Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grey Day

Eazy dose it EZ... Lazy day of easy pedals moving slow, from the look in the picture might be a bit tired. I need to grease up the BB in the Crackandfail CX bike,,, lots of miles on that bike and it is making noise. Almost the weekend, and everyone is working for it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hammers Thrown

Some times they are harder than others and last nights was a good one. Everyone was firing on all cylinders and the pace was fast. I had no intention of being on or near the front just wanted to sit, seeing that the legs were still worked for my bike race run. That of course did not happen, although my pulls were sometimes short I put my time up front. Got dropped once coming down Cty I to M ,,,need to work on not letting gaps form. But other than that I was able to hang all night. The bike rode well still not 100% sold on the plastic I really love my steel, and think that i'll ride that in today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Both sophia's bike and mine took a bath in this small creek.. now they are still dirty and still need to be cleaned better than they are.. Mud sucks, and her bike has one of those shifter things so mud is good and caked in. yea MUD....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jogging in Iowa

Went to a bike race and ended up jogging for a while. The little Iowa town puts on a dirt TT every spring and Sophia and i decided to give it a shot. With the weather that we have been having lately we knew that it was going to be sloppy. I just did not plan to have to run the side and down hills. I was ready to run up some of the hills but the trails were worked by the time I hit the course. I went about 50ish so they were torn up and the last 1.5 was an off camber down side hill that was two weeks old. Sloppy,, my back wheel stopped rolling at one point, and my bike weighed a good 10 lbs more. Good early season work more coming with the local crit on sunday, need to rest and get back to the pain train. Next Mtb race on May 17th... Need to be ready.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sugar Mountain

Great way to start the day, riding dirt on the way to work. I have to say that I am way stoked on the step up and things are only get to better once the box of goodies comes from the Spot HQ. All alone out the single track getting my self dialed for the Decora TT race this sunday, may be a bit wet and they are claiming 3000+ miles over 9 miles sounds a bit like the Frisco to Breck TT. Next week is the Lacrosse Crit and as of now I have got my Cat 3 up grade,,, My ass will be handed to me but it will be good hard work. And I should be on the Madone by then so It will be a good test for me and the Bike. 5:30 train so bed is coming because morning comes quick. Sleep well and Dream Fast.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Single TrAcK

I decided against the TNWC Ride. With the wind blowing as hard as it was I wanted to go ride in the woods instead. After a hard 8 mile ride home in to one hell of a head wind I ran in the house and changed shoes and base layers and jumped on my Spot and I was gone. Now it was a huge tail wind to the bottom of the climb up to the Proving Grounds. The Road going up was a bitch tonight hard work to get up the hill. Once I was up to the top I ran into this Motley Crew. Rode with them for a good while until one of them waked out his wheel, I need to push on so I could get home. Good ride and a grate bit of dirt riding made my legs good and tired. When I got home I made dinner which was a big Spinach salad with garbanzo beans and topped with some nice grilled Beef... MMMMMMMM food is good only problem is I am still hungry always hungry. Need more food.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nice little Saturday

After another busy day at the Dream Factory I was happy to make it home. Waiting for me was a nice size package from T6. This worked well in to my plan seeing that the Girl and I were going to go ride the HPT's and get some dirt under our tires. The new kit from the boys in the 612 felt awesome and I was down with the all black Johnny Cash look. Off to the trails me and #1 went riding strong into the wind and knowing that the big bitch of a climb was coming . Now this climb can turn a person from happy to pissy quick not me I know the benefits of the climb, but to a 14 year old cyclist watch out. The Force flows strong in the youngling and she needs to learn to channel her anger because she destroyed the climb and the next 6or 7 that followed. Good ride all in all just great to be on dirt and great to see Sophia riding her new bike so well. Speaking of new bikes it sounds as if the Big Boss, wants to put a MAdone 5.2 under me so when I am doing group rides people can see me on bike from the shop. That should be intersting I will still ride and love the Gunnar but now I will have more options when I comes to what to ride. Well as this week comes to an end and the next is around the cornor it is time to get ready for the next test which is a week away. A dirt TT down in IOWA, should be good don't know the trails but will learn them as I rool along. Have fun stay dry if yo live out west get out the sholvles and most imporant GO RIDE A BIKE. And watch out for this guy.^^^^^^^^

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big wheels go RoUnD

The road going up to the Quarry wanted to make it's bitch this morning but i did not let it. Front door to single track 30 minutes and only 3 miles of pave. Great way to start a day, only bummer is going to work after riding the dirt is you are covered in dirt all day. So the shower that i just took was Glorious. Even had the token show beer along with it nice touch. Going to give the EmAG ride a go in the AM so that means riding the 5:30 train do what you can when you can. It has been a good week next test is 10 days away need to get more bike practice in. More time on the Spot is deffenatly what I want and need. Sleep tight morning come early, then some warm coffee some vitamin C a bowl for the dog,a bowl for the cat and a bowl for me...LETs Ride.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MId WEek

Coming out of the chunnel and over the logs, both logs and photo thanks to YoungBlood. Glad to have done the race it was good work, and my hopes are that it is going to pay off. Did the TNWC ride last night and rode up off the front as much as i could. The gunnar rode like a dream, and the shifting was as clean as a whistle. Mountain bike morning to work a good 2 hours before having to grind out a long day.. Dam bikes are a good time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nice Again

With the Gunnar back up and running I think that i'll throw my hat back in to the TNWC ride. My goal not to get blown off the pace line. Nothing but an easy spin today to aid in the recovery from the H8TER. Dirt is coming again and I can't wait, this time solo and no waiting for the KID. Why are Bikes so much FUn?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting Dirty

Recovery dirt ride with the Kid,,., She rode her new bike great,, I think she likes the big wheels.. For me just great to be on dirt. More so much more to come. Next >>>>Getting the Gunnar back together> That should be tomorrow.

Hate is Good

Well with the H8TER done I now know what i was getting into. The word was unfinished trail and I found out what that was. With a rolling start and then a Go we were off on a pave trail then on to what someday will be a trial ,,,over grown maybe single track. After about 6ish miles of that we were on to the crushed lime stone. Tires were blowing left and right, I just kept my head down and hoped for help. And that came in a good group with one power full single rider. We worked well together down and through the tunnel, which was great once my light turned on. At the turn we were only 2 minutes down off the leaders, and now need to work well together so the wind did not destroy us. With a short pave climb over the tunnel and then back to limestone. Lots of long pulls wanting and trying to save some for the unfinished. Well after along pull on the weed trail I got gaped fought like a MF'ER to back on. I did it was great the group was all back together, until I messed up and rode into a small ditch. I could not get back on had to stop twice for traffic and a stop light or two ...ended up rolling in behind the group seconds in tow. Great race and good ride happy with 9th I know what I need to work on the work that has been done is working. Thanks to the family for coming along and to John for have the event.. Now let go ride Mountain Bikes!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Coming togother and getting ready. Nice easy spin this morning and one more on the way home. Bike is ready and list of food and goodies from the Woodmans is made. Family will get load in to the van and we'll roll to mad town.. H8TER IT!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

First Mate

Out for a cool down easy ride with dad. I let him do most of the pace setting. The highlight of the night was riding through flocks of birds, when I asked him why he said I want to squish a bird like you did a squirrel. Nut does not fall to far from the tree. New rubber on tonight,,28mm's should work well on the crushed lime,, now gear choices. Sounds as if the trails will open this weekend so the girl and I have a date for dirt.. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fast Guys

Went out tonignt for the TNWC, and rode with the fast guys. It was a windy blast the whole time hard to fight it in and out of a pace line. I was blown off twice and fought back the best I could each time. What did i learn at bike practice tonight was A: need more work riding in a group B: need to ride with the Berzeker more often. The Boy is a machine, riding off the front the whole time wind or no wind. Good work had fun will be back for more.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flanders Ned

They blew the call about snow and nothing fell esp. not the 8 inches they said would fall. So I jumped on the Spot and went and played on some dirt. The quarry is great for hill climbing and a nice change to get out of the wind. I long for more dirt,,it is soon coming. The tnt trail is a good substitute until the HPT is ready to go. It is a shame that this trail is nothing but a dranage ditch because it can be a lot of fun to ride. With the weather changing and snow not falling the lime stone trails of the H8ter should be good for Saturday. I may give the Tuesday night world championship ride a spin to help open the legs for the week to come.

Whats Going ON

First off I want to say that this is my personal Site and it has no affiliation with my place of employment. It has come to my knowledge that some in the area have been offended by my words, and have not come in to the Dream Factory because they believe me to be a arrogant bike snob. They are just words yes some times I may rant and rave about subcultures in the cycling world. If you don't like it don't read or call me out lets turn it in to dialogue. Come on we are all two wheeled freaks!!! And if you really don't like what comes out of me don't read,,,,,,,,For the most part I figure that this is pretty boring because it just about me and my life on a bike!!! Ok enough of that, Yesterday the boy got to try out some bigger wheels,, he did good and was able to move so much quicker. I helped out EpU at the Bike rodeo and the Rock showed up with his cousins. Lots of kids on lots of bike great to see people out and about even with the impending snow storm. Been an up and down week good rides low volume high tempo. Need to make sure that I can hold up to 100K next saturday in the H8ter. We'll see the next thing on the list is getting a set of 28mm tires. We'll have to see how every thing comes together this week. Stay warm and Ride Fast.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rusty Nail

Gears came out today in the way of the Lemond, it is an old friend would still like to the Gunner moving,,,but soon come. It was nice to be on gears and even with the temp only being 29 with out the wind it was nice out. Good loop 4 hills and lots of rollers. The highlight came as I was rolling down Bliss RD I had a squirrel run out in front of me he ran by then deiced to come back and I ran over him at 37 mph. I stayed up right and did not get any gutz on me. One more good one tomorrow and then weather comes sounds like some snow on sunday, don't want to see any more but what can I do. Come on friday......

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Willy Nelson

Back out on the road this afternoon, with the back way home. Good push and good movement, legs felt good after a day off. I think that it is time to switch things up and get the Lemond out for a bit. The Gunnar is going to be rolling again soon just waiting on the front shifter from David. After a long time of not riding what the shop sell things have changed. At first I did have the Lemond but he got fired and it is now frowned upon, Lance is better or so I am told. But now we are a SPOT dealer at the Dream factory. So now we sell what I ride. First one is out the door and I hope to see many more to come. The Next to come in is the Longboard SS Belt. Again and again more weather coming, rolling with the punches, and making lemonade. What goes up must come down.