Sunday, February 28, 2010

Much Gooder

After a week of hills
I went out to find some more.
But this time I rode on
my old friend the Lemond.
Having gears was nice
as some of the north faced
roads were a bit slick.
Lots of sun and 
good work even if all 
I wanted to do was spin wheels.
I have a lot to
get done so the 
H8TER does not hurt as bad as I think
that it will.
Most of the roads going down were 
clean and fast,
still kept the break leavers 
near by just in case.

Not Fade Away

We'll see what happens,
with my day.
The last three have had some good miles
but today is a 
no work day
so that means that I can go
out and ride with out a pack on.
And as temps go it is already up to 25.
That is 24 degrees warmer than on thursday.
I took off the cross wheels and put on my 
road wheels with the 28mm
tires wow what a difference.
Watched a Buddy Holly
movie with Gary Busey,
he did a great job.. The Buddy kid had
some great talent.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Finding the time to 
get in all that is needed is tough.
Out the door to work a bit early 
yielded me two times up bliss.
Cold but good and always wanting more.
Skis will work tomorrow as a cold 
front pushes though,,, sooon it will
be all wheels and 
I will be ready.

I have spent years collecting all the 
gear needed to ride in 
the colder temps.
Now I need to get gear
for my better half, my wife,
the new bike freak in the family.
She wants to get out and ride and I am all 
for now just need to get her dressed right. 
Spinning wheels are addictive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wet Water

Finally got some good fast snow on Sunday.
Met up with the Emag 
group for some 
sunrise skiing.
Duncan was back in town on his 
way to the big race up north.
We had a nice fast group.
Back home for breakfast and 
then off to the Dells.
Always crazy there, thought
that checking in on a sunday would be 
quite but we were wrong.
Lots of slides and H20, and 
dinner at the Moosejaw.
With full bellies time
to get back in the water.
The lines had calmed down a bit 
and the Kids and I got  a bunch more 
slides, even one with the whole 
Needless to say we are all a bit burnt out
today from so much water.
Fun but don't need to go back for a while.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kicking our way back in

Trying to build time and volume.
More is better and at time hard.
Cold this morning but
still found my way up the bliss and 
down, eye lashes only froze up twice.
Legs tired need rest but wont come.
Skis tomorrow with the fast guys as they 
get ready for the Birke.
Was up in Winona today for work and 
got to drive some great roads.
Heard that there is a time trail 
up Garvin Heights.
May have to try that one.
The H8ter is a month and change away,
that will be a fun one even if it makes me want to 
puke at the end..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The sun came out and 
it was much warmer than
the weather people said.
blue was my choice which seemed 
like the right color.
Fresh groom and hills 
stood in front of me.
Started off kinda fast
but as the air warmed up the snow changed
and it got to be a bit like mashed taters.
But good taters not those overly
garlicy ones that you get 
when you go out to eat.
Great ski just under 2 hours and 
lots and lots of hills. If you are going to SMU bring your climbing legs.
And remember to take your
favorite gloves off the roof of the 
van before you drive home.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New snow is slow snow

Weekends come and go
but Mondays always stay the same.
This weekend flew by.
Slinging carbon at the shop 
wheels rolling and beer drinking.
My coffee maker died so I hit out the 
other two in the house.
Rest week is over and
goals are to ramp it up.
Need to pull my sc32 off 
the spot and get to golden so it can get fixed up.
What is next?
oh food and school.. 
I like food..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your my sunnyday

Blue bird and 
white fluff.
Sounds like a great time?
It has been a while for the 
woods around here
to be so perfect. 
With a solid base and the 
great job of grooming the skiing was
Wish that I could have had the 
motor to go for a lot longer.
Now it is 7 AM 
and -1 out 
going to be a 
cold commute but it is movement.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Blind

can cut through the snow well.
They can give you traction with some 
air let out and keep you up right around a 
But when it comes to riding straight head to 
wind their is nothing that 
they can do for you there.
Sweet smooth snow ride to work
home was a bitch of wind in the
Still better than driving.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pavement not Pave

Body and mind revolted yesterday.
Goal was to ski in the afternoon
but when I got to the trail head
the city was there with 
large machines taking down trees.
That was all I need to decide to go 
home. The 
Coach was calling my name so 
I got some rest which is so hard for 
me to do. The rest of the 
the day just felt slanted and 
not enchanted. Class was 
hard to keep my mind on track.
It only keeps thinking about
singletrack and the sound
of wheels rolling over dirt..
So to mimic that I shall 
commute through the fresh snow to 
work and have lots of day dreams.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Out on the two wheels
again today,
Temps in the 20's 
need to dress for the weather and all
is good under the layers.
Went with gears legs were tired from the week.
Found some hills and one was a bit snow covered.
The SkS fenders kept me dry.
Wind was in my face for the start
felt great when it was at my back.
Just under 2 hour and a day on 
the Lemond.
Took the boy to the pool after to 
work on some slide style for our trip
to the Dells.
Found a good Uncle Tupelo 
show last night wish I could get my hands on some
more. I need to learn to like Wilco..

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010

Chicken Legs

Back to back days out on two wheels.
I keep reminding my self that 
it is only 
and I should not expect much.
Hard to see but those were a flock of wild turkeys 
that were running up this hill with me.
Got to the top and was putting my camera away 
when Stains little helper
came to 
tell me what he thought.
Though the dam dog was going to eat me.
I yelled he barked then I turned around and went down.
This is the look of first hill of the year and 
it was not even a big one.
Spin to win recovery day.
Magura is on board for the year
brakes are on the 
way along with a new Lid from Uvex.
Will feel like Christmas  again in a few days.
Snow is coming but not lots enough
to wax the skis up again and get
after it a few more times
then it is two wheel time.