Monday, March 30, 2009

Stone are Steppin

I normaly don't blow off a chance to ride but my body is telling me that I am tired and my goal of riding this eve, is on the back burner. Monday is my normal off day but with weather coming again I swapped today for tomorrow, even if it was just a work commute. Things are coming along parts are moving and new stuff is showing up. Just under two weeks until the H8ter the work is being done hope the payoffs show. Rest is going to be nice. Then back after it maybe even on the Gunner to switch things up a bit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raised by noise

Long/mid loop to work yesterday, just need to layer which is ok seeing as their is no measurable amounts of snow on the ground. I got to try out my new Rudy sunglasses polarized and photochromic. Pretty cool how it adjusts to the changing light conditions, and felt great on the face. Only 6 more days of work till a day off, until then I'll have to juggle the mess of weather that is coming and coming. I say that i don't want to be slowed down by it, well 7:30 this morning was to cold and i was not in to it so I'll find another window. Need to work on my bird,stick,skinny legs, from what I am told they are to small. To small for what?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I am baned in DC

I know for sure that in 82 this was not my style, i was to busy being in 2nd grade. I never got to see the whole band but did see HR once, Back when he was stoned all the time. It was a cool start to the day yesterday, but I got dressed and went out and gave it anyway. Can't let the weather this time of year slow you down. 4 Good climbs and 43+ miles later I was at the dream factory. It was a long day at the shop, and the wind just never stopped blowing so it made for a chilly ride home. I was pretty cooked when the day was done. Regardless it is not snowing and the coffee is warm, and with 3 waffles down it is time to do it all over again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When it is work just to pedal to Work Windy where did we go wrong???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Inflicting it and trying to find a cure!

Bike Practice

As I sit here and make my rocket fuel I think about the week ahead. With 15 hours last week this one is looking grim for outside riding, and the rollers are laughing at me from the garage. I know what needs to be done. Only 2 weeks until the H8TER and I want to be good and read. Now the big thing is that this weather does not wreak havoc on the crushed limestone. We'll see what happens everything seems better with rocket fuel in you. MMMM Coffee is good. Found a photo of my self after aid station 4 in the 5-0,,this was the start of the climb up to hobo camp the bacon and beer aid station. i looked tired but had a bit of excitement in my face knowing that this was the last big effort of the day. Ready for more more more mountain biking.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She can climb it!!

Big fat wheels were on tap for the day. It was the first ride off road for sophia on her new bike. She looked and rode well. We went up the Cult Rock hill to HPT and rode around on top of the bluff and dreamed of the day that the trails opened up. She climbed the whole thing with out going into the granny gear. I was trying out my new Look pedals and shoes. The pedals were great just the way that I like them locked in no to little float and an all round great feel. The Shoes were solid the best fit that I have ever had the first two hours in them was great. Finished the ride off with a stop at the dairy queen and a dilly bar,,,Ice Cream is good.

Mountains out of Mole Hills

Getting it done a warm and sunny day. Now it has been said that in Lacrosse County all the good climbs are in the south end but I went out to find the truth. My loop took me over 6 different hills and lots of great scenery. Blue bird sky and just a hint of wind made for a great day on the bike. When I got home I put my frankenbike put together and rode laps or as he called it pod races with the boy. The early spring has been great made everyone a bit pink from the sun a good and tired when the day was done. The kid and I are going to take Mountain Bikes out and go play on a big dirt hill.. No single track yet still a month or so away but at least we can go play.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Flats are never fun, got my first one this morning and it kind of killed my plan for my morning. I was low on Co2 so I limped in to the shop and ended up working. The good thing was I was able to get out to earlier and rode the long way home with Deeooo. The new gearing is something that the legs need to get used to, hope it wont take long. Tires with air go faster than flat ones. Friday comes and so does the weekend, what does it have in store? Not Sure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chilled Child

Trying to look tough while being cold....He wanted to wear shorts.. Fun Fun great time spent with the Boy.

Heavens Hill

Less has been better, less layers that is. Not having on 3 or 4 layers is sweet, the temps are all over the place, and lots of wind, it spring I'll take what I can get. I got dinner going last night and headed out for a bit of pain work. Goal was intervals and when it comes to those I am awful have a hard time doing them outside. So I found a big hill by the house ( CTY S) and did 3 9.5 min hill climbs. Great hill for this a bit over a mile and average 11%. This made me hungry so home I went to a big spin salad with roasted potatoes and grilled chicken. I Like Food. Another new addition to the bike for me this year is going to be Magura Brakes. This will be my first foray in to Hydro Brakes, can't wait. All the feed back that i have heard is that they are super light and have great stopping power. It's hump day,lets get through to the other side and bring on the weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 Leaf Clover

Riding in with the boy was a blast it had been a long time since we got to do so. He was tough, even though he decided to wear shorts and it was only 38 outside. He did whimper a bit when we got to school from being cold but toughened up when the other kids wanted to talk about his bike. Speaking of bikes holy shit the shop was crazy. Shit bikes crap bikes and even some good ones in for repair. Stuff left in barns under decks in bike racks all winter long. All needed help and lots of it. IT was all enough to make the mechanics shiver with fear. Good to see the world getting outside and nice to not have to wear so many layers. We filled out the paper work yesterday to become a Spot dealer, so now I can say that I ride something that the shop sells,,,just need to sell one. Good Luck Go Fast and Drink a Beer for all of the Fallen Irishmen.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sure Bet Cha

Goals have been made and steps have been made to archive them. Ended out the week getting out with some of the guys from work. 55+ in temps and my first ride on a geared road bike outside this season. Rode on the Lemond as it is the good spring tool.,,.,.It works but I love the Gunner more ,,the Roadie feels so much faster and listens when I say go. Did not ride as far as I would have like but time on a sunday can be tight. We rode to parks rode to swim practice we rode a lot it was great. Shop was good and busy lots of bikes went out the door and lots of happy people that spring is sprunging. After a great ride in to work and home I picked up the kid and we knocked out a good 20 mile spin. A grumpy face she but she is going and getting faster. Just needs to stop be a whiner. Monday is coming and coming with 60+ temps that is going to be good. Need to stick to my plan. Things are coming. Am I going to be ready? We'll see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Check my StAtUs

When the door knocks you have to answer and see who is there. Got to see the layout of the new Team kits and they look great a little evil knievelish. I am ready for some dirt other than the crap that is on the roads. I think it is time for me to go with Hydro Brakes and Magura is a team sponsor. So i am trying to move my Burley Trailer and may have to sell off my Paul Brake levers, but the benefits will be large. With the base almost over it is time to start the hard work. Work tomorrow with a ride after with the Kid and sunday off. May even take a geared bike out and see how that feels. 50+ is on tap and I can 't wait. Steve drinking a Pacifico for you,,,,beer+ bikes+warm= good shit man.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frosty Free

Sun was shining and no wind, I did not want to ride indoors, who cares if it was only 2 out I am spinning the wheels. Took the longer way to work, through fox howl and up and over FO. Now the only thing that seemed to suffer were my toes and then my face on the way down bliss. But not so bad that it stopped me from climbing bliss one more time. In total it took about 45 min's to warm the toes back up. Happy that I rode good jump start, and helps clear the mind before coming to As the Crank Turns. Temps are going to on the rebound.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Full rest was the call for the day,, food and h20. Got stuff done,like talked to David at Sun Race, he is off to Taiwan and is going to take my front shifter with him to see what is up it. Sophia got her Thomson stuff so I got that on her new ride while she rode the trainer. The Rollers did not work for her, so she did some intervals while I yelled encouragement to her. I hope for only one more day of shit weather so I can get back outside. The inside stuff is killing me. Oh well it is march in the midwest.

Member the time when you and me were talking about the time

Things catch up and it has made me tired. After a week of 14 some hours getting out of bed this AM was tough. I feel like things are where they need to be just need to keep putting the puzzle together. March rolls on and I with it. Need rest want more movement, all a balance like a teeter totter/ high wire act. Or am I just walking the Cow?

Monday, March 09, 2009

In like Lion?

Ahhh March, after a great week of riding outside and getting in the miles that I needed/wanted weather returns. My goal for Sunday was getting out and riding with the kid. Mother nature had the last word. So inside I went and not very fun, it gets the job done. Again this AM spinning nowhere, the roads are covered with Ice and crap and more on the way. The Kid is starting a program, to keep her moving we'll see if she can stick to it. She should have her Thomson stuff show up in the next day or so and she also get my old time pedals. Need to keep this child motivated. Bring on the week what does it have.?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Shoes

So far they have missed the call on the weather. Again . I am ok with that had a great time out on the single cross with my matching bottles and cage. Managed three hours and some good hill climbing. Reached into my pocket to grab my phone and all I fund was a banana it got great reception. Ready to spring forward, are you ? The clock in the small town of Mindro was allready set ahead I had to double take. Clean roads through the cut, I still did not push it hard, on the descent need to be careful this time of year. Got back to the house and a very happy and ready to go little boy was waiting for me. With a quick clean up we were off to Micky D's and to get some new shoes. I Now crack a Dales dinner is working and then we ride to the Park and Play.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fish FryDay

Wheels rolled fast this AM Great ride in to work. A perfect way to start the day. The hills seemed to just be flat,got a bit of dirty. Happy to be moving, goal is for more tomorrow. Belly full and beer makes things Gooder.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Skinny tires are faster. From Knobby Cross to 700x23, it makes the single cross move quick. The roads looked wet so it made for a sweet ride. Playing with my friend Grandad. Legs were happy to play. Temps were nice, now what shit comes this weekend.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Everywhere is Nowhere

Back after it this morning with the temps onth eup swing I did not have to wear as many layers. The ride was great out to what used to be the country,,,,,now just a bunch of overpriced homes for yuppies. Up some big hills down some others and back up again. Felt good to fight the wind and steep hills. Things are moving, fork came back from Maverick, Thanks to Ethan and the boys now the Spot can get back together. Scotty Don't swong in and is letting me use one of his sample sights so morning rides can take place in the low light. SkS is sending over a set of fenders for me to try out on the road bikes, to stay dry and clean. Just a few more pices of the puzzle and things will be all done. One more coming for sure this week Look is setting me up with a pair of Quartz Pedals for my Spot we'll see how they ride I have been on Time since 2000. Lets do this bike riding thing so much fun and good for you to.... Get get on It ...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It is snot flowing

Starting to feel a bit better, sleep was good a full 9 hours and did not have to get up once to blow my nose. Was able to pull off some grand dad repeats this am, nice and mellow working on circles and breathing. Wheels are spinning for the kid sounds like her and i will be pulling down points for the Hollywood Crew and Jeff has got some green coming our way. Now just need the snow to go away so bikes can be ridden on dirt. All in all not a bad start to a Tuesday!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Burning and Looting

This cold stuff is getting old both of them the one in my head and the temps outside. Left the house this morning and it was ONE!! Well dressed I was able to get some work done froze on the way down the hill that i went up. I am ready for something different, need to put in the miles this week so i start working on intensity. Back to putting labels on stuff.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

All those drugs will make you slow

This dam thing has complete contol of my head. Chest is ok but the rest of me feels slow. Once again I shall be at work, lots of price tags to place if I get time super busy yesterday. People are ready to get out and ride. I love telling them that I have already been out, makes for lot of head scratching. Internal combustion will get to my place of employment, then I start off the work week throttle down!