Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anti Up

I went all IN and right from the start I knew 
that I needed to be all IN.
Soft and soggy ski trail to start.
Some bumping and rubbing Barry and my self almost going down.
Hit the  first section of single and was in full chase mode.
I could see the race all in front of me.
This was it could not close the gaps that I need to close.
Moved ok on the single that is as tight and twisty that
you can ride. 
After four laps of sluggish corners and crashes from my self
and Barry  I was fried.
Left it all on the single track gave it all I could.
Barry came around towards the end of lap four and 
I came in 11th overall on the day one spot out of the money.
Huge shout and thanks to all that made this season a
reality for me. 
Now it is time to enjoy fall and my time on the bike.
And yes to start thinking of next season.
Go fast and then Go faster.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Friday one left just have to get through it.
I have a mountain of crap that needs to be 
worked on.
I can get through.
Not going to clean my bike as it will get muddy tomorrow.
Tight twisty and fast even with the mud.
The Notsoberfest starts today,
so watch out for puke on the side walks. 
This uplifting not came from 
Big Johnny,, I think that it speaks volumes.
and get out and ride your Bike. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

View from uo HeRe

My great idea for the day was to ride up 
at the HTP on the way to work but to it on the SSCX.
With the new Small Blox 8's I knew it 
was going to be so much fun.
It was it was and the only hard part 
was climbing up the quarry hill. 
Covered by morning dew and a bit of mud splatter I was
all smiles on the way to the first job.
Hanging out at the shop second job of day
I watched the clouds roll in.
I am going to get wet.
Passing the time reading and flipping through the new Bike Mag,
I came across a Picture of Captain H-Wood him self 
in a story written by Stevil.
Almost out the door and ready to get wet a customer slides back in 
to wish me good luck on my race this weekend.
As we say good bye he slips me a gas card for the local petrol station.
It is moments like this that make realize that good people do exist. 
Thanks to you for making the cycling world spin.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art of commuting in the Rain

Woke to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning.
Heavy rain crashing down... I did not want 
to be reduced to using a car to get to work.
It is still a warm rain and it is only water right.
Still trying to take it easy this week not doing much 
and wanting to fell fresh for saturday.
Time for the Lemond only bike with fenders and not even full ones.
Music in my head and work a head I was off.
Now if only the people in their cars felt the same way that I do as I commute.
Getting there is half the fun.
Dodging puddles and down branches is much harder when 
people are being poop cute's while they drive.
Needless to say I made it to work and 
the path was clear all to my self.
Why can't we all just ride a Bike??

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling in the AiR

Tired from back to back days of 
riding the proving grounds.
Need to be on full alert the leaves are starting to fall.
Made the necessary arrangements to at the 
Sounds as if I may be flying up there solo,
the kid is not doing the work so hard
to reward with all the glory.
Rest is on the horizon now some Nuun and sleep.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hand Up's

It is cold out 
50 degrees and motivation is hard to find.
Layers will be the key to the day.
Going to go and panhandle to 
get some gas money to make it 
to the final race of the season. Might have
to fight for one of the off ramp corners.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sometimes you get stuck in them 
other times you can get out.
Sometimes it is just the line your on that pulls you in.
Sometimes getting out is hard.
Laying on your back looking up 
trying to figure out how you go there and what it is going to 
take to get out.
Sometimes get out of one is 
Time to climb out.

Read between the lines

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunshie Iceholes

Today is going to be an easy day with rain in the
forecast.  I have been getting after it the past seven
days. One last big test not saying that I am training but going to be ready to take on the Sith.
Not sure that people take me seriously but at least I can put forth a good showing.
I chased down a car the other morning ,,,almost to work and some lady 
almost smoked me at the intersection of State and 4th St. Went up to her window and 
asked her why she thought it was ok to almost hit a cyclist,,,she was stunned and said she did not see me.
I think it is hard to pay attention when you are on your phone listing to the news
and putting on eye liner.
Days are short nights are getting longer people everywhere are going cross crazy,
here in the armpit of Wisco it is just time to ride and enjoy the fall.
Watch out for bimbo's they aren't watching for you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Load em Up

Took a day off the bike last week,,it was more of a travel day 
but was still off the bike.
Since I have been getting after it enjoying the last 
throws of summer and trying to get
my self ready for the last big test.
I am tired and hungry so I think that the 
work is doing what it should.
May go out into the dark woods tomorrow
to switch it up. The MTB bike
has been making me smile new seat has the taint happy.
The rumor is that the King Jewels are to be moving on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shread the Dog

The Laddies Loppet two days and three stages of racing up at Jay Richards super cool northern MN XC ski and bike resort.
Saturday was going to be a TT and short track.
The TT came about 10ish in the AM and I was ready, cool and damp so the times were coming in a bit slower than the ones from last year. I had given the course a test lap and thought that I had it down. At race pace it was another story.. Coming of the ski trail in to the single at speed was a bit of trick. Came across the line a few ticks over eleven minutes. Little mad at my self for not being faster but it going to be a long weekend. 
The short track was not till 5:30 so time to hang out and ride bikes. I wanted to see the xc race course. Went out for a spin with Hwood and Smoking Joe. The single track that they have cut by hand is amazing. Tight twisty and needing to be on it at all times.
Short track time,,,, I knew that this may be a fight to stay on. With the Road Races and cyclocross experts lining up holding on to the pain train was going to be hard. 18 minutes +2 laps. I lasted about 10 minutes before getting pulled. My 34x18 was no match for the speed up front. by the end 1/2 of the field was pulled.

Sunday brought the XC race, and an onslaught of people to the resort. Today was going to be more my speed. 
Up front trying to hang on the ski trail again the pace was flying. Got into the single track and needed to start making up some time. The trails took a lot of brain power to stay moving and stay up right. I had one lack of attention an was over the bars and on the ground.
Got the bike up and was moving not missing a beat.

Two more laps pushing through the pain. Came across 14th over all 3rd in age… one race left and the overall is still in sight.
If you have not been you need to get up to Maplelag and enjoy all that the Richards have to offer…. Party on and ride with Pride

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I spent my labor day weekend in a small slice of Heaven.
The Maplelag Resort in Callaway MN.
Owned by the Richards family, the resort is a XC Ski mecca confrence
center and venue for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series.
It was my first time to Maplelag (pronounced LOG)
and I was very well taken care. 
They put on a real good show, and the homestyle
meals are superb. If you are looking for something new
or have been before this is a place that is not to be missed.
Bottomless Cookie Jars and Coffee 24/7
Some of the cabins old train cars
The infamous lake jump in the setting sun
The entrance to the lodge Welcoming the Races

Maplelag — A destination cross country ski resort: overnight accommodations, American Plan, home cooked meals served family style, 64 km of Pisten Bully groomed trails.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Few More

Getting the work done when and where I can.
Been an interesting week with shorter days
and the kids back at school.
Yesterday was a wet ride to work with a nice mid day and then wet on the way home.
Getting all my stuff ready for the Loppet this weekend, could not 
be there if was not the kindness of a few good people.
I feel some what guilty for going and leaving the family behind
but it sounds as if they will go to their happy place.
Their will be a chill in the air this weekend so the 
cold weather gear will come out to play. 
It is September not much racing left weekend will be for exploring on the backs of
two wheels.