Friday, June 30, 2006

It is going to be busy

Rode with the sun again today, It is such a great time of day to be out nobody to deal with and the temps are so perfect. Did a little work on the firecracker worked some of the hills that will be a push in the race.. After riding had breakfast with baccon and eggs. Then went off to ride a group ride with the kids.. It was a good time riding with them on the colorado trail, they all rode well and their was no blood.. Bike is done going to pick it up on sunday at the race which happens to be the single speed state champ race!! It is going to be one hell of a race with all of the big guns there.. I think that Tim is going to take it but I know that charile is going to give him a run for the money... I just want a good finish to keep the points up.. My plan is to get my bike built and start riding it fast...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gears make noise when they shift

Went well in Cested Butte this weekend a whole lot better than last year.. Last year I broke a chain on the second lap and had to drop out. Saturday I chased Charlie as hard as I could and came in a few mins behind him. Felt good the legs were strong and the lungs were great my arms started to get tired from all the climbing but things went well. First on wednesday and a second on saturday that to me is a good week. I have been told that my Wily will be up earily this week this way I can get it built and give it a shot at the single speed state champ race on sun.. I hope that their is not much to have to get use to with the bigger wheels. A week from tue is the 4th and that day will have a little bike race we call the firecracker 50.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

cone crusher

Got one... It has been a while since I won a race got two in cross and a cupple in the MTB last year but this one was by far the best. I won here two years ago with a smaller feild and last night the group was bigger with a lot of fast guys.. It was a fast race right from the start. I had 3 teammates from a racer's edge with me racing which was nice, Stillwater took the pack out to the dirt road and after I went around him the big boss was on my wheel me letting me know what was going on behind me... All in all it was what I needed to get the bad thoughts out of my head. My daughter got first also so we had a good night in the family.. Next test Crested Butte on saturday 30 miles of up and down... Heard from Wily tonight and Brad said that my frame is going to be done mid week.. I might be able to get it built and ride it a few times before the race next sat and the firecracker on the fourth.... I don't know if that is the right call the voodoo is being so good to me but a new bike between my legs would rock....... Big things on my radar and two point beers in my gut........ Live Pixies is the shit!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Gear and Fathers Day

Well got to eat a nice breakfast and drink some strong coffee. Then get out and have a good single speed ride. It has been nice not having to race this week and getting to ride unreal single track. Went out with Dirt Rag Dan over to the colorado trail which is by far one of the greatest rides around... We did the soada creek or westridge loop what ever the name it was perfrect. This has got to be the best single track in the county if not the state.. Long climbs with crazy downs that for a single are soooooooo nice. Coach hooked up a soul craft tensior that is working well not a single droped chain, we'll see what happens on race day. Travis is comming over to ride the coarse tomrrow we'll show him around. Then after wednesdays race off to the butte for one on saturday....FunFunFun... Got some new live pixies today !!!!!!!11

Friday, June 16, 2006

Up with the sun

Woke up this morning and hit the single track. It has been a long time since I have hit the trails at 6:00 and it was a good time. Went up from carter up through bakers tank. It is such a great single speep climb esp the lower section of the tank loop. Finished it off with the spiral staircase and some other single track back to carter. I was home before 8.... I got to lead another kids group ride after all of that. We took the kids on the wednesday race corse and they did great. Such a hard climb for the little ones. Cold today kind of nice change from all of the heat.....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

up hill anger

Almost got run over twice today while climbing up some of my fav single track... I got my tunes on and i am spinng out my legs from yesterday and here comes a guy who skids into a endo and almost hits me, then about 3 mins later must have been his buddy does the same thing. Not the best idea to piss of a already angry man esp with the angry punk rock in my ears. Any how got to ride all the way up to the top of pin ball and drop all the way down bakers tank and aspen tunnel. Felt good to climb after getting beat to shit by wind yesterday,.. I felt good at the start was moving and was up in foutrh place for the first lap, did not realize that through the tough wind section that I had a small group on my wheel using me like a tissue. As we came out of the river bottom I once again dropped a chain and they were all gone. I was able to catch the small break in front of me on the second lap I just once again was all alone head to wind. When I finaly caught them I was poped and it took a while to recover. I dangled behind them for the rest of the race getting close but never closing the gap. Charlie got the win with colin in second. Only had one guy finish in front of me who raced at angle fire and lost to ups for the first time this year.. For what it is worth I learned a lot and I am useing it as a training race 31 mile in the sun the flatest and windest race i'll do all year.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Wedsnesday went well a good looking group of guys at the start new faces and old.. Just under a mile of dirt road for the start with the expert women about 1 min ahead. Coach my self and UPS were moving at the front when we hit the single track along with 30 women. This is when the fun began it was pass or die to keep moving. UPS led out for a bit but coach had other ideas. He started passing left and right just flying UPS and I did what ever we could to hold on. I could tell this was going to be his night those 29er wheels were on fire. When It was all said and done Coach was across the line in 57min flat then my self and UPS.. A good night, Sophia managed another 2nd place for the family did good. Tim and Ronnie both had good nights also, Tim took 2nd behind mister KHS and ronnie got the win. It has been a good start to the SMC for the Wily Cycles team... Now just bring on the bike...... Big one tomrrow for mountian states cup more on that to come.......... Oh yea instead of riding for a hour and a half I took a nap damm that felt good.....

Monday, June 05, 2006

nice and melow

Just what I need tonight a melow ride to frisco and back. It is so hard for me to ride slow but that is what I need to do.. Leaving the house at 7;00 at night is nice with these long days. Only a few more week and the days get shorter.. The next great thing on my radar is a weekend in crusty butt.. No kids flowers and bikes can't get any better than that.. Next world cup on wed night......

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's no Willy but the Voodoo did well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first one is in the books and things went well. Their were a dozen or so on the line and it was hot. Charile was like a bullet out of the start and I jumped on. Things were going well until I droped a chain at the end of the first lap with a quick fix I was back in it trying to hold on to coach's wheel. Did I mention that it was hot!!!!!Half way through the 2nd lap we had a joiner a guy on a IF named Travis and he was moving he got around coach and I and before I new it the race was over. Fourth was the call for the day which to me was a good race.. My teammate who was riding his single Wily Cycle won the Pro class. All in all it was a good day the Kid (my kid) got 2nd in her class. Another one on Wed.. and a hot one on sat...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Young Ones

The last two days I have spent my riding time with the kids of the mountain bike little league.. I have had some time to my self but the riding with the young ones is really refreshing. They are so into it they love having some one older to ride with and they are just a bunch of kids riding bikes like we did as kids just things are just a little more high tec.... I hope that I am not pushing my daughter to hard I just see a lot of greatness in her. She can really move when she wants to.... Tonight was the first in many nights of My Tahi. They reopened after a 6 week vacation.. They have some if not the best food in town and it is always a pre race fav... Yes tomrrow is the first summit world cup and I'll have a belly full of thai food...... Remember the show the young ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!