Monday, January 31, 2011


Month now at the end, and I have managed to 
pedal all the way through it. Over 325 miles of commuting one fried 
bottom bracket and a set of rolf wheels that some how still turn but not sure for how long.
It has been over heard a few times that commuter miles are junk miles, I don't agree.
This time of year and in this kind of weather riding the 35's to and fro is 
good work. 
I do long for the days when the commute can be extended up and over the bluff or through
the single track, and in DU time that will  come.
Until then I will continue to ride to work and in the torture chamber of my garage, eyes closed and 
dreaming of what lies a head. Getting ready for the start of the Beginning.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am PeRson just like you

Warmer temps and fast snow. I did half of an hour in the setting sun until
the darkness took over the coulee. Back to the car and put on
my light with the snow ablaze from the bright lumens
I continued to attack the hills. I have not
slid across the golf course in days---no weeks.
Been hooked on the hills and can't get enough until my 
legs say that they have enough. Would like to think that 
it is working what ever it is.
Tonight is wings and beer repeats important for endurance 
training. Now off for the morning commute.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What goes Up?

Everything seems to be in check. I 
just still need to keep making progress towards the goal of being ready.
I gave it a shot of some hill climbing only to be shut down by snow,, forgot that 
the road is closed so no snow removal. Still only January and damn nice to keep the
legs moving. The Blue wax and great grooming made
for some fast conditions and even though you can get a bit dizzy from
only skiing in the woods that is what i did. Lap after lap of hill after hill until the sun 
went down and descending was getting a bit iffy.
Only hump day and I am ready for a break or day off but need to 
keep pushing the boulder up that hill,,,,only gets tougher from here on out. 
Fresh AA in my head light should make the ride in a bit brighter.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowballs chance in Hell

All they could talk about on the news were the cold
temps that were to be here on Friday.
Sure enough when I awoke it was -16 out but their was no
wind. So like the OCD cyclist that i am I layered up a little extra and headed to work.
I made it about 5 minutes and my glasses froze over. My face was warm with the balaclava
but no longer able to use my eye pieces. Speeds were normal just plug away having 
many motorist shake their heads at me as they drove by.
Towards the end my eyelashes were getting ice balls on them giving me 
tunnel vision. The people at work looked at me like I was weirder than normal, nothing new there.
The way home it was great 5 degrees and felt like a heat wave.
Got home to find a box of Thomson goodness on the 
front door step. Now I can set up the Titus just like the Gunnar.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Same as it ever was

Recovered from sickness and slid right in 
to a two day binge of a wicked sore back.
I get this lower back pain right around the
SI joint that can just floor me. It has gotten 
better over the past few years once I quit my powder
skiing addiction, but when it flares man it can suck.
The January bla can really be a downer, but things are on the horizon.
My new Dark Spot should be going to paint soon.
After that it is time to build it up and dream about single track.
Until then I want to keep skiing the snow is unreal now, just have to get through
tomorrow and the uber cold temps.
I may not sure have/want to drive to work
if the temps are as bad as they say they are going to be. 
Stay warm keep the Wheels turning and 
GO Pack Go!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Laid out flat out sick totaly
wiped out friday night. Out of no where I was blind sided by some 
stomach bug.
Went to bed 7ish and got up 8:30 the next day.
Yesterday was pretty tough with muscle aches and being tired.
But I did get to watch some bad TV and American Flyers, and watch the boy play lego star wars.
Oh and the Pack steam rolled the #1 team in the NFC.
I woke up this morning ready to eat and get out and see if I could ski. 
The snow was amazing and I felt ok.
Did not want to push it to hard just wanted some fresh air.
More snow on the way and I hope for some longer skis in days to come.
More football on today,, Yes the Bears won and now the Pats and Jets. 
Next weekend should be unreal with the 
Pack and bears playing in the Championship game.
Going to have to ski my ass off to make up for being ski.. I always feel like I am not 
doing enough and everyone else is doing that much more.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Never fast enough for U

Keeping my self moving and trying to 
stay on track. Could not afford 
a coach this year so trying to get on a program
and stick with it. A big part is my daily commute to work
and home. Not a huge amount of high end cardio but time in the saddle, and in all
Skiing had been my primary way of changing heart rate zones and 
it has been working. Full body work out on snow that seems to fall every day.
I do dream of warmer temps and drier roads but that is 

still a ways out. The trip to AZ in april can't get here fast enough.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fools Gold

Changes and miscues some different perceptions?
 More doors have been closed this off season and sorry budget cuts 
has me scared of what the season is going to hold. Seems
like all the prices are going up and getting places are going to be harder than ever.
My dark heart may have a new black steed on the horizon.
One the third day at dawn look to the light and you will see an eclipse.
Bad Lord of the Rigs rip off their. 
Can't tell if it is work the lack of excitment or the 
grind that has got me a lighter shade of bla.
I'll be back just need to shake it out of my self and my attitude
will  Sometime to Return

Monday, January 10, 2011


I have gotten hooked.
I used to have a bad Coke habit,,,
I loved the stuff but for a few years now I have 
cut soda out of my diet unless I earned one.
So that is one every month or so.

I have been drinking this flavor Kona Cola from Nuun for a few weeks now
and enjoy the flavor and the little kick of caffeine. 
But most of all the lack of sugar is win win. 
Pick some up at your local bike shop
and see what you think. 
think that you will like it.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


 Drove north today to do some skiing in Minnesota. St Marys has some of the best skiing in the area. I smeared on some Fast Wax Teal and headed to the land of the Nors men... The main drag was groomed to perfection and it was nice to ski corduroy  and fresh cords at that.
 When I got out of the car it was 1degree out and blue bird sky's. I opted for lighter layers knowing
that with the hills the inner heat would be firing up.
An hour and a quarter of skiing I was cooked especially after yesterdays hill repeat work out.
Legs were tired and I was getting warm and frosting up. When ever I drive up there I want more more more but with all the climbing some times you have to say uncle and go home.
This guy here is one of the reasons why the skiing is so good. The PistenBully 
groomer along with the fact that people don't walk on the trails or let their dogs shit on them makes for a world cup skiing experience.
Weekend is done that means back to the grind.
Need to clean the SSXC up a bit has been taking a beating from all the crap on the roads... But at least that means that I am out and riding.


I am up and I am moving coffee is good. 
The temp how ever is not good. 
-8 out and that is not good skiing weather.
Need to let it warm up a bit epically if I want to go ski up north.
Yesterdays ski was good not great the 
snow was cold and the glide was not their.
When this happens it makes form more of a challenge.
I stayed off the gold course and in the woods where the hills 
are, and just repeated them until I was a bit wobbly.
Skis still need to be scraped and prepped but not looking forward to 
the cold. 

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Falling out the window

Getting my self ready for the day 
always needs to start 
with something good
and nothing says good like hot fluffy waffles.
Going to be a cold one but I am looking forward to skiing.
It has been since last sunday and that was the worst ski
of the year.
Some cold air in the lungs clears the head and the head
makes the legs go and if all done in a fluid motion 
fast skiing will be had.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

If frogs Had Wings

Only a few days in to the new year and i want 
more, more more.
April is far away and I can't wait.
Multiple days in in the AZ sun
that is what the doctor order.
Even came across Raising Arizona on the boob tube
and smiled at the end when the bounty hunter blows up and I thought 
to my self hey I have ridden on that rode through those hills.
Something to keep in my back pocket to remind me their is 
a reason to get out of bed.
Get up and ride!

Monday, January 03, 2011

rust not want not

I need to spend some time and get 
this page updated just not sure where all the pieces lie.
Sunday was a bad case of could of should of would of.....
Skis were all waxed and I was ready to go to
SMU for some good hill skiing and then my brain started to tick.
Ended up going to Hixon and found that the skis trails were
nothing but large sheet of ice.
We need snow, and not much just enough to 
make to the skiing better. 
Staying hydrated has gotten much easier 
drink it up.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Turn the page

It stars now what it is I not sure 
but I need to get it going.
Only missed 4 days of commuting in
december 3 due to cold as temps
and one due to skiing before work.
Not sure what I want to make happen but what ever it is 
it is going to count.