Saturday, April 29, 2006

Run Forest Run

Finally got out today watching the weather and woundering if it would be to cold, but I put on every thing I had and it was not to bad. My knee brace would not work over my knee warmers so I went with out and man it felt good. 24 mile of pain free riding. I still think that I will take it with me in case something pops up but I felt like Gump when his braces came off and he was so fast. Going to try to get out with coach tomrrow and get up to montazuma I just hope that the snow is gone for a while........ Could be worse I could me in Iowa..............................

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Mullet Grown Out

It work for Chippo.......... I got in some good work today, I ended up running in to coach and the young ones,savage and soller. Rolled 620 in road miles with another 80 single speed for the month things are looking good. Rest is good just hard for one like me to do. Tommrow is friday and my last 8 hour day monday starts the 10's. Once the single cross is back togother i'll start doing morning laps around breck.. Quite roads at 5ish in the morning...Bad toughts in the head of Dr. danni and her quaterback riding tandom.. That is where the punk rock comes in to paly to chace out the bad and bring in the good...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If a biker endo's in the woods???????????????

I rode a bike and went some where and then I turned around and came back. I found a hill or two and went up them. Tomrrow I'll try to do the same thing. I learned that my bike went from weld to paint today and I hope that I can see it before angle fire on may 20th if it is not ready i'll have to ride on the voodoo.. Either way I just have to go fast....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Making the freeway safe for the freeway

Both sides of the col de sawn yesterday, it felt good to be out on the flat bike path for the first time this spring. It seems as if I have been doing nothing but hill the past few weeks and the flats were nice. Time to clean the shit out of the shed and make it ready for the in and out of the bike season. Going to try to get my old BMX bike ridding so the kid can ride it to school. I wont let her ride her MTB to school because it will come home broken.. Go Floyd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Have you seen my ass???

The boy will say OK to anything.. This is his new thing OK daddy OK daddy.. Went out with the Doc to day and it was a good bit of work. Lots of hill with lots of sprints. It is nice to get to ride with someone and even nicer to hammer on the front.. Sounds like coach might be pulling the plug in racing on sun. And if I can find someone to watch the boy I think that sophia and I might go to the MTB race. Rcing the 3's on sunday sounded like fun but so does a montain bike race........... White beans with carmilized onions..,.,.,.,Tasty!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Google this

What a nice morning, the sun was out the birds were sining and everybody was at church so the roads were empty. Got out and did a 60K ride and it felt good legs were a little tired from the ride on friday but I was able to keep a 18 mile avg. I wanted to ride yesterday but the winds were ripping down off the top of Pikes Peak so I drank beer instead,...... I hope that when I get home the snow has stopped and I can get back out on the roads..... Bring on the ham.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My own private Iadho

Had a real good one today with CBall. We parked in Idaho Springs and went out the Central City Parkway.. What a road It goes up from that valley so fast.There was a 7% and an 8% grade to climb wow.. Going down to central city is something eles. It felt like being in a town in Europe tight roads and stright down. We work all the way out past rollinsvill. 100K for the day and a shit ton of climbing. Highway 119 is not flat. And climbing back out of clear creek through black hawk and Ccity is one hell of a bitch 8% at the top.............. But then on the way down............Long downs with huge speeds at one point I sae 54 miles an hour. A good long day in the saddle, would like to have gone longer but the hills started to take their toll. Good sleep and ride tomrrow in the eve down in the springs... Fried Chicken salad with bacon and cheese mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The wheel goes around

Another 50K today and it felt good did not try to go out to hard and just spun the wheels. It felt like spring warm over 60 here in breck. Sounds like CBall is cooking up something for friday...Keep the heat comming so this snow goes away... IN my head....Clam Dip and Other Delights

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What the Fu@# Chuck

I had another good day on the bike yesterday, went out with the Doc and got in about 50K with good work. It is nice to go out with Doc cuz he'll sit on the front in the wind which lets me get out on sprints and work on speed on hill climbs.. If all goes well I'll get out again tomrrow. I heard from an old friend he was one of my best line cooks of all time in flagstaff. He would get drunk on french liquor and ride his fixed single and normaly get beat up. Good to hear from an old chuck. 80 in Big D on friday going to go down with C Ball and do some more hills.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The fat lady sang

Well back in the world of snow and dirt. The snow is starting to melt away with the warm days, and leaving behind a lot of sand and dirt...This trip to Az was by far one of the best that we have had. Great weather and the kids were good. We finished up our Moab trip on sat morning and I did my loop through Arches, it was so nice to see the park on a bike instead of a car. I do have to say that my legs started to give out from all the ridding that I had done over the week. After finninshing up my first day of work yesterday I went out on the bike to keep my ridding streak going and went and did some hills. I felt good to be home in the sun and going up the hills here by the house. Now I wait for the Wily and dream about the day i get to hit the dirt on my new rig.....

Friday, April 07, 2006

Fun Hater

Left the valley of the sun today and went to moab.. Had a good week of work on the bikes 230 mile before I left the valley and it was good. Between riding the road and zipping around on the single my legs feel good. After getting to moab today I went and rode slick rock which is tough as is but throw i na sinlg with no shocks at all is some thing else. It always fells good to pull off that ride with nothing broken, this time I had a smaller gear thatn last time so it was a little more work.... Good food tonight and some beer that we brought with. Tomrrow I am going to give a road ride through arches a try. I would love to see 300 mile for all of vacation.... This is the last night,,, then back to work........

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why don't they make burly trailers for big people

Another good day..... The sun was not out in full force so I did not get to sun baked like yesterday. I went around the McDowell Mnts.. which is a nice day on the bike. I got to ride through fountain hill which has the countries largest fountain. This is also a new area with brand new pavement which is so nice so ride on. After all that I got to ride up 10 mile hill which is not that steep it just goes and goes and goes... All in all another 50 miles with 170 for the past 4 days the legs fell great and my knee is working. We might see rain tomorrow and I think I'll go for another MTB. ride , he desert after the rain is soo nice..... Four more day of vacation then back to the snow.......

Monday, April 03, 2006

If frogs had wings they wouldn't hit their asses when they hopped

OK,,, You all have seen raising Arizona right? Well today I got to spin through a spot in the desert where they shot the movie.. It always makes me laugh and think of the big crazy guy on the motorcycle. The knee brace one again is working and making things feel good. Two and a half hours and 50 miles that makes me happy I was able to pull off a 19 mile adv speed and the legs just felt geat.. as long as I get good sleep tonight I would love to wake up and get another two hours in. Went to the Zoo today with the kids and Grandpa and james was soo in to it. At first he was a little worried about the big animals but once he saw the lions he figured it all out and started to have fun.. Going to eat some good food tonight and drink some beer and sleep so tomorrow I can do it all over again..,... It fells so good to be out in the Wily team gear flying down the roads in the valley of the sun..

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knee braces and happy faces

Well on doctors orders i got my self a brace for my knee cap. WOW... I went out to the desert with the ten year old and we rode single track for an hour and a half.. such a nice morning with every thing in bloom and thing running so nice. Sophia did a good job, the new sid world cup from cball made her ride soooo smooth. I was riding on my fully stiff voodoo and flying through the desert on that was a treat sooo smooth even with out a shock.. After the one we call James woke up from nap I went back out to ride the road bike and again no knee problems.. Did another hour or so and things were good. I hope this is the fix for at least now. Tomrrow I'll go out for a bit longer of a ride and see if thing work out again.... But for know life is swell.........

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day One

Well I went out today in the valley of the sun and I was a great morning. I did have a bout of knee pain and worked through it. Two hours and i was done. I talked to another doctor today about my knee and he said to try to use a knee sleve that will help keep my knee cap in place.. Will give a try....Mtb tomrrow with the kid...