Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Later days

Wiskey Bottle

What is next? Looks like cooler days are here. Time for warmers and cycling caps. The cool air is refreshing, more changes to come. Leaves are blowing in the wind. Brains mixing in the mental eddy..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Take this job and shove it !

Some Nice Folks going Cross Country Drinking Beer and Riding Bikes. They quit their jobs in NY NY and started heading west. Go figure that they have been bitten by the T6 Bug. Have fun and enjoy the Ride.

Cloud 9

The Fat Lady has sung. Saturday was the end of my mtb race season up in ST Cloud MN. First things first , not a close drive would not have been that bad of drive if it was not for having to go through the Twin Cities. Got there with enough time to see the end of the SSSC race. Which had Brendan More off the front with a singled out 99 SSL. With a chance to ride a bit of the course I was feeling good about what was to come. With the final call up's of the season, Sam , Eric , Hollywood and my self stood waiting for the go. Once all was clarified 4 laps + a parade lap we were off. Hitting the wood I sat about 8th with the O brothers hitting it hard up front. We became the second group, about 6 of us and the pulling duties went to me. Now this race had no hills of any kind what they did have was twist and turns and one of the nastiest rock mud pits that i have seen.After hitting it in the first lap and seeing the carnage I decided to run it from here on out, was it faster I don't know for me just smoother. For the last 3 laps Jake R and Hollywood and I rode rode together trying to pull away from any chasers and trying to catch anyone who may be in front. After 4 long laps and 2+ hours on the bike it was over. As I came to the line I stopped and waited for Hollywood. We did what we set out to do. 7th overall for me plus my first age group win, and with Sam getting first and Eric second we won the elite overall for the second year in a row. It has been a long season and i have a lot of people to thank. Goals were accomplished and I could not be happier about the way things played out. Now it is time to ride and enjoy fall. No cross no fall races just fun on the bike. I am done traveling and done with the number plates. Time to focus on next season it will be here before i know it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Climbing up the wall

Cleaned up and ready to go. Now I can only hope that the pilot is able to make it go fast. This is it the last one all systems go. Ready Set !!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The weasel goes pop

I change the music in my player every so often.. And these guys seem to be in my head a lot aiding me along on some long rides. Trying to not over do it as I get ready of saturday. Longer drive through the cities up to the city in the clouds. Busy at the dream factory today lots of bikes walking out the door. Need to see if the tired bug can get kicked. Soon all the miles will be at simpler pace. That is until the snow falls and the XC sKing starts. Go fast Have fun and Ride your BIKE!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Your living all over me

Good ride this morning just what I needed. Single Track and Single Speeds. Work tomorrow and a full day off the bike. Been having fun catching up on all the racing action this weekend. Tim turned me on to a new Djr song, love it the sound track to my youth. Loud tunes cranking out of a boombox in the back seat of my Impala. Rock out. Go Fast Ride your Bike!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Circle K

Time for some beer and some stretching. I am one of the few not racing the WI World Chap Race in Cable or the SSWC09 race in Durango. No for me just some more time on the bike and with the family. One more big test before the MN Race series comes to an end. I have an over whelming felling of being tired and some times all the time. The riding lately has been great with the temps in the mid 70's and the single track in perfect condition. So good luck to all of you tomorrow with all that you are taking on Go fast Ride hard and in the words of Hollywood.. Party ON!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sorry for letting my dark heart shine yesterday. Every so often I have to let the Demons out. Salvation is found on two wheels. Things could be so much worse we could still be stuck in the Reagan Years. Silly little man with a gun in his hand.......... Dirt it comes to me now feel the rejoice and breath in deep. Yes Bacon is a virtue and tight pants will cut off the circulation to you feet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am in the midst of a trama, and I am not in Zen. A flat on sunday and i loose my good park wrench. eject my Co2 last night and this morning a flat on he Gunnar from some big ass piece of rusty metal. What the Fu&$. So need less to say" I am fucking over whelmed "

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Foist

With a day now behind me I can think about all that went wrong in Duluth. I got back from vacation and put in some good work so I could do well there. And before things went bad, I felt pretty good. Granted that was only about a minute and a half before the wheels fell off the bus, but that is racing. I have to say that as a mountain bike course goes this was one of the best/hardest/most fun races that I have done. Now it is time to think about ST Cloud and finish on a good foot. So after an easy spin yesterday on the sscx bike tonight was a night to go ride some dirt and shake the bug out of the legs. What better way to do that than ride up at the proving grounds. I need to spend more time on the single speeds either the Spot or the CX and get back to what worked. So here is to hind sight,,,I hope that it works..

Kind of REMish

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monkey on my back

Duluth! A quick 3.5 hour drive from the house. Sophia and I made the drive up and set up camp. Ate some food and called it a night. In the AM we gave it a preride. Still wet from the morning dew, scoping out lines and talking about rocks etc.. Now I start thinking about gearing. The orginal plan was to run 52 inches but after the preride my mind was changed. Sophia lines up in a field of 11 ready for the up hill start. From the gun she is off and pushing the pace off the front. As she comes through the woods the first time her gap started to grow. By the third lap she was up to a minute forty five. She soloed in for the win 1:33 blowing up the woman's class. My turn,,,,,I am ready warmed up and eager to get up the start hill and in to the woods. Well second switch back the group was still tight together and Jesse R went down and this caused a big hicup in my start. After getting back up and running to remount Hwood was holding a spot for me. I jump in the train and hit the woods now every one is on their brakes and this does not go as smooth as I would like. Rock roots drops this is a fast fun bunch of single. Working with what is around me and not where i want to be I push on. long side hill decent bottom of the hill shit stung by bee in the middle of for head. And now we climb back to the top of the ski hill. By the top the sky decides to rain this makes the tech stuff in the woods even more interesting. My goal is to hang on and make up time on the big up hill,,, things were working until a flat at the very bottom of the hill. Quick change getting passed by 5 guys, back on the bike and working hard up the hill. Caught all but one guy. Across the line. Not what I wanted the flat slowed things a lot ,,,and that is where I lost a lot of time. Their were a lot of things that went wrong but I walked away, and with one more left to see how things all shake out. Lots of fun and tons of work .. Big Shout to the Kid for KILLING it....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Radar Love

Volume has been high since we got home from vacation.
Trying not to burn all my matches. Watching the weather for the weekend and not knowing what it is to bring is kill me. Now the question is to go on sat, night and sleep in a tent on the ground or to get up sunday and do the marathon drive? It is a dilly of a pickle of a Jam.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's unloaded now

Crazy day when it starts off with a pigeon assassination. I did my best to shew it out of the shop. It had probably been in there since Saturday and was acting kind of crazy. You would too if you trapped in the shop for 2 days. I don;t think I have ever seen Tossin smile so much as he did getting to bring his gun to work. What will tomorrow bring.?

Monday, September 07, 2009

A matter of "

What a differance a few inches can make. Got the Spot race ready for Duluth and the change made for a spinner ride. Sophia rode well for not being on a Mtb in a while and not riding up at the proving grounds in a long while. Brats and beer for dinner as we get ready for the work week ahead. Keep the wheels spinning.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shit ton of Dimes

Wheels have been spinning a lot. To the point where I am tired. And so is the rest of the famdam. Anna has been getting after it and having a good it. Great to see her loving the road bike, and she just keep chalking up the miles. Sophia got out with her today and dropped her mom going up the big climb on M but the word on the street is that Sophia sits in and waits for hill and gets dropped on the flats. One week left until the next race it will almost be a month between line ups and I am ready. Or at least I hope. One more day off then back to the grind, shop is busy and people are buying bikes. More food and more beer= lots of fuel ! Bikes are fun and I hope that you all are enjoying your time in the Saddle!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

King for a Day

It is good to be on top of the Hill!

Food of the gOds

Food is good stuff and from time to time I hit home runs. With all the fresh veggies that are coming out of the gardens now..... the harvest is bountiful. More is better fresh is better if i cook it is even better. Last nights pork tacos New Mex style were a good mid week snack.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009