Thursday, January 31, 2008

All my friends are killing me

Lots of new bikes in boxes.....New Fisher 08 stuff some good and some not so good. Cold air and lot to move. Fun. New stuff coming in on all fronts. Season move up fast, time is short, getting ready is fun movement great, inside outside which ever side it takes. More moving smile Tossin!!


I totaly forgot that the
temps on monday were
That being said I went for some
ski in the woods before work.
Bad Idea,,,the warmth of monday
and the cold of the past two I would have been
better off on ice skates.
It felt like skiing on a south facing slope
in April in the eairly morning.
Not to mention that no monday
because it was warm every Yogger
and snowshoer in the
area were on the groomed trail
system. So come tuesday
their footprints were left frozrn in the
I think that as spring rools around I am gogin to
start riding my bike on the track at the
Maybe get some kind of derby goging and
we can lay down some skids and fuck up their shit.
On a lighter note I had the pleasure of Clipping the seat and chain stays
of a Road Master. It was like a moment of Zen as the soft
tin can like frame squished ever so gentely in the grips
of a pair of bolt cutters.
Today I think that the sawall will come out so we
can cross section the rest of the frame. It will be
like an alien autposy.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Uno x Uno

Their has been a JRA theme lately so keeping up with the masses. I had a 1:30 appointment today so when it was over and the house was empty I headed out on the single cross for an hour. It was 47 degrees was not going to let this one go by. My body was happy to push the pedals even with all the skiing things were smooth. Glad to get it when i could things are going to change and fast. Hold on to your hats folks thing going to get weird.


It is 8:40 in the am and
the temp is
40 outside.
I knew that the snow was not going to be
as fast as yesterday,,, It started out
skiing well at 7 ish in the morning but as
my ski progressed it became
like skiing on crushed velvet. This
worked for today being that all I wanted was
a recovery ski to burn out the legs. But by the end it was more like work and
almost at times hard work.
Warm today with
chances of rain , then a mixed bag of
shit and back in to the freezer again.
This is fun right?
Hope all are well
mappy hunday

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just to see the look on their face

Some of the best skiing for the year. just a bit under 20K and dam it was nice. I don't know if it was because the sun was out or the good condition of the trails but it was fast and good. The only issue was the winter rec fest golf even on the golf course part of the trail. Not the brightest people with there bags of clubs. Yesterday it was some tool that said" I don't like your bumper sticker" Which one? He had an issue with my Rondane French for can't Tele! I joked with him and he was pissy said that he was training for a rondane ski race, and I apologized for his lack of two plank knee dropping skills. Again great day in the woods all alone skiing solo, because that is what I do. Not part of any great big scheme. Rain may be coming here and snow out west. According to my brother in Taos, folks there are just tired for skiing in the best snow in years. More is on the way. Have fun and GO FAST!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Upside out

The skis really hooked up today, first and for most I need to thank Clay for the wax ability. I beat the groomer out today and there was a few inches of fresh pow pow to ski in. With the right wax and large numbers of K's that I have been skiing things moved well. Weather here is nutz after a week of frozen cold shit, now they are talking rain for monday. Can't get it together. The word on the street is that the railroad grade is to mushy for good travel and the roads still are to sketchy. So riding out of doors might have to wait. Make hay while the sun shines. Good food gets to the point!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Let Your Self GO

" General George A Custard didn't
die with and honor
he died with shit in his pants"
Cold and slow was the tempo,
the wax was not sliding the way it was
supposed to.
I could only manage a 1/2 hour because it was so dam cold.
Left foot was a Popsicle I am dumping hot coffee on it
now just to warm up.
Friday oh sweet Friday,
the temps are going to rebound and
outside stuff should be better.
The efforts are
becoming easier as they stack up.
Question is what will happen now that
the Roy is back in the Midwest?
Bring it on...oh wait it has already be brought en!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Layers , that was the call
for the morning. When it
is -13 and you are such
a freak that
you need to be outside layers are what you need.
The ski was good just not long the groomer must be down because the
trail was in different conditions. Hard work and
then their was the wax not right for the temps but still good to be outside.
Being out allowed me to listen to young angry white kids yell about
life. This got me to thinking, If you so dam cool and think that you are the shit
you should have something good coming out of your mouth
when your donkey megaphone is going off.
Talk is cheep and actions are louder,
what you have ....nothing?
Like I though just a bunch of hot air in a nice shirt.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I think that whole state is hungover in defeat. It happens oh well it was fun to watch. With a fresh blanket of snow another 8+ inches on the ground I can only think of skiing. Maybe an up ski on weds to change things up? Either way the inner nors man in me is having fun. Temps should rebound and I can get back out on the bike. Daycare was sick today so I got to come home early and hang with the kids. After an hour spinning in place we got to do some powder sledding or more like powder wrestling. Warm dinner and quite sleep full bellies and smiles. Morning brings coffee and two plank sliding. Hardman? Who needs it.. Go Fast!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Green turns Blue

Cold but good, the ski this morning was great. The guys that groom are my hero's. The temp was 1 this AM and the snow was pure white and cold. With the right wax and music it was good work and good therapy to be outside. The next few days may be hard to be outside with the temps hitting rock bottom. I am ok with inside stuff as long as it is not everyday, I'll brave the cold before I hammer in the laundry room day after day.Pretty things grace my eyes as I wait for the final pieces. Soon all shall be together and winter will be over, and the spring will have sprung. Spinning and Gliding. Living the HIGH LIFE.GO FAST!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frozen Tundra

Snow is back but so is the cold. This should help the xc skiing once the temps go up. Still not as cold as back home. They were -17 this morning but they do have more snow. This weekend it is only going to get colder. Thought about commuting a little afraid of the drivers in this area and the way the snow plow work around here. Things may be in doors for a while.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wake up

Dam Tired, yea Tired, But inspiration has shown up in the shape of a sexy new road frame. Spent the day at work hitting it up with frame saver. And ,,,,paint job sweet, Pics will follow as the bike gets built up. I have a few more parts on the way and when it is all done I have a new friend which will help. The Lemond should stay in tact so i'll have a rain or crappy weather bike. Bikes sure make me happy. Some day when I grow up I am going to have one of these.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Long division

Some days are
better than others but the good ones are great.
Even with the lack of snow the trails
have been good.
This morning I was ready for some LSD,
but being the only one out and the
with the glide as fast as it was
I found my self pushing it a bit harder than
than what i had thought I had wanted.
Good weekend of movement
need to keep it up even with tired body.
This week the cold comes back with Highs in
the low single digits might bring things
back inside.
It is all about subtract and divide,
or is that divide and conqure?
Oh you know what tho do

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Keep it out of my face

You give it away like free samples!
Good choice of weapons today, I love my mountain bike , and will miss it when it is gone , the new one will need some break in time. Road north no the snowmobile trails that are now close to machines because of the weather we had last weekend. Even though their are no hill the work was there. Between the snow and the ruts a good spin was needed. And a good spin it was. Some of the bridges were a bit tough because of the pot holes but that just gave it more of a dirt like feel. All alone no one else...sweet....
Skis tomorrow.. Pack now. GO FAST!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

X Ray

White strip
of death is what we called the
early season in
the high country when only one
run was open.
Today it was for me the snowmobile
trails to get to work on.
Packed down and hard with lots of
ice. Keep the wheels spinning and you will stay upright.
Good to be outside has not happened since last year!
Could be worse I could be some kind of skittish freak that eats
doughnuts with a fork to keep my hands clean.
The green stuff is on the way,
and the good folks at Thomson are
send out parts for the road bike.
I love it when a plan comes togother.
Now just need to figure out wheels!
Have fun and GO FAST!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Testing the limits of coffee. how much is enough or not enough. As the snow piles in the west we sit and wait, time for the blue get rid of the red the sun volt is past and normal should set in. What is normal still trying to figure that out. Still with the why did you leave, sometimes hard to explain. So listen and only hear what they want to hear. I know why and make it happen. Get your snorkels out and breath deep GO FAST.!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Rainy day monday

Global Warming
38 outside and dumping rain
lots of rain,
what ever snow pack we had is going away.
It looks like
Portland outside and that
is not right.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


What a Ski today. I was amped and ready to go. I had a fresh tune with red wax and a good brush in. It was warm from the get go 40ish and hard to ventilate. Bit over an hour and hard work with the mashed potatoes for snow but just what I needed. Lots of people out great to see,, What will the weather bring? Might have to get out the single cross and slog out some miles. Hope all is well out there and you are having a good 08 so far. Go Fast !!

Friday, January 04, 2008

My nephew

This is Mr Trempealeau ripping it up in Taos.
This Little Guy will be in the X Games before we know it.. As long as he skis better than his dad. And I bet that he skis the ridge top to bottom before he is 9.
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Left Right Left

Thank you for your interest in SSWC08. Unfortunately registration filled up prior to receiving your form. We had over 800 people interested and only 350 spots to fill. We hope you will still consider coming out to Napa, CA for the race festivities and to cheer on your fellow single speeders. There will be various rides around the Bay Area the week leading up to the race and afterward too, so it should be a lot of fun. We will be posting a blog soon to keep everyone up to date on what's going on. Thank you.
There is the fine print....Oh well Guess I
don't have to worry about
getting out to Napa!
Skiing was great this morning rocking out
to punk rock music and watching the sun come up over the bluff
was a good way to start the day.
Legs felling good even after all the intervals.
Weird weather still coming this way i hop for snow and
not rain.
Racing is comming and soon
their is going to be a cross race
in Virouqa on the 19th
might have to give it a shot.
Time to reup the
Keep slip slinding away.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sliding and Gliding

Weather keeps changing it does not know what it wants to do. From Below zero to 40's this weekend, and they have even spoke of rain. Well this is making it hard to decide what wax to go with. Oh well pick the right one this weekend and the skiing should be much better than last saturday. Time to think Swix.