Monday, June 28, 2010

Brothers Cup

Watching weather
has become a sport almost as 
time consuming as bike riding. Lots of eyes to the sky
and computer screens as the Subaru Cup got closer.
A nasty thunder storm rolled through the area
late friday night. I was sure that the 
race would be a mud fest.

Get to Mt Morris and check out the trails
fry and getting dryer. So I plunked down some money 
and started to get ready. As the cat 2 race went they
helped squeeze more water out of the trails making
it ready for the rest of us.
 The line up was a mess it was a free for all to get to the 
line first. This ended up being a big part of a good start to the 
Don yelled go and we were off up hill and heading to the single 
In to the woods following some the juniors that got line up first 
it turned in to a pin ball game with the rocks and the tall ferns.
Around to the pond and back into the woods to start climbing.
So far the course was great and fast. Down then back up.
Now this last up was a bit of a bitch good and steep with no
sustained climbing really punch quick power and 
soft like a sponge. This part hurt had to do a 
few cyclo-cross moves to keep going.
Four more times around. 
Felt ok started a bit to hard and payed for it.
Good ride good training I want more.
Red Wing is next and it should be dry.

Here is the end and a bit of pain..
Photos Skinny Ski

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tension is thick and the 
muggy air is gone.
Out in the late evening 
for a quick spin to see how the legs and the bike
are getting along.
Could still fell a bit of the other morning 
but movement came easy.
With the low angle of the sun the 
shapes and colors were electric. 
Through out the woods blaze orange shot holes 
in the Forest.
Finished off with the fire ball sliding behind the horizon.
If it rains tomorrow night the 
cup could be a mess worth missing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drill or be drilled

Few days out from the 
Should be the biggest race of the summer.
Feel ok, need some recovery.....spinning the 
SsCx in at the 5AM group ride broke a dish or two.
Hard work should pay off.
Bike is sounding good 
now just wanting some good sleep.
Is it Time?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gouge your wAy

Out for some bike practice up at the HPT.
Felt good to back out on the Dirt.
Bike was riding good and legs felt strong just not fast. 
Trying to figure out which ratio is going to be the 
right one for the Cup.
Bit more work needs to be done 
before saturday.
Rolling home from the hill all I could think of 
was I wanted more, one of those days where I felt that 
I could rode for hours and hours and hour. 
All you dads out there have a good 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keep Moving

Low budget blue collar racing that is 
what goes on here.
If it was not for all my great sponsors I would not
be able to keep going. 
These folks put clothes on my back, parts on my bike 
rubber on the ground and nourishment in my belly.
Life here is a simple all that is wanted is to ride
race and give my family the chance to enjoy their time on this rock.
Looking at life on two wheels, it is a life worth living.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life worth Living

Finding moments of Bliss as I 
repeated my efforts up the hill.
Work makes me think of other things, rather
than my ears bleeding due to finical struggles.
If my legs are turning circles I can't dwell to long on the
here and now. It is all about the there and then.
Dodging rain drops kept me in bed this morning.
Should have been up to ride the group wave.
More wet on the way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Never EnOugh

Mornings are great times for movement.
With the expanded daylight all I want to do is go.
Riding Metal and dressed in Metal
my goal was to cause some pain.
This would not be hard from my jog on Sunday.
Hills and then some more hills,
I fell like that is a great wake up, need to get a plan for 
tomorrow. May just get the SSCX out and 
find some more hills.
Anna got a dotty package from the 
T6 crew today. Big smiles as she headed 
out for a late afternoon ride.
The cup is coming will I be ready?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Du Lac:::
Long story sort I packed it in.
Not my style but could not push the bike any longer.
1st mistake was changing tires thought that I was 
smart and put on the big treads.
No they just collected the mud.
Second mistake giving up.
About 3/4 of a mile in to the second lap 
already pushing and not having my wheels spin,
I said enough.
Doomed from the start.
Big props go out to the Kid who finished 
2+ hours for some 7-8 miles.
And all the rest of the the Elite's
who slogged it out was not my day.
That being said three hours of cleaning today,
still have some work to do new chains and grease in places
that have red clay as Phil Wood lube.
Shoes still drying and some wounds to lick.
Next race is the big show no mailing this one in no 
1/2 asses. It is either all ass in or get on out.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

All up from Here

Sunday in big sky country or Afton Alps.
Big blue skies and great temp's.
Sophia was going off first with the #1 call up to the line.
After they all got staged they were off.
Found a good spot on the descent to watch and I could 
not believe  my eyes she was the first one 
of the girls to rip the hill down to the start finish.
She turned down the had up and took off,
we waited again for another 30ish mins and there she was all smiles 
crossing the line in 1:06 great time and a great win.
My turn next.
Lots of guys showing up to a hilly race and some really fast guys too.
After the call up's tried to relax and get my mind set.
Go,,,,,, Spun off the front as fast as i could
getting gobbled up on the first small hill
and into the flat before the single track.
Sitting about 30th I had work to do and 
some big climbs to do it on.
Worked hard on the first section up to Shady Lane.
Now groups started to form.
Worked with Oach's and Barry and Jo Mama,
but the biggest pulls came from Young Jake.
for the next three laps we took turns pull and trying to 
get our gap to grow. 
Last time up Shady Lane legs tired but 
Knowing that the end was in sight I searched the 
dark corners of the pain cave to see what I had.
Was able to crate a bigger gap to the chasers and 
flew down the final hill. Under 2 hours and across the 
line first in class and 10th over all..
It was a good day and a good bit of training for what is to come.
Thanks to all for the help and support could 
not do it with out you all.....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

No Dobut

Self doubt creeps in from the corners o f
dark heart and is enough
to drag you in to the gutter.
Avoiding the demons  is where
revolving helps, more
means that progress is helping.
Divide and Conquer.
Ride the bad away!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Get That Shut?

Mays is in the books and 
I can look back with a bit of 
reflection and be happy with the work that has been 
done. It is time to see some of it pay off 
but I need to be patient and smart all at the same time.
Slowing down today and taking it easy which has
not happened in a while. The next 3 come one after another and 
being fresh is going to help.
A bit of work on the Spot tonight and then an
easy test tomorrow with maybe the Kid we'll see.
Watching the weather to see what sunday will bring.
SSCx to work first time in a while that that one
has been out.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My holy Shit moment

End of the ride this morning chasing down 
Nelson who took off the front. Dan P and I decending to catch, two corners left and 
just about to pass when I see him lock up the 
brakes I do the same and then DP.
A deer was standing in the middle.
We all thought we were going down, deer did a scooby-DU
and got out of there.
Holy Shit...