Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One bitten

I have been bitten by the bug. I am going to try to get to the CX race in Hudson Wi on sunday. It is closer than some of the other ones. Their is a race 40 mins away on monday nights just hard to get to with work and family. I know that I can do better than I did on saturday esp,, with my small crash and so close to the end. Need to ride smater and have a bit better of a start. Jared would be happy to know that I am in to the Cross,,, now just need a Spot Cross. Then I will be cooking with Gas.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This was my first race the 3's and first cross race in almost 2 years. Big field 52 riders on the line and I was in the 5th row. Not the way that I wanted to start. After all the rules from the grumpy USA cycling lady it was go time. Moved up through the pack and watched James move up to the front. Smooth through the barriers and all the corners, and still moving up. With 2 to go I made some moves and helped open the gap on the chasers as I worked with 3 other guys. With 4 turns to go on the tightest part of the course the rider in front of me goes down and I blow my line. As I picked my self up I lost 3 spots. Came across the line in 11th, some what bummed with the finish after riding a smooth race should have made a move when it was there. Had fun would love to do more lots of driving for 40 mins of racing. More to come? We'll see. Go fast and have fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

MAD Cross

A little more prep so I can get my ass handed to me this weekend at my first cross race in 1 1/2 years. Body feels ok we'll just have to see. Good tunes running through my head, would love it if I could find Walt Mink on CD. More work to do hope I stay up right.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kid MoVeR

The new brakes help stop the onegear child mover. Now only if I can make it to a cross race. The new wider bars are making it easier to jump stuff. If I just could get James to help more with the pedals we could move faster.

Man DoWn

Got to do some of that dirt ridding on sunday. Meet up with Roger and Pickle and Tostin. Sun was out and the trail was dry, on account that I does not rain here any more. We jump on the new section of trail and were having a blast. Toss and my self were up to our usual riding pushing it and launching over what ever we could. That is when I heard the sound of bike smashing and body clashing. As he went to air over a rock garden his rear wheel came up, slamming him in the ground. We removed him from the woods as he was able to walk out but shaken up a good bit. After rogers wife got him to the ER we found that it was a 3rd separation of his shoulder. No break just some pain and a doctors visit next week. Now we just have to deal with work. Hope he fells ok, work is enough to make any one fell like Shit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It was a GoOd DaY

At least until I left the woods and had to go to work.
Getting Dirt on the way to work is good.
Not huge miles but dirt none the less.
The SPOT is riding better than ever, I am just wondering if
I left my legs in Spearfish?
I want more racing but this riding for fun is a blast
what to do??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Broken cross brakes
bring new ones, and I like what I see.
Cool morning temps have been nice just running out of
hills. My go to hill was chip sealed and I don't
have a death wish.
Time is not on my side.
Now to race or not to race this weekend is the question.
3 hour drive for a 12.5 mile race. Not
sure what the folks in MN are thinking
with a short race and having it be the state champion race.
I think that I would rather rally the troops and go to Levis.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stay on target

Need to be pinched. I rode bikes with both of my kids today and no one whined and bitched. Well Sophia may have bitched a bit at the bottom of Schuffelbine. But was all smiles when she got to the top.
I broke out the silver and black to
to get my mind set about racing in MN. Going to try my best to get to St. Cloud for the MN State SS race. Short race long drive.
James and I got to do his first big ride with out his training wheels and he did great. A bit wobbly left to right having a few issues with some trees and the fact that the sidewalk is not as wide as he would like. He did great rode to the park then before dinner we rode again and played Star Wars. We watched Empire Strikes Back last night and he is all about the Star Wars. So good day few more Points and then bed,work starts again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Speed Kills

Rainy day, which is good by me. I think a week of single cross with the boy in tow has made my legs tired. Saying good bye to an old friend, off to make someone else happy. Now if it drys out me and the Spot can go and ride some dirt. AHHH dirt, that sounds good to me. I like ripping the Agent Orange in the woods.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Running in Place

Bits and pieces, legs still work and still get tried. Works is busy and people are buying bikes as nice weather holds on. Midwest World Championship is this weekend, and once again I will not be there. Not sure where the next test will be. Starting to think about skate skiing and more layers. Until then more cycling is in order. New bottom bracket going in the Spot today and, dirt this weekend. Stay warm and dry!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


With a good chill in the air and
some thick fog I went with the Roadie
and I think that it was a good pick.
I have not been on the gears in a week after spending so much time on the
the single cross. I love my bike selection that I have now.
The road bike rides so smooth and The Drive Train makes me smile
every time I shift.
This morning was nothing more than some tempo with two good hill climb intervals.
Every time I stood or demanded more the bike responded and moved well.
And when going down hill the steel frame almost guides its self down .
Now I just need to get through work so I can go home and ride with Jimmy Rock.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Good thing that it is the weekend because the shit is really stacking up at work!!!!


Ok it is getting cooler out and all people can talk about now is cross. I to get excited about this I just don't live close to any of the race venues. I am getting my self ready: I have put on the cross wheels on my bike and some new bell lap bars. Then to top it off some new cables and bar tape. Note that noting is carbon or top of the line. Will I make it to any of the races?I hope at lest one or two, I do enjoy it.

Some of my training for it includes pulling the trailer bike up hills and dodging traffic. And from time to time I get on and get off, and run .... The running is the hardest part. So get out your A bike and clean up your B bike fall is coming and so is the cross seen.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


The start line for the 5-Oh,,, Lots of NE boys off the front... This was also the finish line so I was happy to see it again. Plans for next year.. Yea sure you bet cha'.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crispy Fried

Body feels good but the bike is fried. Finally got a chance to put it in the stand after work and see the damage. The fork I knew had issues, hope to get it pulled apart, this week. The Bottom Bracket on the other had on the non drive was fried. I called up race face and asked how long the bearings were supposed to last and they said a year or so. I have only about a year so they said that they would send a new set out. So by the time that the BB gets here I hope to have the fork all fixed up. Until then it is time to get my super sweet Roadie out. This will be nice smooth quite and so much easier with those new fancy gears. As I was putting my bike in the car today I looked down at my Cateye, and the time on it was 4:23.... and my stop watch on my HR was 4:29... What was the difference ?? Flat Tire. Oh well Still one of the Sickest Races that I have done in a long time.

Fifty report

The Dakota 5-0! By far one of the best Mountain Bike Events EVER!!! First thanks to all that helped Spot/Maverick, Ergon, Twin 6 and King Cage. And a BIG thanks to my family for traveling and putting up with a cycle crazy husband and Dad. As the race started I did what I wanted to do, i sat in a group of 4-5 strong single speeders as we drafted up the dirt road to the single track. When the single track came I did not want to be the first of the group but no one went so first I was. I pulled for about 4 miles or so until Colin came around followed by two more, now I could sit in and let someone else do the work. Until,,,, I flatted. I rode the flat as long as I could after flipping the bike over i was passed by at least 7 single speeders and a hand full of others. Pissed and now behind I had to play the defensive roll of catching back on. This was not my plan, as I came to aid #2 I started to see some of the passers, and just stuck with it. By aid#4 I was back up to where I need to be. Made it to Hobo camp where the bacon and beer hand ups were, passed one more and it was time to start going down. One of the most white knuckle descents ever done, one wrong move and you were done for the day if not more. Now fighting with the last rider I passed it was the last bit of single to the dirt road then the finish. I was able to hold off the Kona rider to come in 5th and just under 4:30. I was happy I was up in the mix when I flatted and was able to get back and finish in the $$. Great race great weekend fun for all. If you want to have fun on your bike and see some sweet single track get out to the Dakota 50.