Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dressed well and it was even warm not sunny but warm i'll take it. Also did not get any flats so win win. Did not have as much time as I wanted but I made due with I had. 4 Climbs and good movement. The single cross is moving better now with the new chain and with all the climbing it should be broken in. Weather this week and warmer temps. Looks like the gravel trails in the area are drying out so I'll get out and do some bike practice on those weather permitting. Go Fast and enjoy spring.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flat City

To many flats in one week. Todays was bull shit. Looks like I rode over some thing and it put a hole in the tire. The part that bit me in the ass was i was on the way home form work I am tired and the tire wont seat back on the rim right. With the one co2 that I have I fill the tire and now have a nice bump in my ride. Made it home but still bull shit. The ride in to work was much better good climbing and much better luck followed by a doughnut. Plan tomorrow is to get a few hours in on the single cross see how the legs feel and get ready for the race in madtown. Not sure how i'll respond to the 60 miles on gravel.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Smell that smell

This sign says a lot..

Brave as Old John Wayne

Taking the boy
to daycare in the trailer is
fun but it is more better after
drooping the trailer.
I fell like a semi driver after getting ride of
it's load. Hills seem like small bumps.
Second flat in a week this one was all my fault ,
I was drafting behind the short bus and cased a
pot hole. The worst part is the alien that I have had
since it's creation broke getting the tire off.
Hard to say good bye to old friends we have been through
so much together.
Weekend is coming and I need to get ready for the

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Dawn

Moving through traffic on the way to work is the way to go
opp ivy and tupelo ringing in my ears and a
big bright glowing ball.
Some say that commuter miles don't count
and I am not sure what that means.
I say the more the better, legs are just happy to
ride. The first one could be the H8tervill?

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Grey was the color of the day not the pastels of easter. I got to eat jelly beans while i spun, the jelly belly kind not bad, still like the Cliff blocks better. Sun Snow and some hills not bad not what was on the agenda but it worked. Dressed right of once but forgot the knee brace and for what ever reason my knee never hurt. Still think that i should wear it for a while. Warmer is on the way still only March, April should be better.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

screaming mimi

A bit of slacking this week is helping with the aches and pains. Who would have thought that playing at a water park would work the body so much. I am getting old. The Kids had a blast, james has great slide technique lay flat arms crossed. At time I felt like I was in a bad dream with loud noises and tons of people and kids dumping water on your head. Snow all across the area not as much here as there was in the Dells but snow all the same. Things are to dry up so maybe this afternoon after work i can get out. Their is a ride going on with BOB tomorrow I might make it a choose your own adventure out of it. Monday will start the end of the rest and back on the horse, that should make the body happy. I am digging this road shoe thing now just need insoles.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ball-Hog or Tugboat

The New shoes and pedals are becoming more of an extension of the
foot, just like D Boon and Watt said.
Now just need to get the back of my knee use to the knee brace.
My knee cap is responding like I thought it would.
Low volume this week , weather coming and
the family and I are going to
the Dells for some in door water park fun.
Things are going to get ramped up next week.
Quick starts today stealing from roy.
Snow is coming this is not the mountains.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frames,.,.,.,.,The boys and I wait , but when they come we ride. Until check them out.

Ahh Crap

After dinner spin and i did not fell like I had any power, was able to generate a descent pace but could not light it up. The road shoes and pedals worked well still need to tweak those out. I think that I am going to have to wear my knee brace for a while again. I got this felling in my knee two years ago Doc PJ said that my petal was not tracking straight my father in law told me to wear a knee brace and that fixed it. We'll see if it works again. Might need inserts in my shoes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Circle takes a Square

New to me I have been on road bikes now for about 10 years and have never ran road shoes, until now. I got a pair of shoes from work and a sweet pair of Ritchey pedals, so new to me. The only bummer is one of the cleats were cracked so no go tonight. I was going to give them a try on rollers. Taking easy with some stretching and chilling with the kids. Weather was supposed to be rolling through so I drove for the first time in a week doing my best to not drive. Talked with my 8 year nephew who has been ripping it up in Taos this winter, he was telling me about his jumping and gave him some pointers for landing his 360's. AH to be young again. Bikes and gear are moving folks are stoked that spring is here. So am I. Ride Rest Repeat.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tony Orlando and Gone

Spoke to coach this morning talked bikes and kids and all that fun stuff. It always helps to hear from him he puts me in line and reminds me that I do have a clue of what I am doing. I do miss home did not fell like a freaky loaner, as i do here. Got the Lemond out and went road riding was shooting for 6 climbs and 3 hours, and came up short. I was dressed well but was cold had a hard time to getting warm, so I skipped the 6th climb because of the condition of the road and the fact that I was bonking. I am working on eating while on the bike and thought that I did a good job but I guess not. Breakfast was 3 whole grain waffles scrambled eggs and english muffins with a banana and orange before I went out. I guess not enough. I think that the tape worm is full effect. Riding gears was nice and can't wait until the new bike is ready to go. I put on a race x light saddle that I got for the new road bike on the lemond to start breaking it in...... it felt ass liked it. Good movement this week monday starts a new need to keep up the work seeing place that need improvment more saddle time to come just tired of being cold on the bike, warmer days ahead.
Post ride pick me up!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Testing 1,2,3

A costumer came in and showed us the other day I stoled this off of No Shift watch it and see how you do.

Friday, March 14, 2008

New day rising

With the boy in tow we
were off.
James was all about the trailer this morning
singing and hooting and hollering.
Made it to day care and I was off to work watching
the sun come up few close calls with big SUV's
I can understand it is hard to eat and drink coffee
while on the phone and driving,,,,I fell sorry for them.
That is ok the music selection was great with Husker Du
Replacments and Soul Asylum rock i pushed on.
Yea i live in Wisco and cheer on the pack but I am
still just some kid from MN.
Almost to work behind the fest grounds found my demise a
patch of ice that sent me sliding on my ass
woke me up like two more shots of espresso.
But I still did not have to drive I got
to ride in with the sun and my son and
rock out along the way.
Maybe some day I'll get a cell phone so I
can be like the rest of America..
Naaaaa over rated..
It is Friday have fun.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Temps pushed into the tropical range today which meant the shop was extra busy on the eve of our big spring sale. Pushed the pedals a good bit today starting to break in my new shoes fit is good and they feel worlds better than my back up shoes. May have to break out the Lemond this week end and try for a 4 hour day, we'll see hard to be gone that long sometimes from the homestead. Gears could be a treat lots of single miles have been logged so far. Spring has sprung the freaks are out and so are their bikes, fresh from the snow bank.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

James and the family stone

This he is the boy on his first ride outside on his new rig. Happy not to have to do laps around the living room. His sister has been loving her old Schwinn breeze that I brought home from work. It is only march but we are ready to go, good miles in so far now just time to put it all together. For me I wait for Sun Race to get parts so the Gunnar can start rolling, not ready to take it outside just want it together. Until the roads get clear the Lemond and Single Cross will do the work. Got to see my first Superfly today one of the hottest and most sought after bikes that will be in the store this summer. The bro-thers know what it is all about and will show the rest of us how to get it done this summer.


At $3.25
a gallon trying to commute as
much as i can need to be up earlier
and move with the sun as it rises
watch out for the black ice because the
23mm's don't like ice.
Spin win and keep your eyes out for the
cars that don't like bikes.


Miles come in waves and the smiles are there, Sleep comes in chunks and their is never enough. 91/2 hours last night left me wanting more. Warm temps bring out all the tri bikes and people in shorts. More is good spring is here.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

can't feel my feet

The group rode well today the goal was smooth and not totally freezing. The smooth happened but the freezing that was another story. I was cold from start to finish only warming up as I went up YY which was a good push with the gear I have on. I have debated something bigger which would make max speed on the flats higher but would destroy me on the hills. Regardless it has been nice to be out now just warm up so i don't have to deal with the cold. King Cages should be here this week, best ever if you don't have one you need to get some, handmade and you will never drop a bottle. The good just keeps on rolling in.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Less than more

20 degrees 10 wind chill hour spinning single cross worth it.. Spring it on!!

Chris King

If any one out there is looking for some King hubs I have a set for rim brakes 24 front 28 rear,
King Black with the bontrager name strong light,,, were laced up to ceramic rims now just sitting around.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Recession is shit

If beer prices keep going up i am going to have to start sniffing glue. Sun was out and got a good amount of vitamin D. Spring is coming the say that the temps are going to be in the 40's all next week. Warmer is better and more is better just not when it comes to the price of my beer. I have been riding in my old now back up shoes while i wait for my good shoes to get repaired. Bring it on.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

check your head

New skid lid today I like starting the season off with a new noodle top and this one is by far the nicest so far from Rudy. Weather has been a bit crappy and cold can't wait until the days get longer the outside stuff is really nice and now have a set of road wheels with a bigger gear for the single cross. Good food rest and more to come.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Don't want to know if you are lonely

Spring sprung a bit today so it was time to get outside. The weather man talked about rain in the afternoon so I went after morning espresso. Good weather good tunes and fast rolling, and my good old riding partner.....perfect. Some hills some turkeys and bits of salt. Took some new roads and made so different turns so I have some better ideas of rides to come. The weather guys is still talking of snow/rain but not till tonight. Now I get some pork ready for shredding so we can have soft tacos mmmm food. Spring froward is next weekend I am ready.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

March On

Salt is evil, I took the kids road bike in today and ripped it apart and the thing was coated with salt and crud, and she barely rode in and crappy weather this fall. Just think what it is doing to my gas powered machines. Just got done putting the new bits on the Wily looks great still have some time before the Maverick makes it on, closer to race time. Need to take it in to the shop and lube and polish mainly lube. My ride is not going to be as light as all the new rides for the Grumpy Ogars Team at the shop but still dam nice. I look to the day when the new Wily comes not sure when but it will happen this spring. Small builder take a bit more time and with me states away I can't drop in. All will come. 40's tomorrow with good chance of rain so I am going to try to get out before the weather, rain is good it will melt snow and wash away the salt. PBR time go fast and then go faster.