Wednesday, March 29, 2006

With a little help from my friends

Well the Voodoo is up and running. It all cam e togother a hair over 21 pounds. I have to thank all those that helped, Coach with the break and levers , Bear with the cranks, Heckler Dan for the fork and most off all the Jack Man for the frame.. Now all i need to do is be able to ride it. It will be a full week of no riding at all when i throw a leg over a bike again. If all goes well the vacation that I set out on tomrrow will be a blast. The kid got her sid world cup on today and a new rear derailur so she should be even faster........Next stop AZ...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Starbucks in a REI????????

Put in a little over 100K yesterday with herb.. It went well even with the knee pain popping up around 50 K . We started off in Morrison and went all the way to Chattfeild Rez. And then from there we went all the way downtown. It was nice to start the day off with hills and then some flasts in the middle. We even got to have a mid ride coffee at starbucks and I could not belive that it was in the REI. Now you can get all jacked up when you buy your over priced gear. I felt strong just need to get the knee under control. I am going to try my other pair of shoes that have more play in the cleat , this might let my knee move around more.. I just want it to stop....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

That Voodoo that You Do

My neighbor and co-woker the Jack-Man threw me a big hook today.. He gave me a voodoo wanga frame that was given to him... It was a frame that was found at last years town clean up day. He did not need it, he just got hime self a brand new cannondale scaple. Any how i am going to build it up for vacation. I got a surly fork from dan heckler and herb has some breaks for me , to finnish it out I have a King front wheel and a Nuke Proof rear wheel . The small bits are not as high end but it will work and ride fast and strong. A stiff steel beast.. When I stop in flag iam going to try to find Mr. Murry and see if it can get the rear cut for a single so I don'e have to have a chin tightner.. The weather in big D is going to be warmer on friday so Herb and I are going to go down and do some road ridding. This will be a nice thing , getting out before the vacation and warming up for some big miles........

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Buffalo Bill rides again

Got out and rode to the grave of Buffalo Bill on Friday but things weren't working as planed.. I started having the knee pain again after a hour on the bike. This suck for many reasons but mainly because I was felling so strong. Tomrrow I am going to see the Doctor and see if he/ she has any ideas/.... Still no bike it is still getting welded and then needs to be painted. Slow is better than fast but it would still be nice to have a mtb. for vacation,, in 11 days. This will be a nice break from the snow and the cold, I just hope that the knee is working so i can start logging some miles in the dry warm air of Scottsdale. I turned coach on to ZEN ARCADE which is some of the best stuff the three guys from husker du ever put out, pure clean noise. Feedback makes me smile..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It is a good thing

It is a good thing that Texas is as big as it is. This way all the good old boys in their giant SUV'S can drive around and stop and go where ever they want. This week they showed up and not just a few but a hole shit ton.. The whole state from collage to grade school on spring break. Don't get me wrong it is a good thing because they come and spend lots and lots of money which helps our town. It is just that they have thier heads shoved up thier asses so far that they just do as they want. I would love to go on vacation in a one horse town and be a jack ass. But that is not our style, we tend to try and blend in..... The sun came out today and the snow on the roads started to melt, and I think that the big D is dry so i'll go for a ride friday and try to log some good miles. Going solo unless someone wants to go. I need to put in good miles before I go on vacation and act like a jack ass..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Smooth inside and slow outside

Well the rest week is over.. I only rode to work this week and did not do any thing else. So yesterday I jumped on the trainer and rode for a good while taking it easy at first making sure that my knee did not start hurting again. So far so good. When this was not enough and I need to get out doors I headed up to the nordic center and skated for almost 20K . After the ski and the bike I was good and tired. The snow was nice and freshly groomed it was just colder than my wax so it felt like I was working harder than I had to. Oh well it all pays off in the end. More snow on the way and 3 weeks until we can get out of this place and be warm for a week. Now if my bike could just get painted!!!!!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

You can't be what you own

I took a rest day today.. I think that my legs needed it and I know that my brain could use it. It is hard for me to stop I am one of those folks that needs to keep on going. This is why it is nice for me to ride to work, because at least I am moving something. Made some really good chicken soft taco's and we all filled our bellys up good. The taste of cumin and lime makes me think of the southwest. I'll be there soon. I posted another link today one for Dara Marks Marino she is a friend from Flagstaff who helps keep up on the Steve Garro watch.. Give her a look and see what is going on in the land of sun and wind.....My inspiration now is the Super Suckers and Fugazi.Oh yea and cold beer after a long ride.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good week

It was a good week even though i got my first cold of the winter and got hit by a bus. I some how managed to ride 140 miles between the single cross and the road bike. It has been warm here and only getting warmer. I am so ready for vacation. Check out the new links that I have posted both are some folks that are going to make the summer better and faster for me.. Now if I can jsut figure what is wrong with my right knee it has been hurtting me behind the knee cap... Long rides cold beer and warm air.....,.,.,.,

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The snow is going

Went to the nordic center to work the legs and get the acid out. The snow is like mashed potatoes.... It skied good in some parts but in other it sucked so I did about 15K and called it quits.. The bike is calling and i want to answer the call it felt so good to ride and not be on the trainer.....It sounds like fridays are going to be big hard work days and that sounds good to me.Bring it on bring it on...........Now time to got to E Rocks and eat wings......

Deer Creek

Yesterday is what I needed, Not as long as I wanted but good none the less.. Herb and I started out of morrison and headed out to Ken Caryl and started to go up. It is a whole differnt world on the other side of the rock out cropping. The sun was out and it was warming up by the time we made it to the bottom of Deer Creek. Neither of us knew how far or how long the climb would be when we started up, taking turns up front we were climbing any where from 10 to 13 miles an hour, you could hear Phil Liget and Bobby Roll the whole way up. The fun thing about this hill is it didn't stop, it just kept going and going. We dropped a cupple of older skiiny guys on really nice bikes 1/2 way up and every so often we would look over our shoulders to where they were and the chase was on.... We were not going to get caught at least not today. We creasted the top and desended a bit thinking that it would go back up but we came to a T in the road and not knowing the area we headed back up and down what we had just climbed.. The climb it self was just over 9 miles with a lot of vert, again just what i needed, can't wait to do it again with out a head cold. We ended the day going out to chatfeild and the aroud Bear Creek lake and back to the car. 3:30 min 100K and an avg speed of 17 miles a good day ,.,. Got home and my new kit came in the mail and then I drank my first beers in 4 day with some good thai food...Ring of fire????

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another one rides the bus???

Ok I am not bitching but part of my job is to help the streets crew get the snow off the sidewalks and the roads. Well yesterday I was doing this and all was going well until I got sidswiped but a ski area bus. I say all of this with a half smile because it is not every day that you get to say that you got hit by a bus.. No one was hurt and my sidewalk plow(holder)was not hurt. I did how ever break 4 pair of skis that were in teh ski rack and two mirrors on the bus. It is hard to day but it was not my fault because i was onthe sidewalk working and that being the case we public workers have some right of way...She the bus driver should have slowed down and at lesat let me get out of the way but, that is not how they think. All in all it was a fun day of work because again in is not every day that you can say that you were hit by a bus..What i need now is a cold beer and sleep then on friday ride my bike till I puke>>>Yea that is the ticket/.,,./.,./.,/.,./.,/,/,/.,/,/,/,/,.