Saturday, June 30, 2007

Holy Crap Batman

Not a big fan of staying up late it wrecks me.. After some rest and a failed attempt of a brewery tour I got out for a nice afternoon spin.. 22 miles with a good hill legs felt good more than anything it got me drinking h2o. The plan for the day was to take the brother in law riding on HPT. Group got together at the shop then up the bluff. That is when we started to notice that Jasons bike had more problems than we thought.His cassette is worn so the chain would not stay on. We gave it a go but with some bigger hill on the path we had to bail.. Watch one of the group riders go ape shit because his bike was not riding right. He got the hockey temper and threw his bike punched his helmet and freaked out.. WOW>>>>>>>>>>>> Fish fry for dinner and another late one in bed early tonight.. Watch out running stop signs in breck even on a bike you can get a 90$ ticket. Bullshit.. Big race coming on WesnesdsayFirecracker 50 have fun.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Whats in you

Independent tape worm saloon......the hunger has been out of control lately. I have been felling good on the bike and getting some good miles. But I can't get enough food the more I ride the more that goes in me. the amount of food that I ate at work yesterday was silly. Had a wonderful 34 mile ride to work and another 10 miles home. Almost home and I blew out another spoke on the front wheel WTF...... The josh has a pair of cranks for the road bike that will be nice probably need a new chain too. No racing this weekend just riding... More and More of that..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

County Road ?????

Another day is gone amazing on what a day can bring. Yesterday was 93 with 65% humidity and a cool front moved in this morning and it was only 80 with 30% humidity,,nice day.. So for the few days the road up to grand dads bluff have have been closed because the road is falling apart. Now this has been a part of my ride to work for a month now a good climb to finish my commute and with the road closed it has been a treat.. It reminds me of riding up Swan Mountain road with no traffic nothing to bug you just climbing soooo sweet. So again this morning a solo ride up and down 19 miles total to work and another 10 miles home. after a good dinner and a bit of time with james I went back out. a nice 25 mile ride with one good climb a mile and a half up and up and up then some rolling vineyards and a sweet descent tapped the breaks at 50 mph fast enough. Good day in saddle.. Race face is coming through on the crank arms nice and now the Lemond is fucked the non drive side arm wont come off so either new arm or new cranks....? So this weekends WORS in in the air money needs to be spent and racing might not be a priority.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


If you know anything about This Guy you know that he is a super strong guy. Check out his latest post. This Mutant has ridden his bike all over the world hiked mountains and fought forest fires. And for the second time in just a few years he has cheated Death yet again. Steve we in the cycling world are all glad that you are still around.. Stick to the local Hops and Barley...

Monday, June 25, 2007


Sunday was a foggy start and we started out slow with breakfast and coffee.. I got Sophia to go out on a ride and we were out.. I gave here a challenge and she said ok so we were off to ride to grandma's house and back.. 24 miles and one good climb that she finished with a sprint great job.. Next was a trip to the burrito shop and a good lunch. After the food was down and the sun fully out we hit the local pool. james was killing it jumping off the side and kicking his legs he is really getting this swimming thing down. Crash time the boys napped while the girls hit the store. Anna and i dropped the kids off at grandmas and we got to go watch the loggers play base ball. Fun drank beer sat in the sun and yell at the umpire. A good full sunday now I want to take a nap but I got to go to work...Need to get my cranks fixed.. Send them Back to their maker.... Check out Bummer Life just another wisco SS update

Saturday, June 23, 2007


The race was on today and the weather was great not to hot and the humidity did not kill us. We started off with the run which I thought would suck and it was not that bad....The brothers started to gap us their. Fifth on to the single and felling ok the Creep and darkness were gone the Josh was giving it his best but they gapped him.. It was a bit greasy in the woods esp.. where the sun don't shine. Blew it on the first Prime small dab but got moving Toss was coming and did not want him to pass me.. As lap two continued I started noticing that my X-Type cranks were getting loose a issue that I have been dealing with all summer..Time to send in for warranty. Jesse got the win with Marko in second the Josh in third and me in 6th. I had to ease up on the cranks so they did not fall off I missed 5th by about a min and 3rd by nine mins. The time the Brother had was sick... The bike held up other than the cranks the Wily was flying and rode well Thanks. The Twin 6 gear rocked it and I was stoke to finish top 6 out of twenty something. Ran in to this gem a Coconino Cycle damm Steve makes nice bikes... Another race down keys got the door open just need to push a little harder..

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bring it

Hammers are going to be thrown in the AM..... Freaks from all over the state will show up in our neck of the state to go for the Champ title... I think back to the one we had back in CO which alway fell 2 day in front of the Firecracker It was always a throw down people off the couch and to 10 .. I am just looking for a good race the single is going to greasy and we have a Chariots Of Fire run to start the race of I think that blows...I only run when chased and in cross races... All I am looking for is fun another week is gone and two days of bikes and no work... So what do you have,, I hope for the keys that coach is always talking about...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

funky monkey

Another blue bird day with a slow spin in to work,, I hear that it is important to ride slow now and again so I gave it a try. After the ride home and supper I headed up to the HPT to do some more recon for the race. I have to say that the trails are in great condition. They have these trails groomed as nice as a bikini wax. Think that I am going to take off friday so the legs can get some rest. The wednesday night world champion race is on tonight in Breck,, on of my fav's straight up and then down. The big brother just upgrade to disc brakes so he'll be ready to rock some of the Taos single track.. If any of you new mex freaks are in the Taos area find him and drag him out on the trails.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Only Tuesday and damm I am tired.. Not sure what I need to do to keep the engine on full steam.. Eat more but still hungry....... Had a great ride up Grand dads this morning nice to get in some miles before having to work. Crazy how many comfort bikes we sell not a lot of high end we have them but people want comfort.... James started riding down the drive way and other small hills in the area he is really working on the break he now know that he can skid and leave a mark... How will the legs be for saturday.. Top something I hope.. Out on dirt tomorrow.. I need to sleep I am tired...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

READY SET GO**************************

Round and back circle round and back....................

Got to Levis today...Oh yea happy fathers day to all the dads out there..ROY you still have to wait until that sucker comes out... Went out to the Mound with the new boss and the skinny fat man.. More were to come but they were scared. It was a little warm and moist in the air but the trails were a blast... Ripping through the woods one gear and little fear got to ride the new trail sidewinder liked it so much that I wanted to ride it again.. The trails here are a little sandy than most others part of that whole glacial retreat thing. So sand was flying all over the place like a motorcycle laying on the throttle. Great trails and well built lots of speed and great fun. Nice to ride trails in another zip code.Another week of work on the way need to put in less miles this week with a big race coming up on saturday racing for the state champ or just to see the front end of the group..

High Koo E Koo


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Map it

If you click on the link you can see the profile of the ride not a bad day of climbing and this is the shorter rout the heat was getting a little nasty.. If you have not checked this stuff out yet do it all of you will like it..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Road Rage

My brother sent me this it is from the local paper here and the guy sounds mad.. I just hope he dose not decide to postal and start running us over.. And for the record you can ride two abreast here in Wisconsin. Share the road but shave the Toad. By PAUL HECKMAN | La Crosse . “Share the road with bicyclists.” OK, I can do that. Now, to the bicyclists: Share the traffic rules with motorists! Stop signs and red lights apply to you, too. So do directional signals (hand signals) so that we drivers can have a sense of what you’re doing. Riding in bunches down residential streets early in the morning while shouting to each other about nothing important is annoying as well. Personally. I don’t care what happens to any of you who disregard common sense, personal responsibility and respect for others while riding your bikes; I just don’t want to be part of an accident that you cause. .

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heating Up

The kid pull out another win which was always fun to watch she had real command of her ride and is climbing strong.. Anna and I had a great time with the flash backs of where we spent so much of our teem years.. I never spent any time their in the summer and it was beautiful it was a little warm but manageable. Need to figure out how to keep the h2o in the cage. They sent us out first with the 3o+ men I was third to the single and when the front two guys slipped up I went,, The damage had been done and I was off.. I raced the rest of the day solo and had all the single to my self.. Again 98% single track and wow how great the trails were. They hold a 24 hour here at Afton and it must be a great race because they have such great trails. We have a week off their is a race in the WORS next week but it is fathers day and the boys from the shop are going to Levis to ride so I think that I'll join in. State champ race on the 23 a race for 3rd... Have fun go fast and spin to win.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


No sure what it means but they call me that at work.. Yesterday was the group ride that leaves from the shop..So to all the riders I got interduced as the NFG from colorado. That was the reason everyone wanted to be on the front...I ws just out for the ride... The trails are i great condition and it was nice to ride it with the locals. Bob one of the designers was out with us to...the singles were the call for the day. Good ride a little blood a tree snake jumped out and grabbed me. The trails are not overgrown but the hight of the foliage would put CB to shame.....almost hard to see where you are going. Good end of the work week 30 miles on the day and rest today play at the pool and then off to Afton to my old stomping grounds.. should be fun,,,,,, Sophia should have a new post got some photos on the KHS site,,,,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wind crys..................................................................................

Clear now but by the time I am heading home I don't think it will be to safe.. This is hard one for me I want to ride could use the miles but don't want to fly off to Canada. As of now the wind is blowing 20-30 that could be good resistance. Dirt group ride tomorrow good for the race on sunday.. I am going to be pissed if Boonen is part of the EPO/Coke ring... Pro's suck...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This photo is from The Liam Doran, 485-2071 collection... First day of work never thought that a bike shop could be that busy bikes walking out the door... 26 miles round trip of total distance between work and home with 6 of those pulling james in the trailer. Got some live Fugazi from I heart single speed can't wait to listen to that.. another day tomorrow and more racing this weekend.. The photo is from the trash dump race last year.. I like the people chasing in the back ground.. I think that they caught me,, had some chain dropping issues..

Monday, June 04, 2007

CrossN the line

I missed the photo of sophia coming across the line with her arms in the air.. Good for her head.... A move up is not to far away.. Another one on sunday again with the climbing...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gave it a go

We went to MN today for a race and the weather held up gray skies but no rain. Sophia had a great race and she Won.. She really rode her bike well today and had a good time.. I was really impressed with the venue and did not have a bad race.. I led almost the whole race and was trying to keep a IF rider from coming around it did not work as well as I wanted. He came around and I had a hell of a time getting back on his wheel. The Course was really greasy and and tight, so passing was rough. He bested me by 54 seconds and we 1-2.. Great climbing I was impressed good turn out great single track and a quick and easy drive.. Gas in MN was 14 cents cheaper than here. Another one next sunday at Afton Alps my old skiing grounds... Sounds so weird to say that...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'am bringing old school back

Iam going to rock this old jersey tomorrow.. I bought this my senior year in high school. It was my only one for years the blue on front is a different blue than on back from sun fade. Back in the old days their was no camalebacks and the sun at 10,000 feet was relentless. The Wily showed up this morning and it was a surprise I thought for sure that I would be riding Joshes Rig... Again thanks to him for the offer..NICE GUY>>>>>> Might be a bit on the muddy side so I am happy to have my own bike,,,Still can't be as bad as the teva mountain games.. Watch out for assholes on the phones and open pot holes and holes full of pot..

Friday, June 01, 2007

Kind Hearted Man (The Josh)

Well it seems that DHL has screwed the pooch on getting my frame back to me on time.. Their is an outside chance that it may make it back tomorrow morning but that chance is a snowballs chance in hell.. Oh well shit happen and most of the time to me.. The JOSH a local hero when it comes to matters of the bike is going to let me use his rig it is going to be a little small but with my stem and a super fast effort the race on sunday should go fast.. What a guy letting me use his bike I'll use my wheels to just because it is me and I can be the destroyer. I am just ready for the bad luck shit to end.. Ready for mountain biking and a lot of it. Levis is my next destination. Almost 10 pounds of weight after moving to wisco, even after a 800+ mile may.. I have drank a lot of beer got to do something. Has everyone checked out www.mapmyride. com.. Pretty cool...As for that not sure what tomorrow brings need to get the kids front derailer adjusted and get JOSHES bike..what a nice guy....

Give me the cure

I spent an hour on the phone with DHL last night. I have been tracking the location of my frame since it was sent. And until last night it was on it's way to be here this afternoon.. AS of last night they were saying monday.. I had talked to a person and checked on the internet everything was a go then it changed. I have the kid and i signed up for racing on sunday. What I was told is that I might be able to go to DHL on Saturday and pick it up instead of it be delivered . How ever it works...I just want my shit. I would like to put it back together and get some riding in on it before racing. I wanted to wake and ride this morning but the allergies kept me sleeping sometimes hard to motivate.