Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bring it

Last nights dinner was great, the joint could use some customer service but the food was great. Then it was off to Spearfish..... Good pre ride now just time to get ready,, some old faces and some new ones going to be stacked with some heavy hitters. Off to the hot tub and a beer or two.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I wanted to ride some dirt today in prep for the race, but it was not going to happen so, i went for a road ride on my spot. From the cabin up back up to the lake we were at in the morning it was a bit over 1600 feet of climbing. Felt good could breath well at 6000 feet, I sure wished that I had my road bike. I was good to ride that grade and felt great to be out of the car. Off to Spearfish tomorrow hope to get a bit of a pre ride and test out the gear.

Rock Hard

Pretty cool stuff to see up close. It has been fun being a tourist that does not happen to often for us.
Blue bird skys and cool mountian breezes.
The lake here off the Needles highway is amazing this is the same lake that was used in the National Tresure Movie.
Need to figure out what to do tomorrw, so much to see in so little time. The 5-0 is coming up I hope I am ready.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hop Skip Jump.

Down the road from the house is a place called the Bad Lands. I have never been deep in to South Dakota so today was a first. We left home and turned right on to I-90 and 9 hours later here we were. After a short stop at the National Park and the Wall Drug we made it in to Hill City. Wall Drug was every thing that I thought it would be(not much) and the bad lands were neat but after seeing the Painted Desert and Monument Valley Moab and Sedona , I was not totally sold. But the Black hill Shit BOY Howdy, i like what I see.. Tons of forest and open space, tomorrow we will do the Dead Presidents and then a Mountain Bike ride and any other fun to be had in the Hills. So far so good the kid are way excited about every thing and we are happy to just watch. Beer at night and Hydrate all day long Sunday should be a blast. Superman is dressed and ready for the park,,,,,more to come...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008


Long weekend and lots of sun. I hope that I have done enough work so I can ride fast in next weekends, 50. I had a really good solo ride on the road nice quite day on the pavement. Later in the after noon I got to do a bit of dirt with the Kid. This coming out of retirement is kicking her ass. It was my first time back on the bike since the 6 hour race last week. My fork is making a bit of a weird noise when it rebounds, It does not happen all the time and does not feel like it is making the fork work improperly . Think that I am just freaking out since I am going such a long distance to race. I'll call Spot HQ and see if they have any ideas. Have fun It Is Monday.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Found some last night. One Bar in this town sells it and it is smoke free.
Best part is you can buy a carry out for a small
Matt has been Spotted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peter Out

3Pete was the call of the morning, and it
was a hard morning to get moving.
I don't stay up much past 9:30 and was up
way past that to watch the womans volleyball final.
Once I got moving I felt better.
Back to old vineyard rd for 3 four minute
intervals. The hill starts off really steep and kicks one more time before the end.
Good movement and even a better job staying out of the way of the deer.
Anna's birthday today so with no kids in tow we'll go eat some good Mex food.
MMMM Food!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Heads Of Shfelbine

Hill work Tuesday, just trying to get my legs back under me from the event this weekend. One in the morning and one this after dinner. Real steep this morning and long good ups after diner. The new bike and Parts are riding well. Have to say that my legs felling good hope that I can carry this in to the 5-0. The only thing on my mind is the gearing think that I will stick to what I used to run back in Breckenridge. Worst part about everything is that it is only Wednesday and can't wait for the weekend. More miles and then it is go time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 hours of B.E.E.R.

With a bike race here in town thought it would be good training for the Dakota 50. Had all my H2O in a cooler on pit row and food for the day next to that. With a short run down to the bikes and a parade lap we were off. I found my self up front with two others, the man on the gas was a GF 29er rider so I sat in. As we hit the single track the two up front had some good bobbles so that left me alone. For the first lap I pushed it a bit not wanting to over do it but wanted to build any time gaps that I could. Alone now for the next lap and one half when Carlos caught back on. We went back and forth for a bit and he ended up riding away. One of my goals was 4 laps in three hours, did that but now had three hours left and I was getting tired. I started to take some pits in between laps to slow things down. I knew unless Carlos had another flat or had to change his back wheel again that I wasn't going to catch him and I was ok with that. So as the 6:00 hour rolled around I called it sitting in 2nd with 6 laps. Now there was a Hollywood guy behind me who happened to be the winner last year. He came in and checked the times, left at 6:10 and need to get his lap done before 7. Already with a few beers in me I sat and watched the clock. He managed to squeak one more in. Yes I could have held on to 2nd if I had gone back out but my body was not into it, Had I not changed my gearing and stayed with the easier on that I had on the 7th may have happened. I am happy with the outcome. Good time in the saddle and good work before the 5-0. Bike rode well and I was very happy to have the Maverick on the front and thanks to King Cage never lost a bottle. Rest more food and time to get back to work.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Fish small gear

King's and I headed down
to Madtown for Trek World yesterday.
Long day when it starts at 5:00 one thing when you are out to ride bikes
but this was to learn and look at them.
Lots of new and nice stuff. The Big surprise was Klien is not coming
back to the USA instead the Fish is picking up the slack for the Booting of Lemond.
Steel Cross bikes Road Bikes and all kinds of urban townie stuff. Cool Paint and
nice looking frames. A big part of the show was the release of the Bontrager line of shoes.
Large crowds were there to try them on, I have to say they were pretty comfy, I would have like to try them on a bike that was not in the cards for the day.
Learned some new stuff ate lots of food got some shwag but the
highlight of the day came at dinner.
After a One world two wheels presentation
we were told to go out to the parking ramp and get on a bike.
1000 Trek limes were in the lots with helmets and lights. We had a police escort through town to
the UW campus for dinner.
With Closed roads and the anticipation of free beer the games were on.
Huge skids riding on planters jumping stuff giving those limes more than
they ever thought they would get.
As far as I can tell they held up, they just might need new tires.
Thanks Trek for a fun day and all the Food,
Now if I con only get them to give me one of those limes for my own Quiver.

Going by Bike

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World of Trek

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


With the work day one I slipped out of work and
up Bliss road. I wanted to see what the work was that
is going on.
As I got to the barricade a new sign was up telling you
that only the right people can go up the road.
Lacking the proper paper work I rode ready to turn around as soon as I
saw a worker.
Not a sole in sight just some big ass equipment.
The amount of work that is going to need to be done is huge the hole thing looks like it can give way at any moment.
Tax $$ at work.
Legs fell,,,,,,,,,,,,, well like they should this time of year, now I just need to get my sleep
patterns back to normal so I can be fresh for the 6 hour on Sat.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Lazy sunday,
would have loved to log some more miles but just loafed.
It was nice. Pool with the kids a nap and
some good dinner.
The weather is great the bikes are running great,
the 6 hour race is coming up on saturday then
off to the 50.
Hope that I am ready.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Round and Round and Round

Out again in the AM for some road riding , ended up in a group of guys so it was nice to get to show off and talk about all the new parts. They were all in to what they saw and heard. This bike rides like a dream.Then it was off to the shop to get Sophia's bike all tuned up, she was going to ride and come out of retirement. She figured if Farve could do it so could she. Large group ride up at the proving grounds with catered food and drinks. She had a blast in the womans group and even went on to say that she wished that she would have been in a group that went faster. James had fun to in the pump track, The seed has been planted to get the training wheels off.
What does the day hold I am thinking some thing with two wheels. Go fast and have fun.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Train Spotting

Rode the 5:30 train to test out the new bike, and as the chain and cassette get to know each other better the cleaner and crisper the shifting gets. And it was already Clean. The spring rate in both the front and rear derailer is fast the shifting happens so quick it was great in the sprints and climbs. I would still like a 25 but I think that i just need to HTFU!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


All the parts fit and now it is a really sweet bike. First of all thanks to David at Sun Race for the chance to ride these sweet new parts. Light and smooth and from first test spot on. David P. at Thomson also gets a huge thanks for the stem and seat post, helping make the picture what it is. The bike comes in at just over 18 lb's and handles like a sharp knife. It took me a minute to get used to the shifting I kept wanting to push the brake lever, once I got over that I was happy with the set up. The button for shifting down the cluster is right there at your finger tips. This is my first time riding on 10 speed so I am getting used to using both big and small chain rings. The 12-23 I thought was going to be to small for the hills around here, so after I got home I went out and found the biggest hill that I could find and rode up it. Not a problem and the handling at 50 mph was also perfect,, all thanks to the stiff steel frame. All and all I am going to love this bike and enjoy putting on tons of miles of the next few months until the snow falls. Now if I could just get my self up to the cities to ride with Roy and his crew. So much more to come lot to ride and enjoy.


Waste of Talent I think that the CFL would have been a better place for an old man to play out his years. I think that he will get hurt with in the first few weeks. Oh well even Gretky ended up some where else.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Can't seem to shake the sleepiness,
I have been getting good sleep just not good rest.
Wish I had time for naps.
Think that I am going to skip the Wors this weekend,
I want to ride a bunch and enjoy some time not having to rush to
a bike race. With the Gunnar almost done and Sophia saying that she
may come out of retirement I have stuff to do.
A big bummer I lost my Alien tool it was as old as Sophia and newly rebuilt
it must have jumped out of my Ergon Pack while up at the Proving Grounds.
More dirt tomorrow and some pavment with the kid tonight?
Sounds like I got plans.

Almost there

Getting all the pieces together
Carbon cranks with a Ti spindle and Ceramic bearings
Carbon Cage rear derailer

Monday, August 04, 2008

Day oNe

Good weekend of riding not the volume that I
wanted but the work that needed to be done was.
After all the Brats and beer were consumed any riding was good riding.
I am on the fence about next weekend/ Do I drive 3+ hours to go race the sunburst race
or do I stay home and just log some miles. I have the 6 hour race here in 2 weeks then comes the 50 out in the Black Hills. I need to get this all figured out.
The Gunnar is coming along nicely, just waiting on a clamp for the front derailer, then it should be done, It is going to be a sweet ride.
A big good job to Toast for his ride this weekend at the 24/9 race, their is always next year,
second place is still dammmm good.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Foggy Groggy

The fog was thick again this morning so i skipped out on the 5 am train. I am not of fan of the thick fog that makes me have to remove my glasses. I can't see to well with out them. I fell back asleep and dreamed about the new ceramic bearings and TI parts that will be going on the new Roadie. Oh so much fun to be had. This weekend is the annual family Brat day. Anna's whole family gets together and eats and drinks, I am going to have to put in a few extra mile to make up for it.
Coffee then work?