Friday, November 30, 2007

Who uses salt?

First bit of snow is on the ground. Happy that I got out and rode mtb's last weekend. I am happy to have a warm coffin to get to work in when it is 13 degrees out and 20 mph winds I am a bit of a wimp. The Kid was stoked to ride to school today even did a dance. She only has under a mile to go, we'll see how she does with 23's on snow. If it snows like they say the XC ski's can come out if not sscx on the train grades and laundry room intervals. So winter is now here and I have to say lets get it over with bring on the spring so bike and can be ridden and skin can be shown. Until then stay warm and keep the wheels turning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


17 on the way in today. By far the coldest yet but I was warm almost to warm. The Kid asked if she could go with out a helmet a hat was better to hold in the heat.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Follow the leader

Left the shop and it was only 32 out or at least that is what the bank said. Dress in layers and shed at the top. Good group for this late in the year, with all the leaves on the ground and the ground semi frozen we had some fun to be had. I asked that we go the wrong way as much as we could to change things up and for the most part the crew was into it. That is until I said we should go up the French Connection. To me it is just like some donkey kong riding switch after switch. Saw some crashing the young kid NJ was out and he ate it over some logs and i managed to wheelie out trying to make a corner. Nothing broken just some contusions. Supposed to get cold around here with some snow so i am glad that I got out this weekend. Hate to have to hang up the bike for the winter..

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I am able to handle the 30's esp.. when the sun is out. Great to get out today and ride on the road bike, felt weird with the ability to shift. I was nice and warm thanks to the layers andthe woollies from Twin Six. If you have not checked these guys out yet do so great stuff for on and off the bike and good ideas for Christmas for that bike nerd in your family. It is quite out in the farm land nothing but gun shots and weird looks from cows. Three good climbs includingThis one. Good dinner tonight and off to go ride the Wily up at the Proving Grounds with Kings and Knuckles and whom ever may show up for a ride. No Packers tomorrow so we can ride for a bit longer than a normal sunday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Creamed corn

It is safe for me to say that was not waiting outside a store at 4 this morning I was sleeping dreaming of endless single track and red rocks. With full bellies the family and I had a wonderful day of eating, Packer watching and beer drinking. Did some laundry room intervals with the CTS crew always funny when people that you raced against are on the DVD interval session. Maybe I can be fast like Fros someday. It kills me that we judge the wealth of the country on these people. This is supposed to help swing our bad economy people spend more money that they don't have on inflated credit cards so they get deeper in a hole. But the stores bottom line will look good and make some marketing guy look like a genius. Oh tis the season. To spend spend spend do your part as an American.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In Print

Anna said and now it begins as we open the new to find our young James in print. Launching in to the world of Mountain Bikes by getting his photo in one of the best magazines on the planet. His sister was jealous but I told her that her time would come. Temps have chill a bit here but the new Gate should do the trick.. Have fun eating

Monday, November 19, 2007

sun carving

Sometimes things don't go the way you plan. I was all ready to head to the cities when it happened could not make the trip. I was looking froward to racing, been a bit of a grump the last bit with no action. This has been a crazy fall with all that has been going on. Oh well PBR cures all. Out on the single cross sunday morning, I have been liking the bike because of its double duty. When it is 32 and sunny here you have to go and get some riding. Found some dirt to ride but with the morning dew and leaves the Red machine was the wrong weapon. I think that I was the only person out in the woods with out blaze orange doing my two wheeled John Cash impersonation. Home today with a sick boy need to be healthy for the up coming turkey day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

In the van in the morning off to the land of my child hood. First and last CX races of the season. What will it bring. More than anything going to support the Hollywood gang and to see the great folks from Twin Six . The Kid and DR Marchiando are going to do a 5k run race called the turkey trot. So it sound like a full day of racing for everyone. I am going to do the single race and dip into the 3's race . Work up an appetite and go get a Slipstream Burrito. The faster you go the faster you go !!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get out the way

Simple concept right you yell out on your left and folks should move or stay to the right? Some understand better than others....
Racer types that are passing or being passed for the most part have this down some don't but that is for another day. Some blogs
have been devoted to this concept like the Cross Father and had lead to may arguments on bike paths around the country.
On a busy weekend in summit county you can tell your self horse telling all the weekend world champions that you are over taking them on the left side.
You can take the silent approach and not say
any thing this sometimes ends up with
the passed person
mad you did not tell them.
Lots of people on bikes here in the Big River Valley
but not all aware of what is going on so
pay attention and let them know you are

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sticky Buns

A good day riding in the woods today. The pace off the front made some drop to their knees or at least that is why we hope he was on his knees. Good group......riding in some nice weather and lots of leaves! It was a big week with a lot of miles, for this time of year. Still thinking that I may go and race the CX race in the twin cities this coming weekend. Long drive short race. When the ride is all done and said Clays some day wife to be Jen, had cinnabuns hot and fresh. MMMM.. I like riding my bike and when I can do it in the woods it makes things all the better. What will this week bring?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sunglasses at Night

The new warm stuff
was worth it's weight this morning with
the balmy 24 on the ride in.
A few more tweaks and i should be dialed.
Looking forward to a weekend on the bike Sunday is going to be the warmest
so up to the dirt to spin up some leaves.
With a week left before my first and last cross race of the
season need to make sure that I am ready, might have the Kid yell and throw beer at me while I do some run ups in the park next to the house.
Need to work on my Nat Ross skills.
Need to get lit up >>>>borrowed a light last night for the ride home and
dam you can see a lot.
Just watch out for parked cars..!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More to come

Congratulations to Human Powered Trails on a $10,000.00 award to help build trails. This is good news for the
Proving Grounds. More money to make more trails. More trails mean more fun , and more fun means less crazy people, at least on top of the bluff, it wont help the perma F'ed people downtown.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I think you'ed get your ass kicked>>>>

No case of the mondays here. Chilly start but a good start none the less. After a good day at the proving grounds rolling the single cross just felt right. It was D Boon who said the Wheel is an extension of the Foot. Well said D. New stuff added to the site a little greenery for our hands to get around. Check out the great stuff that Ergon has to offer. Miles this week as long as the cold dose not get to bad more to come. I need to get lit up it is getting dark early. I think that a new light might be coming my way. No more Living in Darkness .

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Their is nothing like a few hours on a bike to clear the head. Today was one of those days and everything just flowed together. The bike is riding the best that it has all year, helping me add to the total. The leaves are almost all down which makes things tricky but just getting one ready for snow that may come some day.For now as much as I can get,, kind of weird this time of the year to be on the bike so much I am used to being on sticks dropping knees and flying through white smoke.. Bikes are good. Smile!!

Sand in the ............................

Hike up your skirt and ride a bike.. Weather is going to take a turn this week so it could be now or never for some dirt riding. Motivation is not lost here.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sub 30

Well it is now November and my hopes are to keep the outside riding going as long as I can. Chilly this morning but nothing that I have not felt before. People keep telling me that it gets really cold, yea I know that been there and done that,, just need to keep the inside fire burning.
My Frankenstein cross bike is felling more and more like it should just another
More warmth on the way.