Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going up

A bit cold on the way in but it was worth it. No gas burned, with the way everything is going up i don't know how I am going to survive. Gas, milk, Bread and of all things beer, while all this goes up my pay check does not. What can a man do. With all the new things in I smile, more seat time will make the voices quite. Weekend soon and more to come. Throw more money at Beer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sittin' here in limbo

First ride in the new kit from Matt, 30 miles and the scenery never changed got to love new shammy's. More snow coming and I am almost over skiing last sundays 40 mile single speed ride has me pumped. Dam I wish I could go to the desert this spring, All good things in All good time. More to come... want to break some dishes not sure what that means but sounds like fun.


Daycare is sick with the Flu so the boy and I are hanging at the house. Snacking is the key today, and what better than leftovers from dinner last night. Umm Curry and rice&veggies. I think that it must be hard to be a 3 year old lots of emotions, All i did was take a bite of his muffin it looked so go. oh well. Some swimming and hoops. New stuff has been showing up thanks to everyone the Thomson stuff is so sexy, and the hub for the Maverick looks more drilled out than ever. Sun Race has their new web site up and is just finishing a few more things so parts can be order, cool stuff. And last but not least Matt sent up a kit from his bike Club/Team out of new mex.. Nice stuff got to like new clothes. And I still 4 cups of Red Curry sauce left luck me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solo x Solo

Again I can't say enough about the curry that I ate last night. Anna and I would once a week eat take out from a spot in breckenridge and always get the Red Curry. That being said it did as it always did and that is power me up. Had a good chat with Sophia's old bike coach today, he had just gotten back from two weeks in Vegas which made me want dry and desert.
Oh well that was not going to happen. So with the warm weather and sun I was out the door and the ride was nice. Took the work horse out and went hill climbing two good climbs and some mean wind when it was all done 2.5 hours one gear and now some beer. Back to the skis tomorrow going to keep it moving with the dreams of single track in my head. Could a Fall Classic be on my calendered? Need to see some old and new faces. Until then sit wait work and watch the new stuff come in. Going up!

My Thai

Big ski weekend in Wisconsin, not for me. I did head out yesterday but did not last long. Right wax wrong temps and not to mention that the trails had been ravaged by runners and hikers. Look like a war zone with all the pot holes. So that on top of the fact that my skis were not moving I called it. Played with james he and i went on a hunt for lemon grass. When you can't find good food you have to make it your self. So I did found all the stuff and made Thai Red Curry sauce. The real deal I have longed for Thai food and now I have it. Made enough to last me a few weeks. I will probably eat it faster than that. I will now drink more coffee and decide where to point the single cross. Good food and cure the winter blues, When in the hell is spring I am ready.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Could Ya !!!!

So here we have our answering machine from work. The guy on the other end put a down payment on a Masi Special Fix Gear Bike and wanted to ask us if we could do a few things before he came in to pick it up. Good stuff here and it just goes to show how hard core some fixed gear riders are. The time stamp is off we think that it had to be around bar time. He came in on thurs like he said and acted as if nothing happened. Only guy in town with the his bike we have our eyes out for him. Best phone call ever!!!

Cabin Fever

It has been fun to watch the Giro de California with all the new colors of the team kits it feels as if I am watch WWF wrestling. Been building bikes some nice and others not so nice. Even got to build some for the Lemonds. The word is that the cold should break soon it has been in the negatives for days. More skiing and cycling to come think that I am the only one in the Lacrosse valley that is not going to the land of the sun for spring break. I could sure get me some of that Upside Out this spring.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Chill

Been skiing a bunch even on the days that they haven't gotten to the grooming. Lots of snow so much snow that people are freaking out it has been 20 some years since they have seen this much snow. Nothing new to us used to being buried in the white. At every intersection the snow banks are so high that you have to pull out almost to the middle just to see if it is clear to go. New stuff is on the way and sending off other stuff to the team. The Big Wheel kits are and should be on their way, they had a large showing down at the 24 of old pueblo. The Maverick forks and hubs are also so to come. Going to mix it up a bit between the stiff and not so stiff, getting old and my body can only take so much. Talked with the boys at the HQ more new stuff coming out of them and another bit of press in the new Bike mag. So off to work I'll put some stuff in the mail and try to stay warm again the temps are below zero and the wind chill is even worse. Yea for Rollers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

And the race is on

Got done watching 24 solo. James got the itch to start doing laps. Can't wait to ride his new rig outside. That movie made me think that Craig was crazy to push him self that hard to end up in the hospital. Great ski this morning slow and cold right wax just wrong temp, felt like rolled up towels under the rollers. More snow on the way and dreams of single track in my head. Go check the guys a Twin 6 If you haven't it is time to step up and get some of the coolest cycling digs around. Plus they have new mouths to feed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 Golden Tuques

Yes this is how things are up in the land of the frozen tundra,, Beer Doughnuts and Bcak Bacon. Cold and snow and then cold again but that is what makes your skin thick. Could be worse could be racing a 24 hour race in the far south west with a winter weather advisory. At lest here you know what you are get your self into. So Take Off Ehh You Hoser.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knee Deep ankle biter

This kid can ski,,Dropping into some nice power off the cornice above. I used to ski I used to do a lot of things. Stoke to see Mr T ripping it up. He is my Wednesday hero.. Red skies now with more snow on the way. Go/SKI Fast.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pipes are Clean

With only one of these pretty ladies in the garage, I sip it and wait for the banana bread to come out of the oven. After a long day with waiting at the hospital the doc said that from what he could see every thing was clean. So now we wait a few more weeks and see if it was the 6MP. Stronger than I could ever think I was. Over 30+ hours of not eating. I can't make it 2 hours. 30 miles in one place wanting more. Snow tonight ski tomorrow. Falling in to place. Dammmm that banana bread smells good. Go Fast!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Heavy Circles

Wow that was cold, sunny but cold. Things should warm up and more snow on the way. The skiing this week was what I need and with more snow coming I think that I'll be back on the sticks. Want to get outside because the rollers are starting to get a little redundant. Today was just a nice recovery ride listing to the Velo pod cast. They had some nice things to say about Georgia and her success this year. She has been fun to watch and a good roll model for Sophia. Off tomorrow to take Anna in for a test at the hospital so if it warms a bit back outside if not back to the torture chamber

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Slippery when frozen

Hard ski is what the doctor ordered. Hill repeats with recovery on the flats. Skis were moving fast, again thanks to the groomers and Clay for the waxing help. The building blocks are falling in place, which is good when the bigger blocks start to fall. And with Wah in the area the tempo should be High. Good food and some points should help me to sleep, tomorrow brings some nasty weather they are calling for -40 wind chills. MMMM good weather for rollers and hoops at the GYM. Go Fast!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The duct tape held which made the ski good.
This kid is really shaking it.. Nice moves... Going to get cold again need to get the bike back under me.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


My rant yesterday was a bit of a chairle brown
After looking up from the ground I realzed that you
just need to take it as it comes.
The skiing was good today with
the exception of the full boot blow out, left boot has no more
zipper so now on with the duct tape.
Movement is good keeps the brain better than being stagnaet and on
the couch.
I dont think that the spell checker on this computer works.
I hope spring gets moving because i am ready, build bikes look at bikes
I want to ride more ..
It is comming are you ready?
GO Fast!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You are not what you own

Snow again,
so I gave skiing a try. It was ok
My head spins as i try to figure out the next move. Knee
deep in the quagmier can't get things right.
If life is what you make of it what have I done?
Work is not who you are just what you do, some more than others.
Jack of all trades and master of nothing. Rambling, point is
this move was supposed to make things better but $$ wise
same hole differnt view. Not sure what i have to do, don't want to give up the dream of
riding and racing but need to eat and have a roof over the head of those
who depend on me.
It is like screaming at a wall!
Regradless spring will be here soon and then I can
get out and wear less clothes.
I hope you all have a super fat Tuesday.

Monday, February 04, 2008

faster than slow

Funny in a group how you can still be alone. That is fine, used to going at things solo. Lost a good biker today if you had a question he had an answer. Rest days don't happen to often and today is one can't wait to go to bed, belly fun and sleepy time it come. Left out well that might be the case but we will see who show up when it matter. Standing on the shoulder of giants we can see the wind blowing through the trees. Sticks are smooth when things are groomed.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Song #1 is not a FU song

I wanted to outside today, and I thought that skiing was going to be the ticket but still not sure about the conditions and driving to Winona, was not going to be happening. So ride a BIKE! I had so much fun yesterday why not. Took the single cross and headed north to find some hills. 50K in under 2 hours good fun, good times. Been listening to Man vs. Astro-man lately good stuff Garro turned me on to it years ago. For some reason I have the NHL ticket so been watch a lot of hockey been able to watch the Avs and the Wild and any other team on. Weather is going to do another weird shit here supposed to get freezing rain now ...Bull shit... Go Giants....

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oats for a Meal

Slower than I wanted but still fun to be outside. 3 of us showed up with the right weapons and the fourth came with a single cross and road tires. He did not make it for very long. Chad and I pushed on until the trail got to hard to spin on. The big wheels rolled well as long as they could stay on top. That seemed to big the big fight. Only went over the bars once it was a better option than going in to the ditch. Shit Happens............ The Wily handles the snow well But I think it likes dirt the best. Starting to get things into boxes to send off to the other two teammates. Skis tomorrow hoops tonight with the kid. Time spent now will help in the spring.. I hope spring gets here soon. The desert is to far away..