Monday, February 27, 2006

Dry ass and Green tires

Well no ski today, it was way to warm so I jumped on the single cross and loged some more time on the road. It fells go and it at times takes a lot of work. But on friday when I jump on the road bike I know all the work will have paied off. Herb and I are going some where front range to ride, I can't wait. Got my new shades today and they are not what I was thinking they were going to be so back to cali to cali..

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nipples and dimes

What is wrong with the best part of your day being that part when you get to work. It is dark kinda cold and eairly but it is my ZEN moment for the day.. Me my punk rock and wheels spinning. I had to tell the 10 year old today that she might have to ride a single if she keeps beatting on her derailer.. When i called home at lunch she broke down and said she broke her bike, which after looking at she did , ripped the hanger in half...... Got my new front wheel built today and it is thing of lust..Light smooth and fast.. Ryan at AGAS built it up and he did a great job for a boy from minnhaha......Going to get out on the xc tomrrow as coach says the slient sports....................

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Somewhat dry

Did an 1 1/2 on the single cross to day and it felt good. Got just about 25 miles before i got cold the sun was starting to go behind the mountians. I do have to say that fenders rule and they keep you dry.. The gearing is great for road climbs as long as their is no ice on the climb....Ski tomrrow and rest on tuesday.. Next weekend will have a good amount of ride time.....

Rippn' Kid

Went to the ski hill yesterday with sophia, because she was off of school and the skiing was good. Sophia started off slow but she picked it up after we ran in the the doctor and flappy d soon to be poppy d . We were ripping the center of the bowl in that nice blowen snow that your skis track in so well. Sophia was dropping the knee the whole way down.What a stud.. We even went over to peak 7 and skied Deb's which was the first time for her, two lap down that one with the best snow of the day. Want to try to get to denver this afternoon and ride for a bit, two hours would be nice, I have been riding the single cross aroud breck but it can get a little scary when gong down hill fast. Their is always the nordic center but we will see ridding sounds like more fun...... 4 weeks till vacation.....................

Thursday, February 23, 2006

2nd today

I was moving slow this morning because of the late night but i got it moving and went to the nordic center. I had a great day on the sticks with almost 2 hours of skiing. I felt on fire and just kept on going for more. Got my new skidlid today from rudy project and it is a nice one. Talked to david from sunrace this evening and we talked about new stuff and what is going on with their new shifters, I would love to see herb on the this stuff but he is weird when it is not the big two. Got out of the bike shop today and learned that some asshole ran into my bumper and left a nice dent. It is in the bumper and not the car but it still stinks, the pile of shit had to know that they did it and just drove off.

Rockn' tunes but peolple suck

I don't know is iam just getting older or what but i can stand the cool people. I am not a cool guy anymore if i every was before..... The show was good the rev puts on some good music . But i don't think that most people where there to listen. Between all the talking and drama there were at least 3 fights and lots of people walking back and forth. I tried to find a good spot to stand and rock out but every place i stood ended up being a walkway WTF...I was out till 1:oo in the morning which for me is late.... Now just need to figure out what to do today ride the snow bike xc ski or go down hill.. Breaks on the way now just need the frame to be done.......

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ready Steady GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't Billy Idol better when he was gen x shame the band died from smack.. Photo of the new fork that will go oh so fast...The folks at maverick are behind the Wily team and i can't wait to rock out on this pice of art....The tour of Cali is going well and even with out lance in the race they still talk about him like he is there....Fun so far to watch the race and all the new team set ups.. Rode in to work this moring in a white out though it would be a good idea to wear the night rider so it was all in my face. Fast smooth and quite nice was to start the day...........................................................................................................................

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Don't eat the brown snow

I had a great ski today. Even though the snow is brown it was fast. I was able to cover a lot of ground in one hour. I feel like i have made a lot of improvment onthe snow and the work that i am putting feels good. Now if i could just get my hands on a heart rate computer. My mom has one but don't think that she'll give it up.. Got to go to AGAS yesterday and work on the single cross.. It was nice to hang out and work on the bike. Listened to sonic youth and chatted with bear and helcker, the bike is in great shape now got the chain tight and greased the bottom bracket it shouls be even faster now to race the big snow plows in the morning.... Time for beer and food then rest..

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I had a great ski yeaterday, ran around the hard loop twice then around the meadow and a nice cool down after that. The team kit is going to be in next week which is good it will be nice to have warm stuff to wear while ridding. Made it to work this morning with out crashing I think that it was the louad punk that kept me rolling. Nothing like opp ivy and minor threat at 5:30 to get the blood moving. Changed the gearing on the cross to 44x17 it made the bike move fast, I think that I might need to take a link or two out after dropping 3 teeth. With some road tires on the bike it will make for a good single road bike

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Keep your head in the game

Last week was good for me and i need more of it. Now that i know that my bike will soon come makes me smile. I can't wait for the 29er I can't wait to rock the orange, and to spend hours ridding and smiling. Untill then i'll ski xc when i can and ride when it it some what warm and dry. 6 week till AZ. Going to put the 17 tooth on the cross to up the anit and go faster, i can always ride on snow..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

another day

It was warmer today and the sun was out, a good day for a easy ride if you think of climbing hills an easy ride. I did the 30 mile loop out the door of the folks house. Did not see as many people as ridding in Boulder, but their were a few out on the road. I got on the wheel of a T Mobile female rider and sat in for a bit, and i learned that small people are hard to draft. I got the work done that i needed to get done and feel pretty good for feb and not riding every day. Weird to say but can't wait for the snow to go. Got to the airport and got my anna she looked good and sounds like she had fun in zona.. Now back to the grind........

Good day in the saddle

Meet up with the team yesterday mostly the road team i think i was the only mtb racer there. We meet up at the nicest coffee shop that i have ever seen with an outside temp of only 25. We pounded our coffee and away we went. Not doing much of the group ride thing i had to get pulled back a few times plus i had no idea where i was going. These guys are in to ridding on dirt roads because they are less travled and that brought me a few flats..... When it was all done and said we pull 50 miles in just under 3 hours of ride time. After ridding i talked bikes with Brad and got the last few touches on the new bike. Got my new fork from Maverick which is the damm coolest thing that i have ever seen can't wait. Threw every thing in the car and was down to the spring to save my mom from the onslaught of kids. If you are ever in the monument area and need a bike shop check out blanced rock ski and bike. Great guys inside who love bikes and riding, they had good looking singles and cross bikes along with any thing that you may need to get through a ride. They even had a Rick Hibbard single in the shop. Going try to ride to day it is going to be warmer then get anna at the airport, and back to normal life in the hills no little T (my brothers son) Sounds weird but i look foward to getting back to work..

Friday, February 10, 2006

Steal this bike

This is the bike my dad rode back in the 50's. I don't know the right year it was made but i think it is a 1955. He grew up along a river in iowa in the bluff country and he tells stories of pushing it up hill and ridding down. I want to fix it up clean it up and ride it around town. This would be the best going to get coffee bike around. 3 speed internal hub with rim brakes and a rack on front and back. I might just quit my job and get a paper route..


Trapped inside today.. The weather is not going my way,.. It snowed last night and today the temps are below 20. I want to go and group ride tomrrow in boulder but it sounds like that might not happen.. I know it is feb. in colorado and the weather can change at the drop of a hat but it was almost 60 yesterday.. AHHH crap..


Trapped inside today.. The weather is not going my way,.. It snowed last night and today the temps are below 20. I want to go and group ride tomrrow in boulder but it sounds like that might not happen.. I know it is feb. in colorado and the weather can change at the drop of a hat but it was almost 60 yesterday.. AHHH crap..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sunshine on my sholder

Got out yesterday at the nordic center. First time in a week or so and it felt good. I don't know if it was the sun or just being outside and not on the trainer. Skied for an hour with no stops and the legs felt good. Hoping for a good weekend of ridding. I think that ill take the single cross to the springs so if the weather is not to good tomrrow i can race around the fox park at my folks house. Saturday should be nice ridding with the team in boulder, I'll be able to iron out the kinks of the wily. Going with a maverick fork up front , still might have a stiff one built but could not say no to the mav...... Tonight Anna gets to go to scottsdale for the weekend and i wish i could be there but it will come soon, march 30th is leave day for the whole family, with a race on the first of april. That will be good for the earily season traning going up against guys who have be on it all winter..I figure i'll only be a MINOR THREAT.....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

potholes in my lawn

We removed snow off the roof today and this is the way we got off . 3 jumps off the roof in to nipple deep snow .. Now if i could only get her to jump like this with skis on ,,...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

He's back at it

Check out the two photos on . They show the man steve garro at work in his shop making bikes again. Long live the mutants.!