Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not a Shut In

 I have been saying that any weather over 30 is good for outside riding. It snowed yesterday and I was sure that I was in the Garage again. 
 Armed with my T6 suit and some bits of wool I headed out today sub 30.. Could not  ride indoors and with fenders on the Titus work could get done. 
Would love to ride in the sun but will take what I got today.. Inspired after watching two days of spring classic's. 
Sophia's bike is getting a make over.. My old Maverick and Tostin built front wheel. My Paul Love levers and some new bars.. If she is real good maybe some new Ergon's.                                       

Loving the fact that the roads are dry and some longer rides and some 
more intensity will be coming as March becomes reality.
Can't wait to feel dirt under my wheels and not the crap on the side of the road.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quite in the Morning

 Daylight is coming a bit earlier and earlier each day. But it still makes for some hard motivation to get out and on my way.
 After getting buzzed by trucks and people in suits drinking their morning blend and talking on the phone it is always a relief to get on the path.  Even if that path takes me to work. 
Bits of Zen in hectic world .......I'll take it.....
Always better than the work that is needed in the Garage.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cement Marsh

After a week of dry roads and miles outside the snow came and it all changed.
The commute this morning was an interesting one.
Slippery corners and thick snow clumps.
But movement was doable. Until
I got to the un-plowed bike path through the marsh. I was able to 
keep it moving for a bit but then it was just over.
Just like than the cement like snow brought me to a halt. 
Off the bike running like a very long side pit in a CX race. 
Legs were so happy once I as back on the bike and spinning. 
Ready for spring or just warmer dryer weather.  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 Wheeled Fever

Frostbike was yesterday up in the Minny Apple.
Drove up to the Hwood HQ and headed to the show. 
QBP is like wonka's chocolate factory for cyclist. Booths were set up with 
new and exciting stuff for the new season. 
I got to shake hands and give thanks to some of the 
different people that are helping me along with 
this bike racing thing. Got to lay hands and eyes on my new saddle and bars
that are on their way.
Lots of great faces and funny story's about bikes and bike riding. 
Even got a chance to run in to Bobke. 
The afternoon goal was to make it to the Cutters Ball...After a meal at Mikes home of the 
Juicy Lucy the day was getting long, and the fear of being stuck in the 
cites DU to a impending storm had me heading  home. 
Now the whole way home all I could do is think about bikes.
Ones that I have or ones that I want,, rides that I have been 
on or races that can't be missed. I think that I even dreamed in 
two wheels.

Only to be slapped in the face by old man winter today. 
The once dry roads are under blankets of fresh snow. 
The commute to work that was once clean bike lanes are full....
Nothing left to do but sit in the garage with the door part open for fresh air and 
ride the rollers to no where. 
Could be worse and spring is around the corner.. 
I love bikes!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Legs caked with dirt and muck road spray in my face and teeth
A crud stripe running up my back.
All smiles...
Mid February melt down. Not going to last for ever
but while it was here the miles were nice. 
Back to back days of riding,, hills,,, wind,,a big chicken
and even getting chased by a dog.
This is all going to make riding in the garage very hard to do.
But it is a must.. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Weather like this is a treat for February.. After yesterdays snow squall and soggy bottom boy ride this was great. Turning the cranks over and ticking away them miles. Nothing but open pave all to my self.. The roads I have to say are in ok shape but the winter has had it way with them. Spun for two plus hours and was down to base layers by the time I got home.
Anna was all kitted up and ready to go and get some early miles in. She gave out a big old Whooop Whooop as she headed out. 
Now if it could only stay this nice... It wont but we'll always be able to remember how nice it was. 
Good weekend and that only means that tomorrow their will be a bunch of broken shit to fix. 
Bring it on!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Put on the Belt

The weather is finally shifting from the freezer to the cooler.
The morning was spent with the boy and some much needed french press coffee then I was off to ski SMU.
Fresh groom was had right from the car, corduroy and brisk temps.
Body heat made the colder temps manageable. Skiing at SMU is an up hill work out with 
little to no flat skiing. Two hours and I was good and cooked.

I had stated at the Moon with Anna that my goal for the weekend was some outside miles. Got my self all prepped for 27 degrees and snow falling form the sky. Not  caring all I wanted were miles and to feel pavement. Great start legs felt good even with the hard ski from the day before.
I loved it enjoy the miles and the time on the bike 
things went well 
until I found my self on some wet roads and 
the snow flying sideways.
As the water ran down my legs and in to my shoes I tried to imagine that it was just a 
cold day in Belgium.
More tomorrow but the weather is to be warmer almost 40+ a bit windy but as long as I stay dry 
I'll be happy.
 No football tomorrow but that is ok!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Euro Trash

Things coming together,, I wait with great anticipation of the new Dark Spot in my life. Spoke with Paul and have a Chain Keeper 
coming for the 1x9 set up now just need to find a trigger shifter to move the chain up and down. I need to move a few parts so I can get a few new parts but that will all work out. The switchblade fork off of sophia's bike is up for sale and a bontager 29er rear wheel laced up to a DT 240 hub,,, and some other miscellaneous parts. Point is things are happening......bring on spring.

On that note have the day off tomorrow to go and hang out with The James @ school then heading up north for a bop till you drop ski session at ST Marys some of the best XC skiing this side of the Rocky's.
And the word is for some warmer weather 40's this weekend so out on the Titus to get some February miles and my salt intake for the weekend. And maybe just maybe if Homodepot not sure if their will be enough time.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Working through It

I don't have a Coach or a Power Device.
I am working the old fashion way.
I hope that it works but only time will tell.
With all the snow I have been skiing as much as 
I can if not more.
And the wheels are moving.
Would power be nice or some one telling me what to do help?
But hard work and long hours is what is on my docket. 
More good stuff showed today.
I heard the UPS truck show up as I was finishing a block of intervals in 
the garage.
I was a big box of Endurox products. Some R4 some Acceleraid and 
best of the bunch their work out supplement.
What I have learned is to train smart and to fuel right. 
One thing I do have this season is a good group of people making sure that 
my nutrition and hydration is going to be well taken care of.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Green and Gold

The Skis felt really good this morning sliding along in what seemed like a 
milk carton on the golf course. Hard to see definition in the snow with the low
cloud deck. Still nice doing laps and feeling the deep leg burn. 
Wanted to get out on the road this morning but the temps were not
coming up as fast as I wanted.
Spent sometime this afternoon doing a early spring clean of the 
garage making way for good things to come. 
The new Spot is on it's way along with some
bits and pieces from 3T, San Marco, and Maverick.
Can't wait to get this new bike together so I can stare at pictures of
single track and dream about riding through the woods. 
Big day tomorrow hope that it ends well and if it 
does I think that the whole state should get a day off of work to celebrate. 
Go Pack GO!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Feed ME

New this year food from my favorite sweet treat!
Sting or be Stung!
And yes I will carry my eppi pin