Monday, August 31, 2009

Turn the Page

Day one back at it in the saddle and at work. Busy day in the land of Beer and Cheese. Lots of folks coming in enjoying the last day of summer and others enjoying being off their meds and riding bikes. The vegetables coming out of the local gardens are ripe and full of favor. Dinner tonight was simple and would have made Milletos happy. Emag in the AM before James goes to his first few hours of Kindergarten. Oh the Times They R a Changing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunny Fun

Home!! Back home after a good long trip. After 3000 miles of driving and seeing all kinds of sights Getting out on the HPT was a fun way to end vacation. 2 Hours of home town single track. The woods are green very green, and oh so different than the trails that I have been on over the past 9 days. South Dakota was sunny and dry, fun times around the camp fire and more fun on two wheels. Sophia and I got to hit up M Hill in Rapids and had a great Chat with JMK who is doing well with his broken back. Heal Soon. 9 hours is not a bad drive to go ride sweet single track. And as Road Bikes go in the Black Hills are some of the smoothest and quietest roads that I have been on in a long time. Lots of climbing there the hills go straight up. Taos was a good diversion great to see my brother and his kids. Lots to see and do and not enough time so things were hit with lazer precession. Dump to Dump with the kids and A fun run down the South Boundary, so much more to see,, just not enough time. And Breckenridge ahhh I left my heart on a hill on top of a mountain. Many memories and so many more made on the trip. Sophia rode like a champ climbing strong Anna getting to do her first lake loop. My ride on the colorado trail was all that I wanted it to be Blue Bird and tons of fun. Now it is back to reality,,, School starts in a two days and that should get the kids life back to normal. Back to work tomorrow and some TLC needs to be given to the Spot , needs to be ready for the racing that is left. Lots more to come just need to be ready for it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Died with shit in his pants

Bad internet,, I need a shower and a razor. I stink and have more hair on my face than a 12 year old boy. Legs good and tired after all the climbing today. Road bike Heaven here in Custer State Park. Big City tomorrow then home. Seen a lot and ridden a good bit now time to get home and hunker down for the task at hand. P ewww I stink..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Death to my Shorts

Got dropped of in Garica Park
riding solo with grey clouds over head had me a
bit worried about what was to come.
Found all the markers 164 and rode.
Two miles of climbing for 13 going down ,
the only injury was the death of my BWR
bib shorts, my Bonny ass finally sat through the
hind end.
Great ride would love to do it from angle fire the next time
that I am in the area.
So road today legs will be happy to have gears.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Waking up to a rainbow. More dirt today, see if my leg hold up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Green Chilli Mr Tagert

Got out today with Kris the owner of Breck Velo and Kevin Soller an U23 rider who has had one hell of a great season even wore the white jersey at the NVGP.
We went up and over gold run road which was one hell of a kick in the crotch for a start climb. Never was that fond of it while I was in town and today it hurt even more. Took what they called the jump line down to Toxic Forest. Had another one of my feet pull out on one of the jumps ouch.. Like the Look pedals don't like the mishaps .Rode the flumes down and through high lands and then out to the colorado trail. Lots and lots of people out on mountain bikes trail head at the Dredge was full. I have not climbed up the North Fork in a few years and the last time I was able to clean it. Today I got close had a spin out lots of moon dust on the trails. Got to the top and was very happy good long grunt and now time for the down hill. About 4 miles down hill through sage and alive and dead pines so much down that my insides hurt by the end. Great ride I felt like I rode well for the altitude could not go down hill as fast as the two I was with but both being semi/pro downhillers I had no chance. At the end I was good and fried legs were hollow and body was ready for food . Tomorrow off to Taos to see what the land of entrapment has to offer. Need to recover so I can ride again tomorrow.


Packed in and loving it. All is well after the first day of riding at 9600 feet. Sww how today goes with the Young Soller out to hurt me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baldy and More

We made it up to Breckenridge this morning well before lunch. Skipped the stop at the Spot factory could not get in contact with any one and we wanted to get up to the High County. Checked into the Condo thanks to Jared and then a quick visit with the Doctor and his little boy. Anna headed out for a road ride with an old friend and rode her age + one mile not bad for a Birthday ride. Her first long ride with lots of beauty around lake Dillon. Sophia and I went out of one of my staples, Carter Park> Barney Ford> Baldy Road> Pinball Alley>> then Down Bakers Tank Aspen Tunnel and Back up to go down Carter Park. Sophia was on fire rode well and climbed even better. The 34x20 worked well for me felt great we'll see what happens tomorrow when the big guns take me out I think it is going to hurt. Great day topped with a dinner at Eric's,,, so far so good so good we'll see what tomorrow brings. James has reverse rocky mountain High.. Not tired one bit. One more beer and then to sleep Daylight Doughnuts in the morning...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the Road

Just need to get through work. Bags are pack bikes are ready, and brain is already there. Short drive tonight and then finish it off tomorrow. Friday is single track in the High Country. I am ready. More to come.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Sicks

Every thing was layed out and ready to go the 4:45 alarm went off but thanks to the bloom of all the area ragweed my head said no. Could not breath . Wanted to ride after moving all the playground equipment thought it would be good for my back. Might get a long loop in on the way home. Less weed to deal with.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Higher Life

For Starters Sophia had a great day,, she did her best Hole Shot Hollywood start and went for it at the gun. Cam through 9 out of 19 and was nothing but smiles. As for me the best part of the day was the call up which gave me front row view. After that it was a different story. I was not able to put the harder gear on because, I did not have enough spacers and in hind sight The one that I had was a bit to much. My start was good and even through the first lap was happy with what was going on but then it got grim. My legs we heavy and turning over the cranks with the moist ground was tough. It was not a total loss finished mid pack and totally blown. The break that is going to come is very much welcomed. Some time away from racing and training just going out and riding with old friends and a few new ones. Vacation is going to be sweet then I can get after the rest of the season. Great Job out there today all you Performance driven freaks... Photos:SkinnySKI

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Richard on Whells

The wheels have been spinning a bunch as I try to get ready for the race again this weekend and the vacation that will follow that. It seems that I have been taking a bit of cyber flack for a rough pass @ buck. I guess I am just a dick and if anyone else would have been ridden off the trail they would have smiled and said no big deal. Vacations is going to be sweet can't wait for some high mountain single track. Until then work will be done. And Beer will be Drank. Photo:Dana

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gunning IT

Video from the MSCS site thanks to Joe Grinnell>>>>>I like the start it helped set the day up for me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Dark this morning and a few squirrles, on the road and they all had wheels. Still everybody came out looking better than sophia. The Purple bike gave up and she went down, and lost a bit of skin. I can only hope that she is ready for next weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck This

Sophia is back from camp and went bike racing. I think that she would have rather been at camp. After two weeks off the bike I was just happy to see her out. She had a great start in to the single track but started going backwards from there. She put in a good fight and said to me after that she can't just come off the couch and expect to do well. WOW!! For me the usual except a lower than normal turn out. I have never raced at Buck, when I was young I race at Hyland Hills but not here. Got the call up and a front row Spot, my goal was to get to the single track climb as fast as I could. At go Brendan was off and I got on his wheel, and sat there through the first climb. At the top trying to recover Jesse and Eric came around on the Pave. Back in to the single now just wanted to build and hold the gaps that were created. Going in to the second of six laps the Lap traffic started to show, now it got tricky. Yes there was some not so great passing on my end but I will not put all of that on me I called out every pass and tried to do it clean. By lap three I was joined by Jo Mama, and we stuck together for a good long time until one more crappy pass that pushed me in to the weeds and he was able to power away. Always in my sights I kept the hammer down hoping for a chance. As lap 6 rolled Dave O caught me on the single climb and made a great move to get around some comp riders,,,,, I was stuck all I could do was grind it out. Came through the line in 6th 52 seconds off of Mama and less than that on Dave. Great race and a good test of the later season legs. Cash was won and good times were had. Next up the Broader Battle Should be a Good one.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


This is one lap at Buck Hill where I'll be racing tomorrow. Looks fast with a lot of Flow. Going to keep things as they are and hope for the best may put the beefy front tire on for some softer traction.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Because Your Mine

No AM pain Train. I had everything out and ready to go but when the alarm went off sleep sounded better. Walking the Line of over doing it. With Buck on Sunday, just need a little tomorrow and should be good.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

# of Daze

Thirteen days left until vacation. 13 Days 11 Days of work and 2 bike races. But who is counting. Summer is flying by and when we get back from our western odyssey it will be time for the kids to go back to school. Dirt to work helps the brain start on an even keel. Just hope I don't get punched in the EYE!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Funny how a family reunion can take the wind out of your sails more than a Bike race. Still a bit tired from the long weekend, and need to get my self ready for what is to come. Need to work on the Spot tonight and then go ride dirt on the way to work tomorrow. The mental game starts again with what is the right set up for Buck Hill?. All I know is that it is going to be hot and that is new for this summer.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Brat Fry

The Marchiando anual Brat Day,,, A Great time had by all... We got to meet John's new girlfriend and eat and drink until our hearts were content. The weather was a crazy one ,, cool temps had us a bit wrapped up on Saturday as Rocky worked his magic on the Brats. Notice that there are no tongs only his fingers. Each brat gets a quarter turn. Anna and I were ready to eat after taking out first road ride together. She did great as we went up the Grandad's Bluff. She has really taken a shine to this road riding thing. Sunday saw much warmer temps and lots of sun. I was able to head out on the Spot for a good ride and see if the bike was riding the way it should after the rough race from the week before. Bike was ok minus the front brake have issues still.. Funny what happens when Fork oil get all over your pads. All in all a great weekend AND I am fried.. Now some more food and beer and then time to start getting ready for the tests to Come.. Buck Hill is going to Hurt.. Until then Go Brats..