Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eat Meat

Hot Cakes

If april showers bring may flowers what does may showers bring? Got wet at the top of the wall yesterday, so no regroup just straight home. As it turns out the rest of the day way sunny and prefect. A little dirt to work this morning to get the bike ready for the next Test tomorrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Misty morning Fun

The rains finaly stoped and the trails were wet. So out came the road machine and hills were found. Cool misty fog laid in the valleys. The climbing was good,, helping get me ready for the test on sunday, lots of climbing. Sun is out now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fried Sausage

The Boys Bday was today and started off with a bang. Pancakes and Bacon with berries a good meal. Opened presents and played star wars. Sophia and I had some time to kill and needed some bike practice, so up to the HPT we went.
The Flowers are going off and so are the ferns etc.. Also going off was the Girl she was riding smooth and strong. The whole loop from the house is 23 mile and she crushed it. Riding strong and looking ready for the race at Afton next sunday.
The ergon green starts to blend in.... Finnish the day with birthday Brats and Cake. All were happy. Here comes monday- I mean tuesday you ready. Go fast and then go faster.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Run to the Hills

Yes It Is A big WEEKEND,, in my house. We headed up to the Twin Cities for some Zoo action and Mall of AMERICA. Fun was had by all the zoo was great and James who is the boy of honor was all was all smiles. My goal was to ride Sunday morning with the Twin SIX boys, but as saturday lingered on and with proximity of the hotel I went for a ride. First and for most big PROPS needs to go to the MORC group. I have heard a lot about Lebanon Hills, but until yesterday had never ridden there. As I rolled in from the lot it started right off the bat, smooth fast single track. Matter of fact it is all single track and all smooth minus the rock gardens. It is a mountain bike oasis in the middle of a large metropolis. Rolling the trails all I could do was smile as I fought to keep the twist cone down that I ate before suiting up. Got back to the hotel and told stories of log rides and big swoopy corners and rock gardens that made me drool. We all ate a big dinner swam and hit the hay. As morning came I was up and ready to hit the trails...A quick breakest and bad coffee and I was gone. Again just great flow so well thought out and so well made. I could go on for awhile about these trails,,bit I digress. If you are in the area ,,going to the airport, the mall seeing grandma what ever,, take your bike find Eagan MN and go for a ride you wont be let down. SOOOO much Fun..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bouncing around the Room

Yesterday was a convection oven here in the Mississippi river valley. With high heat and 40+ winds it felt like you could get cooked standing outside. Sophia and I took a short ride at the HPT and life was good in the trees. I was back at it this morning dirt to work with 58inchs to freedom. Bike rode well and climbed like a beast. Fully recovered from what ever had me layout on tuesday. Big weekend ahead for the boy's fifth and the holiday that it falls on. Need to keep the wheels spinning more tests to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Not sure what was up but things were not normal. Goal was the TNWC ride and I had all the gear to go. But from the moment that I woke it was all down hill. Body and mind was tired, had a hard time thinking straight. I hit the bed early with little to no food. So far so good things seem to be on track. Just needed to get Reset.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Cup

First dirt race of the year! The H8ter was crushed lime stone and the Decorah was a mud fest. Sophia Went off first pumped and ready to go. She grabbed the hole shot and rode hard the first lap. She did her best to hold off the charge of the other cat 2 women. Three hard laps she crossed the line 1st in her age and 7th overall. A great start to her season. For me I landed a spot right up front for the gun, and it was a fast lead out. Made it to the single track around 8th place, and was able to sit in a get a feel of what was to come. As the train picked up speed I saw a chance to move up and called out my pass, not sure what happened next but the guy who was giving me space and I clipped each other, I went down. Got up quick but enough time went by that the train was up the trail by a minute or so. The group that I caught on with worked hard through the Start finish line. I was able to pull away but not latch back on to the Lead train, they stayed in front with a minute or two gap. For 3 laps I hung in no mans land not able to get back on I could see them and faught hard to keep the group behind me away. Through lap 4 all was clear and some how I managed to get tangled up once again on the 5th lap this time going down a bit harder. Got up shook it off and finished 1:34 fast enough for 2nd in age group and 13th overall. I had a blast good race got to see old friends and make some new ones. Great to see sophia racing and kill it. The bike and all the bits and pieces work to perfection. Thanks to Spot/Maverick and Dales for the chance to represent again and to Twin 6 for the great Duds. and everyone else. The hope is that this is just the Start to a great season.

Morning Dew

Mellow ride in was the goal but someone turned on the wind machine so a bit of work had to be done, I sat and spun and smelled the great smells of flower and wet grass. Legs feel somewhat good after the efforts of yesterday. Another start to the work is here. Happy with the riding yesterday the Bike rode great and the new tires worked super. Big thanks to all the people that help make me go. More to come later plans to be made going back to the twin cities and going to ride with the T6 GANG!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Good spin of the legs with the 5:30 train. Worked on the RPM's RPM"S=MPH! This helps me make up my mind. Boy has a bug so I get to be home and Chill with him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bike looks good with the new tires and wipe down. Not sure what to do with the gear 58 or 61 inches, one is a masher one is a spinner. One MPH difference. It rode well up on the bluff, in the hills my worry is twisty tightish singletrack with lots of people more spin may be better?


Rolling the big wheels to work to test out the bike and body. The silence of the woods was interrupted by the squeak of seat rails. Even with the rains yesterday the trails were in good riding shape. Big test on sunday, need to get the rest of the parts on this afternoon. Single track to work = Nice start !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solo x Solo

The season is going to get going real fast this coming weekend. Tonight was supposed to be a TNWC ride but the talk around the shop was MTB's plus the wind was off the hook. MY thoughts were I needed some Spot time and want to make sure that all things are good to go and go fast on sunday. From what I remember the course is flat and a gears such as 34x17 or 34x16 are going to be needed. Big wind on the way to the grind of a climb was riding well and I was able to make it up the climbs in good time. Got to the trail head and no shop guys, no desire to wait around I wanted to ride. Trails are in great shape and you are really able to lay in to the coroners. Ran in to Lance and Tom K, and finished the ride with them flying down the grind at speeds of 46++.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Dinner Done the Right WAY!

Down with EPP

The Wheels have not been spinning as much as I would have liked this weekend but fun was still had. After work yesterday the family and i went up to the HPT and rode around. The James got to rip around the pump track and spin on some the mellow single track, while his PIP was off on a ride was a few women. My self was more of a soak it all in and enjoy, let the legs rest and more will come. Got the girls bike one step closer to the kick off of next weekend. Some new Time pedals and soon some better tires from the Good folks at WTB. My goal is to get some hard efforts in early this week and then a bit of easy stuff toward the end of the work week. The gear need for the Erik's Cup is a big one if I want to try to be near the front. The new BB is in and Saddle is on still waiting for the new brakes and depending on when they get here I may or may not ride them this weekend. A good dinner is on tap with some cold Dale's then sleep and work, I wont be attending the morning Mtb ride I have to work oh well I know when i am not wanted. Here comes some Red Curry Life is Good!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Duck dUcK Grey dUCk

Sometimes life comes at you pretty fast and it is hard to with what thrown your way. I go and Hide on a bike and find some inner peace all alone in the hills and valleys around the area. That is what i did this morning, a good 2+ hour spin up over and through and back to work. Excise my inner demons by riding. Dose that work for you? Get it done. Ride fast enjoy the view for the seat of two wheels.

Take A left

Photo from Tom K.. I was told the other day that I raced like a mountain biker. This gentlemen said that I wasted my race being up front and taking pulls. I thought that I was racing and looking for a good workout. This is right before I went to the gutter to force someone else around and it worked.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My little Monkey

Dirt under my wheels was a good felling. After a week or so of letting my inner roadie out it was a nice switch. I had not been on my Spot since the Dechora race and my bike could still use a good cleaning. I am going to wait until the new King BB and other goodies show. My plan is to as much Dirt as I can before the start to the Mountain Bike race season in a week and one half. Go fast!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crit Race

Water mark right over me but still a good photo as we head through the start finish line. I am hooked like to do another on just not sure when it is going to happen.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Nascar On Bikes

Bike racing was on tap for the whole family. All had fun good jobs were done by all. Sophia got off the front and was one of only three girls. She had the other two pretty and ended up racing against the boys. She did great 5th overall against the boys and 1st over all. I learned that she had too big of gears that their is a rule about JR's gear ratio. Oh well she did not get DQed. James was fired up for his one lap around river side park, rode great he put it in number 6 and flew around the course. He won a root beer float which came in handy later. I raced the Masters 3-4's and wow it was fast. I was able to stay near the front for most of the time and work with a few of the local speedsters. Good race stayed up right and went fast at the line I did not have anything left so I sat up with pried of a job well done. Now we have a week off before the racing starts in MN. Rest ride eat and drink some beer.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dirt King

Got out and rode MtB's with the boy, he is really taking to the new 20 incher. He has a race on sunday. Go Fast little one.

Friday, May 01, 2009


5:AM train this morning and felt good at fast tempo pace it is the harder push just past that, that i am having a hard time holding. Need to get all the crap out of my legs. Quite and simple in the morning until all the suv's come out to go to work. 5 bills went in to the family trukster, new radiator. Fun is all around. Now the question is can I stay with the pack on sunday? Only time will tell.