Friday, August 31, 2007

Red To Black

New roads tonight ideas from the Happy Mutant. The only issue was the Loose Gravel some parts were not that bad but then holy shit was boards of gravel. Scary at speed and now that I have been riding gloveless it freaks me out. The ride was a nice way to spin out the mind after the Hell of a day at work. People buying bikes finally sold the last Giant,,hope the guys is happy cheap for full carbon. Last TT at HPT of the summer on monday I guess I should give it a go .. Only a week until the next WORS.. Step it up!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slip in the Sky

Well the old man is still snoring!!! and Man did it pour today. I was 2 miles away from home when it hit right before the skies opened up I saw a truck pull over and I thought oh shit did I piss this guy off. But to my surprise it was Chad the Happy Mutant. I jumped in and he zipped me home. Sheets of rain and the kid was out running with the XC team. Talked with Hollywood and now I have visions of a Javlen road bike dancing in my head. A boy can dream. If this weather goes away and the trails dry I may go and ride the dirt.. That means more to come..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunny Day

Sun was out like they said that it would be so I was out on the bike. I felt great me and the steel hooked up prefect. Would have loved to gone longer but the wind started to kick up and by the end it beat me down. Took the kids to the pool that is soon going to be closed and the boy was on fire jumping diving and swimming. Swimming half the pool with only one breath. All smiles. Snow has been falling on the peaks in Breck, winter is coming to the old house, Summer will be here for a good long time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

In the Back

How much PBR can your bag hold? I can get a 18 pack in mine. They look at me funny at the gas station when I come in on a bike and leave with beer. Did not ride as much as I wanted today I ended up at work and what a day the first sunny day in a week so a lot of bikes were sold. Tomorrow bikes will be ridden. took the boy out last night and he was doing well up and down hills, smiling and loving his gloves and shammy. We have been getting a lot of box store bikes at the shop one came in on friday that not only was put togother wrong and the breaks did not work but it weighed 40 pounds. That is a boat anchor what is a kid going to do with that? Something has to change their not only are the bikes death traps but they are going to take the fun out of riding for kids. Sun tomorrow I am ready are you.. If you have not gone go and check out the Twin 6 They have the gear for both on and off the bike and you'll look good!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Old man is snoring

When it rains the way it did and has this is what happens.. That is why pavement is a good thing. Now it just needs to stop raining so i can ride. Thier is a dirt TT this weekend but I think I am going to opt out and get in some road miles . Next wisco race is on the 9th and they call it a hill race. The folks here at the shop don't like the climbing races. Ski hills sounds like home..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Walking The Cow

Legs are tired but not from riding from running. I guess that I am ready for cross. I don't run as well as I would like. Took the bike to work today to get it cleaned up. I have to say thanks to Wily the 29 was the best choice when i could ride. Got another picture from Rusty from Fatties and Beer. This was the start so I was not covered with shit yet. Work was hard today slow because of the rain and with the amount of flooding people had other stuff to do than buy bikes. I did get to see a bunch of cool photos of the Trek show lots of 9er stuff coming out and steel bikes .....Steel is Real///.../ I was able to get my bike clothes cleaned the
Silver Cycling kit is the right colors again thanks Hollywood and my Twin Six socks will ride another day.. glad to be done and ready for the next challenge.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I wanted an ARC

Well I made it through. The worst rains in years hit the stated and we rode bikes in it . Some places here in the greater lacrosse area got around 10" of rain. At the race course at Mount Morris it started as only a drizzle. The big guns finished up and it was our turn. GOOOOOOOO way yelled and we were off. Not knowing the guys that I was up against I moved up to the front and started to move. I was really impressed on the course the sweet single and nice flowing climbs. Then it broke loose the trail became beyond greasy even with the right air pressure you could not hold a line. I soon saw one of the singles go down. Aid came fast, we pushed on. That was lap one 2 more to go. My bike sounded like a geared bike that had been run through a muddy sand bog. Jerry soon caught on and said to hold his wheel and stay up right. I was just happy to do the latter. After running up and down the race course I was done some where in lap 2 my front break was done ground to the bit not good!!!!! So I was just happy to finish. Rolled across in 2nd place 1min and some seconds behind jerry. We hosed down the bikes and were off to Two Lakes where I ate abig steak and drank Point Beer. Would I do it again probably do I want to no .... My bike is trashed and I look froward to the Road Bike. After looking at the results at the Wors page they had me in the wrong CAT. They'll fix it I want to come back and take on the field on a day that the stuff is drier. Happy 2 is not bad.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Check me out

When you got your first pair of bike shorts is this what you did? James could not handle the fact that he had spandex. He even got a small pair of fox full finger gloves.. needless to say he went to be in all of it. Now just need a jersey. Cold and rainy and we are getting ready to east for a race. I have all the clothes for the weather we'll see how it goes . I am ready. Are you....Single Speed State champ race this weekend in Colorado.. Watch for the guys off the couch.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Had a nice ride on the bluff today before work. Called the bike builder kid Samwich and we hit it The meadows were moist with dew and the trails were butter. Nice tack good fun ride bike rode well and the DFL was in full force. Went to work and saw a Lemond that I have never seen a WAYAZATA . Pretty cool want to get my hands on one of those going to be hard to find because they don't make it anymore. Might be a mudfest this weekend, hope not but that is racing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stinky Britchs

Took the kid out for a road ride , it was beautiful night she was in her usual mood of being a fun preteen. She was too lead the way and show me a new route but she had a whine problem about adv speed so every time she complained i sprinted off the front. This only made her even more more mad. Good ride even with all the noise help fill my volume for the week. Rain today might try later in the PM. The tape worm is in full effect can't get enough food .

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Run what you brung

I was worried after all the rain last night that I was going to be pushing to much gear and my tires would not handle the mud. But it all worked out. i have come back from all of the MN races saying nothing but good. This was an awful race course. The single track was good all 30%of it but the rest was grass 0 track. Not even 2 track it was as if someone took a lawn mower out and said lets race. Seth was there and gave it a go on the first 1/2 lap so when I came around I gave it a little extra and was gone. This was good practice for the race on sunday in wisco.There it should be a little a little deeper because it is wors. It is a shame that MN can't get it's act together and put on a better race series. Time to put in some more miles and get ready for some more racing. Thanks to Wily The bike rode sweet did all that it had to do go fast. And thanks to Twin 6 for keeping me looking good and to Hollywood for super sweet bibs keeping the ass happy. Now all Mn needs is to embrace the Single Speed.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I made it on tho the end of the friday night group ride. the usual suspects were there always a fast group. People were complaining about the heat but it was not bugging me I think my years in AZ help a lot. Anyone who says it is a dry heat is full of shit. When I mad it to the to of the hill and almost to the trails I saw a deer running along side of the horses I thought wow and as I looked to my right to see the city I was amazed by the sight of a black bear running back in to the woods. I got a pretty good look at him, not something you see everyday. A good friday with some nice distance, legs felt good after the mountain bike ride. Work today race tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fucken Jerry Lewis

Back on the horse again thanks to PICKEL. Who said that drug reps were bad people, some of the nicest people i have ever known were drug sellers. I was so happy to roll and going to try to as Cross Freak says dubble dip today and ride with the group ride in the evening. The new kit got here yesterday soooo nice to have a new shammy thanks to Hollywood for that it will be nice to fly the colors for the rest of the MN races. I have some work to do to get the miles back up to where they belong. The Wily is felling good on the dirt and wants to play more... A bummer shout out goes out to my sister and her husband they lost their dog the other day.. Tolkin is gone so pour a high life on the ground lost is a funny looking zebra.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well it is Fucked,,,, the hub is cracked on the flange which is why the spoke broke.. Pain in the ass.. Think I need a new sport I hear Curling is good fun .. Regardless the rim was way messed up because of the tension so I got some aggression out on the rim now i know what it looks like in cross section.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Seeing RED!!!

Red I am seeing Red ... Pissed ready to throw shit and call it a day.. I have broke more Spokes on the road bike than I ever have in all my days of riding. I went out 7:00 pm just enough time to know out a nice 30 miler. But ahhhhhhh shit..9 miles away from the house it happens and now in the rear. It breaks with so much force that it made me wobble. I didn't go down but i wobbled . The wheel was so Fucked that it would not roll through the frame. Now I am walking for about 2 miles with a bile over my shoulder and the dark coming. Finally a nice guy in a pickup truck stops and asks if i need a ride he was the 30th or so to pass me almost all the other bubba's smiled and pointed at the guy in spandex. Why can't I get this bike to work with out problems it has never been the same since that dumb fuck crashed into me,,,,Do i buy new wheels or just keep fixing what I got. Oh well just messing with the volume of the week... I just want to ride my bike..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chili Mac

Went for a ride in the woods after dinner and the trails were sweet had to ride with a bit of ease because the logs and rocks were slick. Good way to end the week one small washout the front end dug in to some soft dirt on darkside but other than that it was sweet like the new way up changes everything with the big climb.
The Wily was on fire!!


Good old Stevil came through with the dead fucking last jersey, so i took it out for a ride with the kid. It should come in handy come cross time. Now just waiting on the kit from Hollywood that should make me fell fast. Sophia and I had a good ride before the rain set in . Took her over to grandmas for the annual Brat day. Family gets together and eats brats and drinks beer. Sounds like a normal weekend. Good volume this week I was looking for a bit more but the rains have put a kbash on that. We need the rain 210 will have to do. Welch next weekend then the subarau cup. Can't let the voices affect my head just have to keep the wheels spinning.. SUPERSUCKERS in the twin cities oct 6.. Could be a good loud time teh evil power of rock n roll...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shit and the Fan

My computer is a pile of shit and I don't think that I can justify a new one yet to many other big things going on.. Frist and foremost we need to get anna fixed. We have all the test results back and it is better than it could be but she will still need to go under the knife. The bike miles are piling up and the legs feel good wish that I could have been back home to give Coach a run for his money last night. I want to get the kid out more on the bike but it dose not fit into her lazy world hard to be a kid.. Photo from the Single State Race...