Monday, August 30, 2010

Eye AgaInst Eye

Worked the shop on saturday so not much
in the way of riding just a commute to the shop and for what it is worth
the legs were happy.
Got to ride dirt with Deyoe on sunday
thirty miles of single speed fun under hot october sky's.
Trying to keep my self in race 
mode if all things work I can be up in Maplelag.
Songs are playing in my head and the wheels are moving.
I have a new project bike in my closet.. Matt T from Durango 
sent me his old Titus Drop U and I am going to turn it in to the next single speed road machine.
Few parts needed my have some old Ultergra hubs built up.
Waiting to see what is going to be in the magic box from King.
Keep my PMA in Check.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lay it down in Fullview

Start of the weekend and I have eaten all the food in the fridge.
A good week of putting my legs into the 
hurt zone. Good bits of climbing and 
a mid week dirt ride.
My goals are set just not sure if i can meet them.
I am tired of working and not getting anywhere.
Everyone else gets to take my money but me.
I have few outlets in life and racing my MTB 
is by far the biggest. I don't ask for much, just a chance a few days a month in the 
summer to line up and for two hours see how much punishment my body and mind can
take. When I am off the bike and take the same punishment it is not 
so great.
I could not do the racing if it was not for the support of my family and all the 
good sponsors that I have picked up over the years.
It is a symbiotic relationship, with out the racing they would have
little to no interest in me and with out them I could not continue to compete at the level that i do.
I seem to be going through a midsummer midlife crises.
The wheels spin and my brain stays quite get off the bike and the voices speak to me.
When do i get mine,,, am I doomed to fix broken household appliances for ever?
The wheels are calling....if you see me out and about and I am smiling,
their must me a bike underneath!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dirty Humpday

Chose to take the Spot out this morning and
ride dirt to work.
Great idea just required me to have my stuff together
so I could be out the door by 6:30.
Bike was good still a bit dirty and needs to be stripped down and deep cleaned
from the weekend.
Trails were perfect fast and tacky and the small block's
ripped through every turn.
I never have as much time to ride on the trails 
work always gets in the way.
I like the trails in the early AM because the sun shine lights up 
areas that  you may not always see.
Have the weekend off from racing do have to 
work at the shop but no travel or racing.
Should be able to ride some bikes and get the work done that 
needs to get done as the end of the season approaches.
Would like to stand on top again and think that 
if I try real hard that I may be able to do so.
Work Work Work.
Now I need sleep the belly is full Hump day is over
and I am tired.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big ass Lake

Loaded up the family truckster and head up to the land of Dylan and Big Water.
Always kills me how fast the drive is from here in Lacrosse.
Anna and the double decker
Got to Duluth to find the camp site was water logged. After an hour of trying was able to make fire, and smoes were eaten.
Race day was a clear and sunny with cool temps.
Sent Sophia off on her race, up the fire road and she was gone.
I did not see her as she came in after I had finished.
She lead the whole race till the end got beat by a local gal they both fought hard.
It was a good race for the kid one race closer to the cat1 upgrade.
The Boy did two laps on the kids race and still needs to work
on shifting he had fun and gave a big fist pump as he crossed the line.
On the line for me looking up the the ski trail wondering what this was going to feel like.
As we charged no one wanted to take the lead out till Doug S hit it hard. The ski trail
hurt me it was soft and the guys with shifters were flying.
In to the single now I could sit in and start to move.
First lap made some moves and by lap two was chasing down two local guys in front of me.
After one of the big mud puddles starting the third lap I was able to get around 
the two that I was chasing.
Now I just worked on staying in front and being smooth.
Through the muddy run section for the last time got back on cyclocross 
style and pushed through the last bit of the lap.
The finish was ski trail again with mud puddles and some sketchy sections.
Finished in the park in under two hours and seventh overall.
Happy with the work. Good race only a few left.
Thanks to all for the help keeping me moving this season.

Mud Mask

Nearing the end lots of Mud 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Riding the Family

We have a new convert to the holly land of one track minds.

Boy moving through the single track, rode all the upper single today pushing only when the trees got in the way.

Riding bikes on a sunny day many miles and
smiles from ear to ear.
Redemption test this coming weekend.
Momma looking good in her new T6 Gear.
Monday is almost here and 
I am not running out of beer.
Go ride a bike.

Little wheels rolling

Slow day at the bike shop and the sun was shining.
Hpt was putting on a trail fest,
group rides and a BBQ.
I loaded up the car with bikes and took the kids on up. 
The James was all about riding some single track and that is what 
he did. He was all over the pump track and 
flying on the single. The first time that he tried this spring
to ride some of the mellow sections of trails he had to walk a bunch if not all.
Last night he was spinning and grinning, riding all but the down trees and logs.
Then it was time for some PbR's and Brats. I headed out for a quick 1/2 lap with some the 
boys beer in hand.
Towards the end of the lap we came across Pip and The James out on the single again,
having a blast.
Good fun and great to see the  kids both of them enjoying the 
two wheels and the single track.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bottled Time

Never seems to be enough time 
to do the things that you want to do.
Some call it teeter totter and others call it juggling. 
It is hard to find time to ride between work family and the crap weather.
But when it is found I take full advantage and love the
It may be hell in a bucket but 
I am still rolling along.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharp edges

Roll out of bed 5AM
Espresso and out the door 5:15
Dark and a bit of fog.
Start moving fog gets worse brush 
by a runner going wrong way in bike lane.
Glasses on helmet looking pro hard to see. 
Meet the group and head out. 
Now thicker fog and spinning out at almost 30mph...Gear not stiff enough. 
Up over regroup and up again,, gear is stiff now.
Up top clear blue skies and large orange ball of sun.
Back down into the fog bars wet and hard to hold on to .....Train!!!
Glad I got out more rain to come,,, 
want to ride dirt. Cooking pork and 
that is good !!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the mind of a child

Another long week in the 
books...the recall on dishwashers has been kicking
my ass a bit and now I think that my
old man back is paying the price.
Great race last weekend followed by the fastest time
at the local dirt TT. I 
was building and getting ready for a suffer fest 
today. I had to convince my self that I wanted to
race and I was there going for it.
But last minute the young racer girl pull the plug, not sure why
but in her mind something went snap.
Hind sight probably a good thing had 
heavy rain last night and going to stupid hot today.
Next one is not till the 21st so more time to build and get ready.
The only crappy thing is the weekend is done and I did not ride my mountain bike..That

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sometime to return

Buck Hill cue the Music one more time..
Short drive and good heat..
Sophia was off the front and killing it to 
bring home a win. Good job kid after a DNF last time out. 
Now for me this is only the 2nd time racing bikes at Buck..
The locals race here every Thursday and I am sure that some of them can race it with their eyes closed. The start is at the bottom of the hill in a sandbox up to a wood chip pile then to the single track. I took the grass line to the wood chips and got to the single in a good spot. 
Now pushing it to stay towards the sharp end. Did so for a bit but the recovery for the first
lap was a tough. Recovered and tried to hang with the Heath group but he gave one hell of 
Jay Richards Skinny Ski
a acceleration and put a gap in. By lap 4 I had been Caught by young Richards and jake Begley. They came through and I held on. Lap traffic was bad and passing became an issue again just like last year.
At time the congestion caused gaps to grow and shrink. 
Coming through on the last of six laps young Jake Richards caught a flat which was a shame cuz he was flying. I came through in 11th overall which was not a total let down. I need to find the switch to flip so I can go faster,,, I can feel it I know it is there just need to make it happen.
Huge Thanks go out to Ethan @ Maverick for keeping my fork up and running and 
the awesome support from Northwave and Magura/Uvex. When the bike is 
running well I have nothing to worry about.
And thanks to Nuun for hydrating me on a hot hot day. 
A the ones that put the clothes on my back TWIN SIX and Hollywood, as it is said 
Party ON!! 
Next the Boarder Battle? Not sure have to see on that one..