Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sick Sucks

This is rough being here in the middle of all this and having the worst sore throat in world. I keep thinking it will get better and it might but damm it sucks. Sophia had a good race it was her and some local kid who bested her but sophia gave it her best shot. This was only her third time on her bike this year. Need to find the switch so I can flip it and have her go faster. She got her self one cool medal and she got to chat with Allison Dunlap and Georgia Gould. Georgia even gave her a once over of the Luna Chicks trailer and some cliff products. After that we walked down to the trek tent to see Dusty and check out all the new stuff from trek and Bontrager. Dusty seems happy with his new job even though he has to drive a lot. Swung by the GF tent and talked with Nat he was chilling getting ready for the super d and then the crit tonight. It was hot out there those pros have to race in 85+ heat tomorrow. I have some pics from the kids race i'll get them up later now just resting waiting for my throat to feel better a few more PBR'S should do the trick. At least I'll be well rested.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Ok got an hour hills and a nice push back to the house 20 miles and got in just before dark. The weather man says snow, I can't get out of here fast enough.. Work tomorrow and get things ready the wily is tuned they didn't to do much but it is ready fro 30 miles of fun..

Sophia's new bling

I hope that I am not getting behind on what needs to be done.. I get good work in on friday and saturday it snowed sun was short and james was sick today so noting happened. I know rest is good rest is good and next week it is on like donky kong.. Sophia got a new wheel set today from her coach we set them up of road riding and once the new frame is ordered we'll switch out the XTR's for the crossmax's. Nice hook. What is the weather going to do? I'll try to get out tomorrow but we'll see.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

As Big as your head....

Short day snow here in the county and no one wanted to ride with me so i had to do some thinking. The girls liked the idea of going to the big d and getting some chipolte's so sophia and I went and did a loop at green mountain. Things were still moist not wet just soft. A steep climb to start it took sophia 25 mins to climb it, I like it a stout climb to start. We checked out the views and picked a single track to go down. I let her go first and she rocked, nice and smooth even on the tech stuff. I would have like to ride more and got some high end intervals in but got to do what you got ta do. Had a great pork burrito and go some much needed sun shine. Friday is the start of vacation and sophia races on sat and me on sunday.. I wish I could snap my fingers and get her a new frame she needs a bigger one. Boy is sick once again so I'll stay home and try to get out when mom gets back from work, can't ride inside. Dan is running a wrench through the Wily so it is ready for the trip, now just need to clean the Lemond. Here it comes...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The word of Gnome

DC Roster, 2007. March 22nd, 2007 Dot Dot… Da Dot… Dot-dot-dot We got ourselves a team. Infact, we have Jake, and his other brother Jacob. And, two guys with the last name of Nowicki… Oh, and Tool Time & Rainy, DS and a Gnome, An Elf named Faust… A Tex, A Randini, Devin Toe Jamming up in Brecky, A Big Juanny…A Nate & a Diddy? No I said Fiddy. And T.C. must attend. Should be a good time. Now we gotta start thinking about racing or what? Allen Tim #7 Cavallari Dan #5 Curran Devin #3 Dunstan Fiddy #3 Eberly TC Faust Blair #3 Friedman Nate #8 Friedman Nathan Herbold Dave Kircher Jon #9 Mason Randini #3 Nowicki Scott #6 Nowicki Scott Rainey Mike #3 Rubelt Jacob #4 Rubelt Jake #3 Tullous Jason

Monday, March 19, 2007

More more more

day 6 on my bike and things went well. Did a nice climb up swan 1 min faster than last week 9 min not bad and hit one of my fastest speeds on the way down 52mph. Flipped in summit cove and went back up 11.5min on the next climb felt great and back to breck. Did some more hill work in the highlands and called it a day. Dinner was great chili mac Damm I love food.. Vacation is coming soon can't wait.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Toe Jam

Sophia and I got some good riding in on saturday she was getting after it. Smiles and good lines I think she is ready for a new frame.. We had a fun night in the hotel I think that james had the most fun. I have to say it is nice to do what your kids want but the olive garden is not a good IDEA. The food sucks and well you know me bit of a food snob. Party in the hotel room and sleep//. Woke up up to free food and STARBUCKS damm good cup of coffee. I had plans for two to three hours while the kids played at a park. Good start smooth and buttery single track and the bike rode so good all of the dirt to my self. Good thing about getting out early super crowed latter in the day. Blew a flat on More Fun which slowed things down but good to be on dirt. I have a bit more to do before Scottsdale but I think that I am close. The new Mavericks will be nice... Enjoy the warm..

warm and dirty

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blew Up Sir

Not Tim This is Ryan Heres Tim Me walking with a flat.. A good day riding until I went flat and the back up tube exploded. Warm and sunny bit o wind but good climbing.. Here comes the dirt!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


45 and sunny enough to get me out on a bike again.. did not have a lot of time because anna has 3 or 4 massages tonight but an hour on hills was all I needed. Loving the new shoes man they are stiff and fast, I like to think that they are what Tom Boonen would wear if he rode a mountain bike. A big happy birthday to coach he even got press today on 29" because of the fisher team.. Good on ya this springboard is for you.. Anna got word that she got the job in wisco today and the pressure is down a little now just need to move, but not till after vacation. Highs in the 70's this weekend in firuta James is stoked I keep telling him that their are dinosaurs he thinks that is cool. Here comes friday another day on a bike. All smiles here..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad connection

I am having problems with my internet so things might be skimpy for a while.. for the longest time things were fast but have not been able to connect to the fast network,. Left the house after work to try out the new shoes which rocked and ran in to c-ball. I had other plans and ended up doing his ride which was going south on highway 9. I have not climbed up hoosier pass in a few years, a lot of people avoid this climb because of the traffic but it is a great climb. I frlt great on the climb slow at the first switch back and then started to crank it out, I had a great sprint to the top, again felt great.. On the down I was a little cold the 45+ speeds and the wind made it a bit rough but damm I was glad to knock this one out good fun.. the whole house is sick better not mess with me I am going to ride the shit out of my bikes this weekend in Firuta.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Another day outside and things felt great.. 30 miles up and over swan and then back.. climbed up over swan and flipped at keystone and back over swan. My legs felt good after the work that was put in yesterday. The Gnome got back to me today sounds like i'll be lining up in the Drunk Cyclist gear this summer.. I like Beer.. My new shoes showed up to day I'll break them out soon maybe this weekend if we go to Firuta.. Watch out the spring break has broke.........

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I rode it through the grape vine

Well the Friuta thing did not happen no wanted to go and that is a long drive to go solo. Sold the house signed the papers on sat, now just need to find a place to live in wisco.. Coach and I went down to the big D and went road riding and it was nice. The sun was out the wind was down and their were a lot of people on bikes a lot!!! He took me down to Morrison and we went up Bear Creek until a road called Grape Vine.. Cool road it went up and up and up steep grade and unreal views. It dropped us out in mt Vernon canyon and we took that down to Golden. Then came the next climb one I have always wanted to do Look Out Mt. A nice long climb. Not knowing the climb I did not go all out did not want to blow up and still have a long way to go. Not bad 24 mins only about 2 off of coach and the kid he was climbing with. After a short chat at the top it was back down to the car. 35 total 2 hours lots of climbing. Got my self one of those slip stream burritos and life was good.. It is going to warm all week which meas more ride time......

Friday, March 09, 2007

The dirt is ready

Getting ready for a trip out west to ride some of that Firuta single track... got out for an hour today and did some hill repeats and intervals on the single cross... Gave the boys at GAS a 6er of Dales for the new chain and wheel true.. Put the house on the market this morning at 9:00 and we already have an offer.. That quick... Bring on the dirt...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

Col de Swan

Two day outside in a row felt pretty good. Warm all over the state today and only going to get better.. Coach said that he did a lake loop yesterday and it was good just tricky on the downs because of all the shit. I went out on the single cross just looking for around 20 miles and not getting to far way from home(I had a chicken cooking on the stove and did not wat to over cook it). Good work felt like I could have had a smaller gear the 44x18 spins well it is just tough leaving breck going down hill you always want more. The climb up swan was great 10 mins nice and steady and little bubba factor.. Fliped at the top and down was something else.. I am use to doing this on the road bike hitting almos 50+ mph, today I kept the speed down lots of sand and canti breaks slow you down not stop you.. Back to breck good pace all got my chicken ready for tacos/././.MMMMMM FOOD

Sunday, March 04, 2007

God lives there

The big news around the bike world is that Steve Garro won Frame Builder of the year... You can know the man down but you can't break him.. Did a fare share of dad time with the kids because Anna was in Wisco getting a j@o#b, one step closer. Got 2.5 hours of cycling in the Springs today felt good the damm wind had it's way with me but it was good,,,... If all holds up Firuta this weekend get some dirt under my wheels.. American Flyer's was on tonight and it was fun to see never saw the whole thing through.. Watch out for big rivers this week.......

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It has been snowing and snowing latley. The mountain has been skiing well. Can't find my yard. Thinking about jumping off the roof... Something to do###