Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tears in my beer

We have had three weeks of great snow pack.
The trail conditions here in Lacrosse have been the 
best that I have seen in my four years here.
But so far today we are experiencing Shit Soup.
and it wont end until tomorrow night when they are calling for thunder storms.
Now I don't think that all the snow will go away but it is going to make our
Bing Crosby winter wounder land look like shit.
Now not being a smart man I will like I do most day gear up
for a 7.5 mile ride in to work staying dry on the inside and 
crying on the outside. It 
is still not even January so things can change and 
we could be sitting on feet of snow again. If not let all of it melt
let the temp get over 50 and lets start riding out side more with fewer layers.
Ok I am now done whining like a little Bitch.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I have  been skiing as much as 
I can. Not always as long as I would
like but as hard most days as I can.
Yesterdays hill repeats worked me pretty good,
and my thought for today was going to be just some Cruz skiing.
When I got to the trail head I was that the whole system was groomed
and off I went. Came across a new hill that they worked on with 
fresh corduroy on it. Straight up ,,,could not help my self 
so much for an easy day. 
But with all the good comes some bad ,, long range forecast is for rain on 
Friday WTF!!!
Rain in December this is going to piss me off and wreck the snow
pack. May just have to get on the bike.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The skiing has been good and I have been trying to get 
out as much as I can.
Other than the commute I have not been doing much with the 
bike other than day dreaming.
I have heard no and we are cutting back our budget more this 
year than I have in any other.
Still trying to get things lined up and hoping to hear some more yeses so I can start to 
line things up.
The new year should bring some changes.
All are recovering from some post holiday bliss.
The family had a good haul and I think that 
Anna really likes her new car even though she wont be driving it anytime soon.
Need to land another XC set up so the two girls don't need to share.

Go Green and Gold.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Brendnie

Here is to the man that they have called Grover.
I at times call him my brother.
Today he is old..... much older than me he is now
We  have been though a lot together over the years.
He handed me down his bike and I taught him how to ride it.
He was the first one on skis and I showed him how they worked.
When he finished collage and needed a place to live I had him move in with me.
We've rocked out to music and slid down mountain peaks,
stood in streams and watched our children grow.
Separated now by miles and miles 
we don't see each other to often but I know with skis on his feet and 
some fuzz tones in his head that Forty will be a happy day for sure.
Happy Birthday Old Man 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Light White Heat

Full moon ski but their was no moon to been seen after it slid in
to the clouds.
Their was new snow that was freshly groomed and it skied super fast.
I slid around at break neck speed 
up and down through the woods loving the snow
and the speed.
With bright light on my head the night was lit up and I wanted more,,,,,, but between needing to get the kid from work and being tired from commuting through the snow I  called it a night. 
Here comes the Light!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pale White

Saturday and Sunday ski has
left my legs tender. That was the goal,
the skiing has been great even with the hoards of people who chose to 
walk on the ski trail and post hole their fast asses along.
More snow is on the way and the chance of some freezing drizzle 
which can make thing a bit more interesting.
Commute to work this morning will be good 
could be crazy on the way home.
The light has almost returned and then
things will turn green. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


What a difference a day can make. Tuesday night
was as slow as molasses could almost 
walk up the hills.
Last night  the snow was lightning fast.
Their were times I felt as if I was a foot a head of my self the 
way the skis were running.
Bumped in to some of the Emagers and got
picked on for skiing with my Helmet but the 
brightness of my light said it all. 
With that light on I can see every thing and go so much faster in the dark.
It is wort it.
Regardless I am pooped this morning and now looking forward to my commute. 
Bring it on if it has not be broughten.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soft all around

I feel as if I am getting week as today is the third
day of driving to work. As usual it is a 
weather determined break that makes me get off the bike.
With wind chills in the -20's and the roads still nasty 
getting to work may be a challenge. I am hoping for some
good skiing. Last night was hard mixed with the cold snow and my wax getting skied
off. Every pole plant sunk in about 6" making for some funny form.
The Grooming is only going to get better as it gets more packed down.
I went with my Fp 3.1 and Cygo Light and that sure lit up the snow.
Tonight will have to be another session on the hamster rollers
riding in place and sweating out the bezeaousbelt.

Monday, December 13, 2010

White is right

Their has been some snow
and then some more snow.
Had a great ski on friday up in Winona, before 
the big snow hit and it was wonderful
hill and more hills. 
Then it started, a bit on the ground on saturday morning and I 
attempted to ski but after the van
pulled a 360 my mood was shot.
Sunday was spent moving lots and lots of the white stuff.
Ready to get back out there the Teal is on the sticks.
Under the lights tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Night sking
running lights snow
scared by a blade                     need
bigger lights

More Laps = More Funner

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nordic Good

Slow day at the shop
yesterday but the payoff was the last customer telling me how good the skiing was.
So home I went, with a much cleaner commute as all the snow had been plowed.
Need to get my bench cleared off and set up 
the waxing station.
Happy skis are fast skis,, and yes they were happy today.
Best that I have ever felt for a day one on snow.
And the conditions were great for no snow to snow.
Ran in to the former owner of my skis and we slid through the woods.
I could have skied for ever today but there was way to much other stuff to do.
I can't wait for the next time out need to find my light 
or more lights so I can keep going. 

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Snow is on the ground and the thought of hot wax and skis race through my head.
I am at the shop today and the voices in my head say
don't drive when you can ride a bike.
Just need to
let out some  pressure and I should be good. 
19 days and the light returns and we'll take another

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I am trying

 Something has got to give.... I can wait but for how Long!!!!??

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


November is done and finding time to 
ride is going to get harder.
The commute now becomes a game of 
layers and what is falling from the sky and what is on
the ground.
Today was the first day that I got to feel the white
stuff on my face all be it that it wasn't much.
Trying to decide what was a dry patch and what was ice 
is a true mental game. Still not as bad as coming down the 
cut on my road bike the other day that was tricky.
So here is to December and the return of the light and
fast wheels turning in the cold.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The weather man said it was
to be warmer today. Still had to wear the layers even with the
wind blowing out of the south.
Bob had put out a email stating that he was
going to ride  the crushed gravel and it sound like a
Good spin heading north and around the park,
hell of a head wind coming home. 
I started getting super hungry on the way back
got in the house and started to eat.
Wind Soft Gravel=hard work.

Now need to do some bike maintenance too many flats.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Low Angle

Being that I was anti garage riding yesterday
I headed out to the crushed lime stone not realizing that 
their would be people dressed in orange and carrying guns.

So I opted today today to head over the river and through the woods.
Was not so much of a river as a creek or two. 
The Cut

Blue bird sky's and chili temps. Stayed warm and climbed some hills, again felt soooo
good to be out side. Only got sketchy once due to ice covered roads.
But again can't say it enough better than riding inside. 

Got to make hay while the sun shines.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Tempo in the garage yesterday, made
me realize why I like riding 
outside so damn much.
I'll get back out today even if it 
is going to be a cold one.
Need to get my work bench cleaned up so
I can start the tear down of my Spot
Only took an hour on the the interwebs and
it sold. Time for new time for another page to 
be written.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Empty Belly's

Time to do the American thing and let our waistbands expand... Bring it ON!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Mid week slump
or just being driven nutz by weather.
The ride on sunday in the elements 
helped thicken my skin. Not wanting 
to ride in the indoors.
Stumbled across an old box of magazines and 
made me think of younger days. 

Crap on the way in the way of frozen rain ,,,,going to need to let out some tire pressure.  
Then bring on the food I am ready to feed the tapeworm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rubber Sole

Seem to be to many in the garage that need to be replaced.
The Titus was the bike that I wanted with 
the thin coating of moisture on the ground.
But once again flat rear. The Hard Case 28's have seen 5-6K miles and

I think that they are done for.
Think that their is one or two sets left at the shop and 
I am going to have to snatch them up. Bontrager in their super wisdom
stopped making one of their best tires ever.

So with that I ended up on the Gunnar which is not normally the foul weather bike
but it was today.
Low clouds hung on the bluffs and i really wanted to go up
hill. So I did and in to a cloud that was full of wet cold water.
Thanks to the Metal and some woolie socks 
I made it down the S descent the slowest I have ever gone down that
hill. But in the greasy conditions I stayed upright.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orange Crush

Another day and another
hill to climb.
No malfunctions and multi
Hunters in the woods with guns.
Time to ride the Pave as
long as layers are layered up.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Another morning of bike mishaps and 
This time cleats were fine but tire was flat so I had to do a bike 
and shoe swap again.
I need to spend some time working on all the bikes and 
making sure that they are sea worthy.

If MTB riding is done for the year
I need to strip down the Spot and 
get it ready to sell.
But first I need to do a tire inspection and see what is getting worn.

Other than that another good morning climbing the 
quarry road and if I don;t do it again tomorrow it maybe over.
Gun season is starting and don't want to get shot.
That may hurt just a bit.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am not super hero and don't try to pretend to be one.
But this morning I needed x-ray vision to get through the fog.
Plan was to ride the bike that shifted but as I 
started to ride away my right foot
did not clip in. Must have broke my
cleat when I came home with the boy on 
monday. So back in the house and a quick change of
shoes and bikes and back to the plan of the 
bitch of a hill the Quarry Road.
Not being able to shift was going to make the steep part hard and it did.
So a quick dismount and up to the Gate. Rest was steady as she goes.
Not sure how much longer this will last and this weekend gun season 
starts so that may be shut down. 
Still as always better riding than driving and better riding up
a kick ass hill then walking on a flat road.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Country Roads

Saundays are for resting and for 
just being a bump on a log, at least this time of
year. Out the door 9Am and well layered for a 
                                                    simple loop out on the roads up north. With a coating of left over rain the 

SKX Race Blades kept me dry and the Metal kept me 
warm. A bit of wind and a whole lot of quite roads kept the motivation level high.
And to top it off I get to eat left over Risotto. A nice little Sunday!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My dad can beat up your dad

Rain is moving in and north will get snow.
I don't think that this is it and their may be
more dirt riding to come.
Not knowing I rode the Titus up the gravel road to work 
always a treat to ride the skinny's on such a rough road.
If and when the snow falls that will be shut down.
The mangled cranks off the Spot are getting replaced,
which is nice but still waiting on the E13 cranks
which will have more beef to them. 
Layers is the call for the day like a good carrot cake
dry warm and pedaling a bike out side.
Life could suck a ton more but right now it does not.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fall Shread

It is Novvember and the wheels are still ripping through the 
single track.
Even under the cover of darkness after a big long stupid meeting 
solace was found. I was happy that my legs could spin after the pain that I put them 
through on saturday.
I did have to cut it short due to the fact that 
I have had another set of Race Face cranks broach their spline.
Stopped for some H2o and gave them a wiggle and wow did they wiggle. 
Not good good thing that I have a back up
but still hope that something else shakes loose.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Fast and Then Faster

Cross racing it is that time of year and everybody is doing it. I have not lined up for a cross race since the first year of UCI race outside of Madison.  Rocking the Metal suit and flying the Hwood flag I managed to find the start line and meet some of my fellow racers. Their was a hole shot prize and that was taken by Ezra Taylor while Jay and I sat on his Wheel. As the first lap shook out the positions were jockeyed for as Eppen and Casper made their presence know. 
They were joined by Little Guy, and I did what I could to hold on. I got scraped off the front three and beaten by the wind. That is when Chris Alme came around and I tried to hold on but was some what shattered. Got passed one last time this time by Dan Strese and his wheel I was able to hold on to for the last three laps. 
I thought I had it all figured out sit there and wait for the last 50 yards and as we came out of the drainage ditch and made the turn to the line he had already kicked and I had no match. At the line his front wheel got me and I slid in to 6th and just out of the Money. 
I had a blast yes I have been sore for the past two days but have not done anything at race pace for over a month and epically have not gotten off my bike and ran with it.  Huge thanks to the crew that put on the race and for getting me to the line, for all the great competition for letting me play cyclocross with them. 
 And Even BIGGER thanks to The HWOOD crew and to ALL AT TWIN SIX>>> You all helped me have one Hell Of A Kick ASS YEAR!!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I chose to ride in the woods instead of 
going and playing on the SSCX bike.
I do have an impending CX race coming this weekend and
should do what every one calls practice.

But I could not pass up a chance
to ride single track.
And once again the single track was the 
right call for a tuesday that was full
of crappy broken appliances.

The weather man says that a change may be coming 
and that could make the commute in a bit colder.
That is why all the warm clothes are getting clean in the

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Table topping Low

I missed out on the Night Shift last night but it sounds as
if the 
LAX crew had a good showing.
They had 4-5 in the top 10 good job boys.

For me it was dinner and some Dales.
Back at it again today to end the month with a good ride.

I have ridden every day of the month.
31 days ridden and 700 miles.
Not huge miles but for October not bad.
Today's ride was nice and quite in the woods flying and 
diving though the last few leaves that have fallen.

One more test next weekend my only CX race of the
year up in the Twin Cities.
Still need to sell on last set of tires so i have gas money but going regardless.

Have fun tonight be safe and and don't eat too much candy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Cheeses

Was supposed to go and race in the dark
down in Iowa but with family in town and going 
up to the Cities next weekend I am laying low.
Got out this morning for a nice spin in the woods.
Been a while since I went and rode my Spot in the 
the day light.
Very quite in the woods and not a sole out.

As I freewheeled through the woods I could hear the 
angry bee's following me along. 
Just a nice day to be riding in the woods, sweet single track and
blue sky's.

Good luck to all who race the night shift,, go fast and 
take chances.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Shnizel

Falling down sucks I know that no one really likes it.
Maybe Chevy Chase in the SNL skits but that might be it.
Heading in to work today early because we had a training in MN
on some silly new machines.
So light on and heading down the crushed gravel to avoid the 
50+ mph wind gust that were blowing. 
Did not take in to account for fallen branches, and was
doing good at avoiding them until on snuck up on me and I grabbed to much front brake
and down I went in a big heap and a thud.
Picking my self up I found a good gash in my knee which was covered by
my fav... fall/winter knickers that now have a huge hole.
Got my brakes and shifter readjusted and off I went in to the dark yelling at the predawn light. 
Hundreds of miles get ridden and I go down going to work, and it is not the first time.
I think that I should stop going to work!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cold Steel

 Something about the feel of steel hard to put my finger on it but the ride is so smooth and sweet. At the shop the question always why not carbon? Just not my style of ride I rode a Madone last summer and it was nice but it was always nice to get on some OX Platinum.
 Just a peaceful easy ride through the coulees today yes I should have gone for more but sometime less is more. 
Leaves are almost all down and the deer are running so you have to be on the look out.
October 24 and over dress once again hard to 
figure what to wear. 
It never seems right but always feels so right to ride.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thump in the Night

 Friday Night Lights took on a new meaning when the wheels starting rolling. Took the normal path up through the quarry I had to tell my LEG TO SHUT UP and the gave me the middle toe and told me to HTFU. Many mile this week and up that hill a few times never get easier. I was transfixed by the shiny jewels that are my new wheels.
 As the sun went behind minnesota the moon made it in to the sky. The moon was full and changing colors as it climbed in to place. 
We had a good showing of people for a night lap 9-10 riding strong all lit up sliding through the woods.
Bob was the cruise director leading us around riding stuff backasswards
on trails that at night make for a good challenge.
The schwinn toyota team even made a showing riding strong and showing people how to ride. 
Glad that I got out and ride due to the fact that it is now raining. It has not rained in weeks and the weather has been perfect. This is going to end my consecutive day streak of riding. I don't mind a bit of rain but 50 degrees and heavy rain don't mix for me now. So I guess i'll get a day off the bike as I sit at the bike shop and dream of single track.