been getting the work done.
Not sure if my calipers are lined perfect but I will get those dialed. 
Bike is riding well and I have been feeling good.
Goals today were to enjoy a saturday.
Bikes were prepped  and the Kid and I went out.

Great to see her on a bike again.
and she rode so well. 
A bit windy no really windy, but not in the woods.
In the woods it was all smiles.

We had a great ride and at the end 
Anna and The James met
us at the trail head to take the boy for a ride.
He had a blast with his Taos jersey flapping in the wind.
Single track for the whole family.. Except the mom. 
Anna braved the wind.. 20-30 mph winds on the
road bike. She too killed it not where
I would have like to ridden but riding a bike is better than not riding the bike. 
It's better to regret something that you have done
than something that you haven't done...... And if you 
see you mom this weekend Tell Her>>>>

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We want to be Free> Free to do what we want to do......

                      Free to ride our Machines with out be hassled by the man

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boss Race

The hole in the Quarry going up.
The hill coming up from the paved road is a grunt.
Think that things are coming along 
pushing and spinning.
I know that as the races come 
some guys are going to 
be in mid summer form I hope that
I can be close to mid april form.
Until then.
This is how I feel when it is all over.
All Hail the Single Track!!!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Morning Comes Twice a day if not at ALL



Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blood Stains

Front yard Jam sessIon... The good old 80's

Little Fury Things

When the fuzz in my headphones climbs outside my ears it can sound like this......
Commuting has been the norm for the past few days not to much to speak of. Some good sleep tonight and I'll try to ride the AM EMAG Train..... Sleep is good!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Not a craked Egg

First dirt ride in the books.
Did not have as much power as I would
have liked after yesterdays, 70+ suffer in the wind fest.
But it was still great quite in the woods 
the bike rode well, the new parts smooth
and the rebuild on the fork was as good as it gets.
Got work to do>>> much more to come. 
Wheels are getting dirty.!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Rust never sleeps

Like Loverboy said everybody's
working for the weekend.
I was all ready to ride dirt with the kid,
all day long daydreaming about the trails.
And like clock work at 2:30 the sky's cracked open and
unleashed the furry of the seasons first 
strong storm. Only lasted 10 minutes or so 
but the damage was done.
So the Spot sits until things dry out.
My thoughts are to get up with the sun and ride before the easter
madness begins.
Might get after the group ride today don't do enough of those
and it may be nice to ride with someone. The whole month
of march I think that I only rode 40 miles out of 1000 with other two wheeled pilots.
Flanders is tomorrow so brew some coffee and make some waffles and 
watch the fun that is the Tour Of Flanders.