Sunday, July 30, 2006

Head over heals

Took the kid to ride her race corse today.. It is a fun little track for her a lot of big ring.. It well be nice to get to watch her go and not have to worry about getting ready to race my self... I got out and rode some dirt and pavement and ended up in frico to ride the peaks trail.. I was having good time and thought I was riding well when I stood up to attack a hill I put my wheel in to a stump???? and ened up flipping over the bars.. I think that I landed on my feet it all happend soo fast.. Weekend is over and time to start a new work week.. At least their is bike racing to look foward to...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Isn't nice

Got out on the road bike yeserday morning and man it is a nice change. It was really nice to be the only one out on the bike path.. Cool damp and empty a nice way to start my day... I did bump in to one guy on some fancy plastic trek bike with all the bells and wistles.. I hope that some day some one ends up with that bike and can ride it so such a nice bike does not go to waste... After running to the G store me and the 11 year old geared up for a MTB ride... The sun was warm now and their was a good window of no rain so we were out.. Another steller day for sophia we climb from the park up moonstone up barney and up baldy finaly getting to the top of pinball.. This is huge a great climb and soon their after a great down.. After passing through mnt. pride we hit bakers tank and she crushed it then hammered down aspen tunnel.. From tree line to town all on single track what a bad ass little kid,,,,,...... I wish i had that going on when I was her age....... I tested her pee afret the ride and her sample came back clean.. No dope

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why do things happen????

Some times I don't know if I should poke my eyes out with a hot stick or just beat my self with a hammer.. Never been much in cutting my self.. Stress sucks!!! Things will get better, just better be soon... The race got called off tonight cuz of rain and lighting which is a good thing.. I got to eat Thai food and ride my bike on the road which is nice I like it, I just like the mountian bike so much more.. My daughter Sophia got to hang out with Georgia Gould tonight and talk about riding bikes .. That is not some thing that happens every day hanging out with the National Champ.. It will give her something to brag about at SJC tomrrow... Thnaks for the beers and putting up with me again thing will get better.... Now sleep....

Friday, July 21, 2006

What did you do today

What a day!!,,, a day after floyd kick some ass and did something that Lance never did. Got to go and have breakfast with sophia c ball and mister morgan. We talked about life and bikes and bike racing... Then the fun began we did the afternoon little league ride and it was huge. Sophia had her new skid lid because she broke her old one on sat the sky did not rain and life was good.. About 15 of us rode from Breckenridge to Frisco, 12 of those being kids. After getting to frico we rode the peaks trail back to breckenridge.. My child being the only one who had not ridden the trail.. She Killed it she was not up front but she did the whole ride.. By the time it wa all over it was 24 miles and a lot of holy shit look at what I did. This was by far the best little league ride that I have ever done.. To ride with kids who love the bike as much as I so is as good as it gets.. We ened the ride with Pizza at Eric's thanks to him and all he does... Big stage tomrrow who is going to be ??????????????????Go FLOYD

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Here is my Baby

No offence to my kids but this is my baby... It took a lot of trys to get this posted because I have a slow connection but here it is.. I have been having so much fun on this bike and can't wait to get out on it again.. We are in a pattern of afternoon rain so I have been getting shut out.. But the Agent Orange shall ride again....Poor Floyd but that is bike racing!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lazy aftrernoon

Spent a good amount of time with the boy while the grils went out for a movie.. I got to try out the Wily with the trailer on it and like with every thing the bike rode nice.. We bumped in to the winner of the 100 mile bike race and chatted for a bit before going to the park...IT WAS HOT!!! After eatting some ice cream cake we just ran around and it was nice.. I did get out for a ride when the girls got home and I took my self up tho the top of the power lines.. I love my new bike not only did climb well but going down is a dream.. I flew up the climb to the top and screamed down the single track it was a nice way to end a long weekend.. No racing for almost a week that will be nice to rest eat and ride..

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I teied I had every thing where I wanted it but I went for the safe play not knowing the whole corse and lost the #1 guy for part of the 2nd lap. I could see him now and again and would give it a push but the hills and the heat were too much. # 2 worked well for what ever reason thier weren't very many singles today and I don't blame them because the race was steep. My daughter finished her 8 mile race and that is great! It was a lot some of the big people let alone a girl trying to have 11th birthday..What a bad ass.. The rest of the SJC did well also all deadacating their race to the fallen hero C-Ball.. Well the PBR is calling so back to filling up on beer ,,,,, Oh yea that bike of mine the 29er was the shit today the fork worked so well and the tires worked like extra squish........

Friday, July 14, 2006

Gearing up to get down

The van is loaded and now it is time to roll... Had a good slow ride to frisco and back today it wad nice to be in the rode bike again. I still fell like I am trying to recover from being up to late on wednesday night.. Good sleep and go fast, wish the kid a happy birthday and come home.... Go Floyd!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things go Boom

Last night was the first big test for the Wily, and it did great... I have had bad luck at Copper over the last 4 years and I was happy to finish where I did. 20 sec off of the big boss and 1 min out of 2nd. The first climb got me and I pulled it togother for the down and climbed well on the second lap the 29er wheels were rolling fast up the hill/.. Sophia grabbed another 2nd place and she was stoked on her night.. We are packing up tomrrow and going to Snowmass for the state champ race. I won it last year and would love to repeat that feet.. The bummer news is that Cball had a bad crash today while riding with the kids at the summit jr. cycling camp. I guess he was jumping when he over shot a landing and slamed hard,. He broke is coller bone and his pelvice.. We'll check back in with him when we get back for the race...... Now rest food and more rest....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Case of Point

Had a good ride with the kids on friday not as good as the morning ride but great to get the kids up that hill at Copper.. Not my fav place for a race and I hop that this is the last year that we do it there.. Got a little bloody at the end of the ride went for a pass on my 11 year old and put it down. First week of a new bike you have to crash once.. Went to the D for a friends wedding and it wet wet wet. I ened up hanging out with james in the hotel drinking the high life...... Still wet outside but I still went out for a fourty minn ride got dirty and wet...... Nice dinner tonight with a case of point beer stright from wisco .....Yea... Race on wednesday and big one in snowmass on saturday.....

Friday, July 07, 2006


Well it is five thirty in the morning and I am getting ready to go ou ton my mtb.. What are you doing?sleeping? That would be nice but with the afternoon rains and the everything eles this is when I can go... Have a good morning and get ready for the the time trail tomrrow now thing start to get good..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fun Time

Well it is here.... I got my new ride before the race on sunday.. It was all I could do to get through that day the thought of setting up a new bike. I had an ok race 10th out of 20 something. Could not keep up with the bloomer as he said he set a pace that showed the contenders from the pretenders....Back home I left work on monday to get the bike put togother. I got to watch the most amazing flash flood with hail it was so bad that the streets were icerinks.... Tuesday was the firecracker and I got to ride a new bike, the sky was blue and the beer was getting cold... I thought the race went well the bike went where I wanted it to and it climbed so well.. I got down to the finish and sent off my teammate who took off fast to make up the time that i had let slip away(because I was on a single and everyone else had gears).! He ended up dubble flatting and not finishing oh well I got to ride down main street with all of town checking out my new ride.. That is all I needed!!!!! Big things comming up need to be ready !!!!