Sunday, September 30, 2007

One gear and lots of beer

Notsoberfest What a concept. The best part of the day was going out and riding single speed mountain bikes. 7 guys all with one gear and most with big wheels. Good fun riding trails backwards and forwards made the trails seem new. With all the leaves that are on the ground also give it a bit of "stay on your toes",,,, leaves can make things tricky. After 30 miles and two hours on the bike I got to take a nap a get ready for the night to come. Anna and I headed off to Pickles party a keg of beer and brats can't go wrong. Hung out talked shit listened to EPO talk about his freezer. Anna had bigger plans she wanted to check out the Fest grounds and see what she was missing all these years. Ok to me the beer garden was not what I was thinking it would be, I was expecting large chested women handing out beer while umpa umpa music played. NOT>>>>>>>> It was one line for tickets and another for beer and loud bad music and a lot of drunk people.. It was almost enough crap to make someone not want to drink beer.....I said almost. So I can say that I have been there and done it and if I want a crazy party I'll get the kids hepped up on sugar and rock out to tunes while the old lady shot guns PBR'S.. I know i sound old and lame..

Friday, September 28, 2007


Just another day in my life rolling on the single cross sure makes getting from point A-B more fun ,just kind of different able to jump more than on the road bike. I guess the reflective tape works on the new jacket. Saw lot of wildlife while the punk was rocked. This is the weekend of the world famous not-sober-fest it is going to get crazy. Hose here is cooking up brats, at the shop kind of an employee party except I still was working. Last day of our cost plus ten deal on bikes.. Sold a few nice one's today. Getting out with the freaks from the shop for a ride in the woods. Should be fun then off to the drinking. Hose said he cooked the brats in High Life for two hours sound like a good bath. This last shot is the calm before the storm this is riverside, A place where drunk college kid try to swim the Mississippi. GOOD LUCK!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have not gone on one of these Tuesday night World Chamipon group rides all summer so it was my chance last night. We went in to Minnesota and rode on some bike path that was effected by the floods of last month. The damm thing felt like the cobbles of northern France. Not knowing the riders style I was a bit weary of all the crap on the path and carbon wheels that wouldn't track right . We went up a good long climb up to the top of Nodine hill and across the ridge then dropped back to the Mississippi. It was fun, i still like going and riding the hills around here in Wisco better but going to another state to ride works. Now I would rather ride a bike with only one gear.

Monday, September 24, 2007


photos @ rusty

Phat Lady

Well yesterday could have been it for 2007. First off all I would like to say Thanks to WILY , TWIN 6 , SUN RACE , MAVERICK and HOLLYWOOD . Not to forget my family that puts up with me leaving every weekend and anyone else that has helped and i may have missed. Yesterdays race could not have been better. Good group at the line and a loud GO. I followed the lead out of the guys who had call ups. Waited to see what was going to happen and made a move. At first we were all still together through the first few climbs, one more move and this one stuck. Now off the front it was all about getting more distance between me and the chasers. At the end of the day rolled 1st in the single and 4th over all not a bad day. It was a good season of racing and I am all ready looking froward to next year some new things on the horizon. Now it is time to get Anna healthy and get things back to normal here. Thanks all....

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am a home body and don't do much epically at night. But last night the guys from the shop were getting togother at Knigs house so I had to go. J set me up with one of his lights to get home with so I was set. I swung in to the shop to switch bike and we were off. Friday nights in a college town can be scary all the frat boys have on to much clone and the girls are all whored up. Lucky I was just going to hang with a bunch of dirt bag bikers. The best part of the night for me was flying through town on the single cross at top speeds. the 44x17 never felt so good. Took the long way home and enjoyed to darkness. Quick day of work today and racing tomorrow. We are having a sale at work employee pricing on bikes, should make a busy day.. What would Gibby do?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Snake rattle and ski..................................

My Brothers new Roommate ........ they didn't along and did not last long... Not something that you want to wake up to...

Jive Turkey

The voices sometimes get to loud and it is hard to see straight but when it gets to be to much I go and climb. The hills offer the feedback to remind me why I am here. The days keep getting shorter and memories of riding and smelling the first snow are still strong. I miss the freaks the heckler and ball , coach , krash and all the other randoms that filled in the back ground of my silly cartoon of a life. Riding has been good I hope that I don't scare away the ones that offer the help. Another test this weekend and I want a better grade. soon the cold will be here and flying down hills at 49+mph wont happen. Tonight on county S I almost hit two 30 lb wild turkeys. That would have sucked and hurt bad... It would not have been good.. Sleep eat repeat. Some dirt on the WILY tomorrow that is a good drug.....

Monday, September 17, 2007


With the the winds of change comes the weather of fall. Days getting shorter and daylight fading fast. Warmer clothes are coming to help regulate the temps. Miles still pilling up just smaller piles. At least one more this weekend hope the legs work and move. Another weekend and the Brothers have again ripped the legs off once again. After a keger at Anna's cousins body and brain is still tired. More miles to come longer saddle time just need to find the time. Sugary looms on the horizon. WHOOOOOO PARTY

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Check out the new stuff the the Folks at SUN RACE have comming out..

Who is your Grandaddy

I forgot about cold... This morning on the way in was by the coldest I have felt since leaving Breckenridge. The boy didn't want to dress warm so I closed the plastic cover on the Burley and he just sang songs the whole way to stay warm. It is time for some new clothes stuff to stay warm. Riding turns from lots of volume to getting the work done when I can. Anna is going in for her sugary first week of Oct so time to start planning that. At least I don't have to buy a ski pass.
Had a good climb up Grandadas don't know if it is faster just like doing it in the big ring.
Iola is a week and a half away no event for me this weekend. Other than Plow Cow's 40th party.
Stay warm.
photo from rusty @fatties and beer

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Sunburst

The Sunburst was a good day on the bike and a lot of driving to get there. It took three hours each way to make it to the race,,,lots of football on the radio. Sorry Johnny The PACK is back.. Thanks to Wily The bike rode like a dream and climbed even better, I did fell like I could have run one more tooth. And the good folks at Rudy for helping me see and cover my head. And of course to Hollywood for giving me colors to fly. The race course was was set up with good climbs and fast swooping downs could not have asked for more. Now the question is to do the next one in Iola or not. Well have to see things are going to get crazy as we get closer to Anna's surgery. I like riding my bike it is good old fashion fun. Good job to all the vapor trail 125 finishers can't say that it sounds like fun. Photo from Rusty @ fatties and beer

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Totally in love with his bike James fell a sleep on the way to the HPT race.
He did great I think that the trikster would have been better than his onespeed with training wheels. he had a blast and got a medal and a water bottle. Sophia did a 3.5 mile run with her aunt laura did the whole thing in one hour. Me I had my first flat of the year on dirt I was flying and I think that I just pinched because I was trying to run lower pressure. I opted to not change the flat because of the skerters they were eating people alive. Good night with pig and good beer . great to see all the folks having fun in the dirt trails. Wors to come long drive but I hear it is a great race.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Jerry is big in france

After a day on the MTB and a full day in the pool I am a little toasted. The ride on the bluff yesterday was great. I took out the new nanoraptors and really like the way they rode, smooth and fast. Good in the pool fun to watch james swim like a freak. Te family and I went up to Trempealeau for some frisbee throwing and food neat little city could have some smoking single track if the effort was there. Pig eating tonight and TT at the HPT should be a hoot then School tomorrow so no more kids needing something to do. USA swept the SSWC Craig is on fire.