Sunday, October 31, 2010

Table topping Low

I missed out on the Night Shift last night but it sounds as
if the 
LAX crew had a good showing.
They had 4-5 in the top 10 good job boys.

For me it was dinner and some Dales.
Back at it again today to end the month with a good ride.

I have ridden every day of the month.
31 days ridden and 700 miles.
Not huge miles but for October not bad.
Today's ride was nice and quite in the woods flying and 
diving though the last few leaves that have fallen.

One more test next weekend my only CX race of the
year up in the Twin Cities.
Still need to sell on last set of tires so i have gas money but going regardless.

Have fun tonight be safe and and don't eat too much candy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Cheeses

Was supposed to go and race in the dark
down in Iowa but with family in town and going 
up to the Cities next weekend I am laying low.
Got out this morning for a nice spin in the woods.
Been a while since I went and rode my Spot in the 
the day light.
Very quite in the woods and not a sole out.

As I freewheeled through the woods I could hear the 
angry bee's following me along. 
Just a nice day to be riding in the woods, sweet single track and
blue sky's.

Good luck to all who race the night shift,, go fast and 
take chances.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Shnizel

Falling down sucks I know that no one really likes it.
Maybe Chevy Chase in the SNL skits but that might be it.
Heading in to work today early because we had a training in MN
on some silly new machines.
So light on and heading down the crushed gravel to avoid the 
50+ mph wind gust that were blowing. 
Did not take in to account for fallen branches, and was
doing good at avoiding them until on snuck up on me and I grabbed to much front brake
and down I went in a big heap and a thud.
Picking my self up I found a good gash in my knee which was covered by
my fav... fall/winter knickers that now have a huge hole.
Got my brakes and shifter readjusted and off I went in to the dark yelling at the predawn light. 
Hundreds of miles get ridden and I go down going to work, and it is not the first time.
I think that I should stop going to work!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cold Steel

 Something about the feel of steel hard to put my finger on it but the ride is so smooth and sweet. At the shop the question always why not carbon? Just not my style of ride I rode a Madone last summer and it was nice but it was always nice to get on some OX Platinum.
 Just a peaceful easy ride through the coulees today yes I should have gone for more but sometime less is more. 
Leaves are almost all down and the deer are running so you have to be on the look out.
October 24 and over dress once again hard to 
figure what to wear. 
It never seems right but always feels so right to ride.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thump in the Night

 Friday Night Lights took on a new meaning when the wheels starting rolling. Took the normal path up through the quarry I had to tell my LEG TO SHUT UP and the gave me the middle toe and told me to HTFU. Many mile this week and up that hill a few times never get easier. I was transfixed by the shiny jewels that are my new wheels.
 As the sun went behind minnesota the moon made it in to the sky. The moon was full and changing colors as it climbed in to place. 
We had a good showing of people for a night lap 9-10 riding strong all lit up sliding through the woods.
Bob was the cruise director leading us around riding stuff backasswards
on trails that at night make for a good challenge.
The schwinn toyota team even made a showing riding strong and showing people how to ride. 
Glad that I got out and ride due to the fact that it is now raining. It has not rained in weeks and the weather has been perfect. This is going to end my consecutive day streak of riding. I don't mind a bit of rain but 50 degrees and heavy rain don't mix for me now. So I guess i'll get a day off the bike as I sit at the bike shop and dream of single track.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New day Rising

My morning as cold as they have been have been my
bit of sweet relief. All
smiles as the wheels turn until I get to the work spot.
I am not a hater but some times the life of an apliance mechanic are 
a bit insane.
It is a good thing that I have moments like these to 

make me remember why it all happens.
Weather is going to be changing so need to make wheels turn while the sunshine.

Zen of fast wheels

Just got my wheels back after Tostin got them built up. I can't wait to spin them.. Velocity Blunt rims with the velo plugs for rim strips. DT spokes and nipples 3 cross and King front 24mm for my Maverick fork and 9 speed rear that will run single unless 1x9 set up is on the bike. These are going to be fast..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have been enjoying the night bike riding.
Yes sometimes it is hard to get my self going 
after a day of work and all I want to do is 
sit and chill. But
I am glad to get out and play.
Last night was no exception. I hit the trails right as the sun went away and could not
figure out what was different.
The leaf blowers had been out and they made the trails 
rippable again. Diving through every turn 
able to put force in to every hill climb pedal stroke.
So good so fun.
I will return again. Maybe this morning on the way to work 
on the SSCX.
My King wheels are done and that has me going at warp speed this
fine day those are going to be sweet 
will throw up some pictures when they come home.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Foot

Sunday the end of a long week or the beginning of another.

Either way it was a sunny day and another day to be 
spent on a bicycle.
Anna was out of the house with a nip still in the air and she warmed up the only
way she knows how, by riding up the steepest hill in the neighborhood.
The boy and I spent some more time making skid marks in the front yard. 
Nothing like laying in to a coaster brake and smelling rubber burn. He is way in to it. 

When it was my turn to go and play I headed back to the HPT.
This time I changed my gear to a 2:1 knowing that the leaves were 
going to be deep and that the 54inches of the other night was too much.
Parking lots were full of cars yet I saw only two people on the trails. 
Bike was an extension of the body railing trough corners and flying up the hills.
Another great day to fell the freedom of cycling. 
And what is that I get to have monday off of work....
I think I'll ride a bike sounds like a good idea.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yep over there

After spending so many of my weekends in 
Minnesota I figured I would head over there
for a good ride.

Went and found my self a good climb from the turn to the top about 
three miles of sweet smooth pave.
Quite roads and smooth sailing and heading west a direction that 
I never really go to start a ride.
Gravel descent to the bottom of the valley.
More Gravel and letting the wheels fly.

Mr burns Valley road fun climb with a pit of pitch at the end.. 

The Top looking back at Wisconsin 
you can almost see my house.
A good day to be on the bike..
Now need to get the Spot ready for some leafy single track tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big is Life

 Bike Racing Fun In Winona Mn thanks to the 29andSingle Guys.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Up on the down

Back to work going  up hill it is the only way. I have a lot of work to do and have need to work rest in to that but fall things first. Need to enjoy the season then put a plan together to make my Upgrade work.

Hills always seem to be what motivates me been going up on what ever bike I can watching the sun come up as I head to the 8-4 work. I wish I could turn the third job into a 8-4 but first things first.
Took the back way home enjoyed the hills on the back of the Steel road machine. 
Still finding more looking around every turn.

One more test/fun ride,, @ night and the night before Halloween need to keep finding hills need to keep finding my happy place. Yep the wheels go roUnd...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hot Lap

 The 29er Crew put on a little show in Ynonia Mn over the course of yesterday. Good turn out of folks from north south east and west. They even had a food vendor show up with what was some amazing Mexican food. The captain him self Hwood came down in his new Pimp ride always good for a laugh and words of encouragement.
 Sherman and his crew did a great job even if Scott looked a bit silly in his Katie Compton skin suit. Between Sherman and Seve the prize table was huge and people were stoke on the turnout.
As the trails go I have been in the Lacrosse area for four years now and have never ridden the trails until yesterday.  They were unbelievable.... Going after them totally blind not knowing when the climbs stopped it was a challenge. And it climbed and climbed up and up with some sick single track and loose off camber roots and rock. These trails reminded me so much of trails that were ridden out west. Unreal that this has been up the road all this time. The only down side to the race was towards the end my real wheel kick in to the frame and instead of fixing it I kept going with a loud buzzing noise. I had to ease up a bit not sure if it was a stick in the wheel or if the wheel was rubbing and not having my Leaf Monkey to adjust I kept on moving. Stopped the clock in 4th position and got to hit the prize table.
No Miles Deyoe put in a good time and slayed the trails after having a big week of riding up in the Hayward area,,, the spark is back in the boy and the Hessian better watch out.  I handed over to deyoe the bounty from King and should have some new wheels soon... That is going to kick ass... 
The sun is back out and it is still the weekend ,,, so only one thing to do go and ride some more bikes. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


It has been a cold wake up call the past few mornings reminding  me of what is to come.
And by the second hour of work the air is warm and wind is not blowing.
Hard to be at work. Today got out a bit early and go to home the long way. It is has been along time since I have deviated from the path home. 
It felt  good to just go and wander. Up and over the hills and through the woods. Sunshine and bikes, not a bad afternoon. Bikes be Good...

Monday, October 04, 2010

One Buy One

Two days of single track riding not to leafy yet!

Single Track Fun

Friday, October 01, 2010


Almost a full week has gone by since the 
last number plate day.
It in remembrance was a tough day
sliding to mid pack and fighting the rest of the day.
All that aside I have been tired and felt 
just plain flat all week.
Now the weekend is 8 hours away and
all  I want to do is ride. No work at the shop and sunday 
football is not that important.
So Bikes will be ridden. Some dirt some road some time with the kids on two wheels.
And if just if she'll have me riding with my wife.
It is the 10th month and time is getting short.
What is left?
The 29andsingle guys have an event next weekend in Winona
then the end of the month a night race in dechora IA.
Wheels need to get built and time to start making plans for next year.
Even though it is a few Dark months away it will come 
and I will be Ready..
Now go ride your bike and work on your smile..