Monday, December 31, 2007


When it is all done and said it is over.
At times a whirlwind other
times smooth like silk.
New home far way and much lower than we
have been in years.
Good friends and family,
many hills to climb and places to explore.
Races won and lost
and more beer.
Health has been restored and
a new sense of happiness.
Can't ever tell who the midget
is going to be Buzz or Spiderman.
More growing to come.
Bring it on we are ready for what ever
or at least I hope.
This could be the year of Two Wheel Fun.
Bikes to be ridden fun to be had a good time
living the High Life!
Thanks To All!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not having a hard time living the HIGH LIFE

I stoled this from Stevil I think that it says it all!!!

faster than slow

What a difference a day makes. The wax was just right and the trails in hixon were perfect. The guys that do the grooming are doing an amazing job. It is all done by snowmobiles and in there spare time.A good hour of work the legs felt great. I am very happy that we have this here to keep the body moving. One day left. Then It all gets new.

Skiing Minnesota

Went up to Winona for a ski yesterday and I have to say that they do a good job. Lots of hills and a well thought out system of trails. I was a but screwed on wax the fresh coat that I put on fri was applied with warmer temps mind. Then to top it off after they groomed another inch of fresh snow came down, so it was slow going for a bit. Can't win them all good resistance i guess. It is almost over and another one is ready to start. The SSWC reregistration is coming soon would love to be there just a long ways out? More today..Ski it while it is here. Then the new bikes should start rolling in. Go fast.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Big lizzard in my backyard

Snow does
not want to stop.
Which is good because the
has been good.
going back and forth with work in the
chamber and on
Looking foward to spring
wanting warmth or just dry roads.
Need to keep the mind on
Long hours will be on the way.
Which bring big smiles

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two sticks one goal

Great to see the woods today,,,lots of snow. They have been out dragging the and grooming but you still sink in pretty good. I need to stop being lazy and head up to Winona and ski, just got so use to not having to go far,,I know HTFU... Great holidays family health and happy. The kids all smiles and dam the food was good.. Shame I can't make a living as a food preparer. Road bike is on the way thanks to Gunnar and SunRace. Making all the need arrangements for the Wily Team. Can't wait the snow is fun but I am read for a change. Until then slipping and sliding.. Keep thinking about the commando run. County B to the top of the Bicentennial Trail and down? Not as cool as the one Herb and the boys back home use to do.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007


It wont stop. I guess it will be white. Now if I can just find a hill..

Trip around the sun

Bringer of the light. It is here the new day brings more. All starts off with a powder day I used to dream of having deep snow on this day, just not a big enough hill for swoohsing. The Nordic trails should be great once the snow stops and they get it groomed. Do I feel wiser? Probably not but i work hard last night to get to the point. The youngest one will have new wheels for christmas and now I am freaking out because the oldest is out growing her race bike .... Shit I thought that a 15 inch would have done it so now it is time to start thinking a bout something else. Drive safe have fun and watch out because it is here.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Here is a link to a movie that Kingsbery did for a school project. It shows off the great trail system that we have here. Check it out well put together. We are lucky to have the HPT system.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dropping Bombs!

Congratulations are in order to Jared and his new Family. A new baby and he'll still ride more than any of us.. Good job enjoy. The legs are spun out after a week off of intervals. The skiing has been nice but the snow is ever changing and with all the dog poop out there I get discouraged.. Oh well the darkest days are a head which means only one thing and that it going to a change coming. Older? Bring it on yea we jam econo.. Lets call it the big foist. Go and get some..............

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knee Droping Skinny Ski Weirdo's

7:30 starts in the woods
and almost
need a light on
my head.
Good snow we could use some more
and keep the dam runners off the nice groomed trails.
Yes I know that it is a public trail but it is groomed for one propose
and that is not running go run some where else.
That being said
it has been nice getting to ski I
fell lucky yes I would love some life access flying through the trees
getting face shots but do what you can.
Sounds like the boys out west are loving the conditions
right now.
I read this morning that Taos is going to let snowboarders ride
what the fuck is that.
I don't want to piss people off but I thought it was
a skier only hill ?
Oh well I guess Alta is left
what is going to happen next?

Monday, December 17, 2007

I Got the POINT

One week left and then
let the kids open their gifts.
Another weekend of good
Packer football
and thanks to Big Jonny's
Eagles we have the same record as the
More Nordic this weekend legs feeling good,
spun them out on the railroad grade which was like riding rollers with a
towel rolled up and shoved below them.
How about the Darkness
sscx national cham.
Those dam boys are fast.
Time to start thinking about 08 need
to get my nwe bike put together.
AZ this spring ?? Get some
road miles get some riding in with Yuri and the
valley freaks?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

King of the Hill

Back out on the skinny sticks this morning. I had already committed to it before I went and man it was a bit chilly. Only 5 for the morning skate session. It was good linking up a good loop with more time and effort. When I made it back to the trail head my jacket was all frosted over from the transportation. Good work >> Nice and quite the silent sports of winter in full swing. Speaking of full swing The older Brother chimed in today and said that his home town hill went from 0-70 inches of snow in about a week. I have not skied there but from what I understand it is the best in the U.S. when their is snow. As for me the local ski hill cost to much so any downhill lunge will have to be a commando run.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Out in it

I was able to get my inner Nordic on today. Temps were good for a morning ski. Did I say ski,,,,,,,,,,,yea out on snow it was what I needed. A bit of recon to see what the woods have to offer. The local Nordic heads do a great job keeping up this little gem. 7 k or there about smooth and pretty fast. My form was not that bad and all the gear worked well. Thanks go out to all for the hookups Coach for the skis good ol Hiel for the polls And BP for the Boots. I will miss skiing with all you good people. More to come I think that I will head up to Winona they have from what I am told some perfectly groomed trails at the college of ST.Mary. Just great to have something else to do, the boss man at work says "you should go running" I can only do that if chased or if the liquor store is closing......Wait I live in Wisco does that happen.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

sink like a stone

Board............ I can't get excited about much to even get out of bed. It has snowed but the temps have not gotten over 10 so xc skiing is not on my list of stuff to do. The laundry room intervals have been good even though I broke a spoke on my front wheel. Who does that.? Even with new stuff on the way wont be able to do much with it. Cold and snow every where.. The boys back home are nipple deep in snow having a blast. With a head full of punk and tired legs I get to back to work because monday she comes "Fuck n A".

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kids on Coffee

The guys at Work are going to have a well caffeinated me. I hope I can find something to do. No ride in I think that I would risking it to much just to roll the wheels. 6 inches new on top of the ice that fell on sunday. TGIW!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


As I watch it snow all I can think about is spring. Yes I am get to xc ski this week--end but out on bikes is where I want to be. Months away from the new Wilys my thoughts are on the Team and what they will bring. This is just the start. more to come. And yes it is snowing maybe a sscx mission to work >if I keep it up right. This morning for breakfast we had the handy man him self.


I don't know about you but thanks
to the
we got to spend the morning watching and remembering
6th grade and bmx bikes, we were riding skateboards but
this was the shit the
Hell Track !!
Good Fun, no search for Animal Chin but
a cool ass move better music than

Sunday, December 02, 2007

White Crap

Well it snowed here for a good while with 4 to five inches on the ground mutha nature decided to add some rain/sleet to the mix. So needless to say what could have been a winter wonderland became a nightmare. The boy and I went out to remove the snowizel and it was work. I have had to move a lot of snow over the past few years I even used to get payed to do it. But never any thing like this.Granted james is only 3.5 years and only 39 lbs but here he stands on top. So we get this all cleared and the douche bag slum lord shows up with his snow blower and makes some dumb ass joke about helping me out and this is after he helped out the other neighbors.. Looser.... The off season kills me once i can start XC skiing things will get better but one can only take so much of the laundry room intervals. Over 50 miles in the past two days and today was to be an outside day on the railroad grade, but with the layer of ice on everything I thought that might be the best idea. At least I got to move pounds of ice and slush/snow sorta of a work out. Sounds like the boy standing on the snow will be getting a new bike for Christmas. Now just need to figure out what to do with his other two. The trikester may have to stay because of how cool it is but the little 12" needs to go. If anybody needs a bike for little ones we have one two many..