Sunday, July 29, 2007

9er's are gooder

The Kid partied to hard last night at her cousins house so she did not have much to bring today. She was in the mix but could not close the deal. Tried and underfed can't wait till she is a teenager. I had an good day had a good lead out from one of the Hollywood guys and then took over. Small single field with all the other races going on.. Thanks to Wily and the good folks at Twin Six and of course Coach for the super awesome Grips .The way the bike felt today with the grips and the gear 34x19 I was flying. Two weeks until the next test a place where I raced skis in high school. More time on the MTB and more road miles to go. Have fun and spin the wheels.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ride like a chicken

Newer is better got some new stuff today,, My stuff from
Sun Race Thanks David.. and got some new grips from Coach. The mountain bike rode great today had to dial in the grips but the ride was sweet, warm it was 89 with a lot of humidity. Getting used to it just have keep moving. Another Minnesota race this weekend weather is going to be some what cooler lower humidity. I think thatThe Kid is going to go back to citizen the sport race is long than she is ready for with the heat, let her have fun and rock out next summer. Not to upset about the tour I think that it is good that people are be punished unlike the stick and ball sports that are getting away with what ever they want. Good job let make the spot clean...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dirt Therapy

Some times all you need is some dirt and things are good. pushing a bigger gear today to see how it fells. Good to be in the woods climbing hills it made me smile.. The clog in my kitchen sink not making me smile. The Chicken is skinny ,,,for years I have been told that I have chicken legs but I look like a fatty fat fat next to him.. I have some work to do. Got to watch most of todays stage and it was a good one , It will be fun to see what happens tomorrow. Life back on track with the babysitter back. Race next weekend should be nice.. if it gets here I'll wear the new DFL jersey. Looks kinda stoned..... Hope all had fun climbing in the breck 100 Big wheels rolling!@!!@!!!!Go MATT!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Morons Tools and Fools, I get to see a little bit of everything at the shop all kinds of idiots. I mean no harm to the mental instable they can be fun as long as they leave but it is the ones that don't understand why their box brand bike wont stay in tune or why you need the coupon from the paper to get the special. In the magic kingdom that I come from in the spring and fall the local shops would run a 2 for 1 special on food or tune ups but all of them you needed to have the coupon or buy something else. Ever so often a jackass would make a seen to get the deal and they would get it because they we a shit head and could not swim with the rest of the fish. So to all of the random fuck heads who think that the world owes them something you are wrong. The weather is great for riding a bike what is your excuse?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Call it the big foist?

Things change hair styles change people change . Bikes Change! The new front end is lighter and more responsive I like it small things make a big difference. Am i still mad and the dumb ass that ran in to me,,,Yea I am but sometimes in life you just have to say what the fuck. Time and light were not going to be in my favor tonight I wanted to ride the Wily but you cant always get want. I had a great ride sweet hills fun climbs nice roads low buba factor 30 mile of butter.. I mite be a mountain biker with a road habit but I don't give a F$#%. I am still on a bike and my mortgage is lower.. Living a dream?

How much would you pay for this Kid ?

Back from the dead chili n live a villain.... After a brief trip to the doctors the computer is back up and running. Faster and no bugs at least not yet.. Small fee but the best I could find. Off today from work the babysitter is on vacation.. Had a jam packed weekend with the kids birthday , took her on a trip up bliss road which is still closed. Sound like the folks in the county are not as nice as we thought after catching a guy involved in a hit and run they have closed the case because he work with the cops to help the investigation. It was still a hit and run with bodily harm, and the guy goes free?? It means that you have to watch out at all times.. People bitch about cyclist on the roads but they still eat their Big mac's and text message and floss their teeth.. 5 17 year old girls in NY state died in a car wreck driving while text messaging .. Miles are still stacking up no racing until end of july so going to ride as much as possible. the Wily Is felling so nice I think that it likes the fact that it is only out once or twice a week. Which makes the Lemond the work horse. The amount of miles that have been put on this bike are funny at least the front end is all new.. More to come and farther to go..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boob Cheeks

We are now Wisco folks Anna and I got the van registered and new driver license. Day off today and the weather could not have been better high of only 75 and a nice cool breeze. After a much needed nap and some espresso I headed out on the
Wily and went up to HPT but this time I went a different way. I have been seeing in on maps and have been told that you can do it so I tried. From County Road B I went up on an old paved/dirt road up to the quarry. Great climb reminded me of something back home with a 1 1/2 miles of climbing . Looked so much different with out the trees and this is all land that is owned by the city and it is going to be turned in to MTB trails as part of the HPT. Fun new way up less time spent near busy roads and closer to the house. Felt good to be out on the Mountain Bike for over 2 hours good mile and fun trails lots of climbing. Going to get the road bike fixed up tomorrow King sent the race kit and the fork is ready so now I will no longer have to ride on a cracked carbon fork.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hot Kato

The family and I loaded up the van and went North to hang with Steve and Denise at her family reunion. Saw more Coconino t-shits in one spot than anywhere before. Good fun Beer drinking and boating. Steve looked good moving around and still the same old soul. Kids had fun and we got to catch up on old times. Morning came to soon , sophia was not having it she could have slept much longer but we were off. Hot today and she was ready to go. Again we were sent off with the 30 year olds and I just shot for the hole.. Gone no one came with it was hot 94 coming around for my last lap I came up to sophia and she was not having to much fun had the chills and cheeks were bright red. She asked if she could be done and I said .. then she cheered me on and I but the hammer down I wanted to win. I did , not a huge field today and a lot of riders. The bike rode sweet thanks Wily and the Twin 6 gear look great on the trail.. And thanks to race face for getting my cranks replaced for the first time all summer the bike did the job prefect .. More to come. Faster and Faster...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rage "N" Full On

Rage ,,,Not a violent person but I could have lost it and gone to Blows the other day. The afternoons have some pm thunderstorms kind of like back home . Strong and out of no where,, Ok so going home and it is dumping and I am on the city bike path people are caught in it I was ready and just wanted to get home. As i go through the marsh i see a guy coming and in my lane. I yell and yell but he does not move I didn't want to swerve into his lane and open my self up for a T-bone, so I started to ride in to the grass to avoid the crash, As I this I am still yelling and he puts his head up and slams into me in the grass. So not only was he going the wrong way but came all the way over in to the grass to hit me. Slam 20 miles an hour to complete stop handle bars twisted shifter cracked and wheels tweaked. I still have 8 mile to go to get home and need to get to the babysitters to get the boy. Well I let him have it with a steam of foul language and insults of his intelligence. All he could say was the he could not see and had no idea that he was on the wrong side of the path.. I had to let my Breaks all the way out just to get home.. I was not happy.. Went back to the shop after dinner and my wheels were saved by Kid Nate and my bike rolls again. As for my body my Right leg got banged up from being hit by a rolling boat anchor and a dumb ass in a Tool shirt. Wednesday morning brought a change in plans on Firecracker this year but a group ride from the shop south. I did not have as much time as the rest of the folks so I did about 50 and they ended up doing almost 70. Good group new faces and new rider.The Kid Nate had a new bike under him now just needs to get a hair cut. My leg was sore on climbs from what ever jammed into it. The big Race in Breck saw Will take the single win he is strong I have lined up with him before and Krash Carlstead #2 and Travis #3... Great to see the boys up front.. This could be the spark that Krash needed.. More miles to go and so little time to get there. Mankato this weekend and beer drinking with Steve Garro .. Be good to each other..

Monday, July 02, 2007

Burned Out

My drive train on the road bike has seen to much work load and the drive train is fried. Sun Race has some new parts on the way which will help out huge.. They even said I can get a set of the new drive and shifters come fall ,,that should be nice. I got to play with a Campy TI cassette today holy shit it is light,, and for 600$ it should be. The fourth is coming and my ride will be the loudest in the group...But I can stillll go fast... Good luck all you all...

Smack your bitch up

Hype this bitch up.....the boys back home are in form and ready for the 50.. Folks are coming from near and far for this one. Mean while here in wisco the Brothers Creep and Darkness did it again destroying the field in a WORS race.The boys from work had a good showing Toss was 4th and E rock in 6th not bad for the home team. My self a Mtb ride that had me almost stick TNT missed it by that much.. I will get it soon. Beer Brats and Bikes... no racing but a good sunday,,,now work starts.. Thanks for the had ups coach..