Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Easy like Sunday afternoon

Well it went from huge snow to warm sun that is life here. After a good ski tour on Friday and nordic on Saturday, Sunday was a bike day. I have to be the only one on the block who isn't racing cross just no dough to race. I went down to the big D with C-ball and hit the road. It was nice to get out and be warm it was 70 which is much warmer than here in breck. We went from the foothills to downtown, C-ball wanted to see Invesco feild I just wanted to spit on Bronco's fans. We fiped there and headed out to Chatfeild Res. and then back to the car. 3 hours and just a hair under 60 miles, a good day in the saddle. The new wheels from coach ruled fast and stiff.Coach is on a win streak another win this weekend with the big test comming up next week. Unless something bad happens it is his to win.. I want to try to get out to Friuta this weekend and ride some single track and mabye some road we'll see what happens.... "The loud feedback in the morning makes me smile"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

DId he jump or did I throw him?

Crazy how it can snow one day and the next be in the 50's.. Played with the kids out in the snow for a good while I think that james really likes the snow ,now to get him on skis. Got a small nordic ski in it was late in the day so the snnow that had been in the sun all day started to freeze up.. Might make it to the big D for some road riding. We'll see what happens......

Friday, October 27, 2006

Skinning and Grinning

Did not want to go out solo but with c-ball in wolf creek and no Doctor I just went for it... It was a good up ski, sun was out and it wasn't cold just nice. I climbed up to Union and the top of peak 10.. Came down coarseair and it was up to waist deep. You had to have your speed up and once you did you could float in the deep snow. Once to the bottom I climbed to the top of peak 9 and came down Devils Croth. At of the end of oct. it is nice to get to ski powder. It was a good day on the hill I really like the up skiing. Mabye nordic tomrrow .

Thursday, October 26, 2006

5:30 and fell'n' fine

Woke up to a blanket of white today. steped off the poarch and the snow was over my knee. The street in front of my house was not even plowed yet.. SO out of the hood and on to work,,. The main drag only had one pass made on it so speed and handling were a factor. With the head lamp on the snow blew in my face and it was hard to see,,. I made it never laied it down not as far of a commute as coach. A long day of pushing snow but thatis ok going to up ski and get some face shots and knee drops... Might even be able to get a ski pass,,. that would make things fun.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

White stip of death nordic style

After a day of up skiing and the deep snow going down I did not plan on anything today.. Sinking in to the chair the phone woke me up and the boss wanted to go nordic skiing. They got all the snow pushed down and opened half for the green loop. We did some back and forth and a few loops 45 min in all felt good just differnt, still want to be on the bike. No money today to race cross mabye a few more or just get ready for nordic racing.. Got some live sonic youth holy shit it is good..

Saturday, October 21, 2006

steve's work nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thick and Rich

Here are some pics from my up ski today at the empire of breckenridge. Great ski up we went almost to the top of 4 o'clock. Found some fresh snow phycopath and back over to 4 o'clock. From the vista hut we went down high A and againg the snow was good just sometimes a lot of work because the sun had come out and changed layers. It was fun got me out of the house, still is not cycling but it was nice to get face shots. Now I need to find out how to get a ski pass....

It's back!!!!

Woke up this morning to a foot plus on the ground,.. This might stick this time. Moving the snow off the drivway was as much fun as I rembered. I rode the cross bike in the snow for about an hour yesterday.. Took a dirt road up out of the crack to the top of gold run road... This was good because if I sat down I did not have enough spin to move the bike and if I stood and cranked to hard the bike spun out... Got to the top and followed the gold run race course had to run some sections because of the amount of snow then it was time to go down.. Cross brake are not made to stop a bike esp.. when they are wet.. The desent back to the house was the hardest part of the day.. It was nice to get out of the house and it felt like good pratice for cross,, although I might not have enough $$ to race tomrrow so I'll work on getting my ass grove in the living room chair..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ahhhhh Crap

Here is what happend to me this weekend in brek... That is me in the back trying to get my chain back on. This pic is from last season I was in a tight race with the guy in the front of the pic for the bar/bat overall.. I am not going for any overall this year just want to stay fit and have some good results.... Mabye this weekend in boulder? We'll see.... Until then snow riding and bike trainers....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Not the 18" they said only 1" so I think that they were off a little. The roads were scraped down to ice which made the ride in to work a balancing act.. 5:30 in the morning with loud moudhoney dark glare comming up from the ice now is this just traning for wisco? The best part of the ride in other than not crashing was the ballfeild lights were still on which were brighter than my headlight.... I want to go ride in the desert...... Fruita would be fun one more time....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

High Speed

Where has this been my whole life...... Here is a pic of the kids after they won the state champion race in Beaver Creek. More good things to come..

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Things went better today and I think that I likes the course better. A good amount of folks at the line again and me being the only one on a single. Go we took off to the single track and I was where I wanted to be, big run up and some more dirt then a big down. As we rolled thorugh the frist lap I grab the lead for a bit but it was not where I wanted to be. I like to sit in and move when I can so as two guys came around I did that. I sat in 3 for most of the race going back and forth with a VC rider. It wasn't till the middle of the 6th lap someone made a move on me and I jsut watched. Still sore from my crash and slow from the PBR(drank heavy not thinking I would race on sun), I held on for 5th.. Could have been better but it is what it is. The Hood did well again with both Coach and Cross Crazy with wins. More to come? money is the problem need to find work in wisco.

Off the ground

Ok so I have not been racing on the weekends and my fitness is not the best but I though I would give I a shot.. At the line there was at least 30 or so riders and all new faces except for cheeks... I wanted to get off the front and let thing sort them selfs out... So go was the word and I took the whole shot,,. I had it until after the bridge where in the moon dust corner and I thought this would be a good place to lay the bike down... So after crashing and picking my self up the ground I sat in 9th or 10th not where I wanted to be.. So on the peadles I fought back through the hacks and got in to 4th sitting on 3rd. With one lap to go all hell broke loose on my chain and I packed it in. Once the cain comes off it doesn't go back on.... Tim had another win and so did cross crazy.... I could see doing some more races after the pain in my side goes away......

Friday, October 13, 2006


I think that I have things sorted out with the bike 44x20 more spin.. The biggest problem for me is the running.. Not what I am good at but the riding part I can turn the pedals.. An hour on the cross bike and another hour on the road bike little over 30 miles in all.. We'll see what the day has in store for me.. At least I am not all crazy about the with strip of death... New tape is sometimes all you need....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Cold and windy that was this afternoon... I think that i need 2 more teeth for my cross racing less push and more spin.. Got 45 mins on the bike today with a lap on last years cross tack... I am glad that they moved it back up to the nordic center it is cool there going over the bridge and trough the tunnel.. Things might change a little with the that dumb gondola going in but we'll see.. I need to make a few changes to the bike and a little work on friday and I should be ready to go.. It has been a month since I raced last but I have been tring to stay on the bike as much as i can...

Sunday, October 08, 2006


The road bike was not ready yesterday so I went out on the 9ER for some high country fun.. The Tour OF Breck Loop was nice and dry. I do have to say that I am shocked to see that they (and i don't know who they are) cleaned and removed all the rocks from Gold Hill trail... This use to be one of the hardest up/downs around but know it is a smooth super highway of a trail.. It was a good ride 26 miles in all and I was able to stay dry the whole time..... Now I thought that I had a good weekend of single riding but Tim G he is the man,,,.. Getting ready for the moab circus he we out and loged 105miles on his single fixed... The triangle a loop that goes from summit to vail to leadvill and back to summit.. That is huge... Sophia had her Middle School champ race today and it went great.. It was a nice day in Beaver Creek and her school had a good showing... She got fist place for 6th grade girls and her school won the overall.... Cross next weekend? we'll see I am ready for something....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Red and Green

Ski area's are fun for riding a bike.. Got out and did a lap on the breck race track which is some of the best single track the hill has.. Stuff was dry and it was warmer than I thought.. Got home and still wanted more so I jumped on the cross bike and went down to frisco.. I went looking for the frisco cross course but could not find anything marked.. So back to breck throught the highlands and on the upper flume to finninsh/.. The gearing on the cross bike is great for what I did enough to push up the bigger hill and still fast on the desents.. What does today hold?? Don't know would like to get out on the road bike and try the new wheels but we'll see what the weather has in store..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whats to come

I don't know.. What ever happens to me I hope that it can be as cool as things here.. Yea life can be tough living in a resort town things cost more and people come and go,but their is a good network of great people who help each other out.. I got my new road wheels tonight so I can get my bikes in order. I want to make some changes to the cross and get it ready for what ever happens in cross. Make a quick start in 4's and get my up grade to 3's. I could start in 3's but I want to get one under my belt before I start getting my ass kicked.. Tomrrow would be a good mountian bike day if the weather holds but it could be a road day we'll see.. I heard from Tim G who raced with me on a wily 29er this summer he is getting ready for the 24 moab race and his frame is broken.... This sucks because wily closed it's doors and getting the frame fixed is hard and replaced is out of the question.. Watch out for tim at the 24 race because what ever bike he is going to be on will be fast..... Do ya think the bkb will let me in???????

Sunday, October 01, 2006

John Denver full of shit?

Sunshine on my shoulder does make me happy.. I tried on friday to ride the fat tires up hill and things got a little mushy. So I swiched bikes and went out on the road. This was a good idea just rember to switch your tubes brom mtb to road. Not a lot of good a 29er tube will do ya when you get a flat on the road bike.. A quick frisco and back on sat just enough to get it done..Sat night the talk arounf the house was anna wants to get the fu*# out and back to Wisco because life there is better than here.. I am on the fence, I like this state and could relocate some where here.. All that aside I got some good dirt miles in today yes i would have loved to go and race cross this weekend but the mountain bike was so nice. I get out there soon coach is hooking me up with some wheels for the road bike and then I can put the wheels on the road bike on the cross.. And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn