Tuesday, December 19, 2006

war on christmas?

Well it is the christmass time of the year again and that means that people everywhere will spend them selves silly. They will buy what the tv tells them weather or not they have the money.. Here it is simple we have no money so we wont spend our wads until it hurts.. I know that I am not ever going to be a big wig who has tons of cash and all the sweet do dads and that is ok I just need to get above the poverty line which means getting out of breck.. I love here the mountains and the blue bird days but not being a trustafarian and not having a high paying job I strugle. I want simple I want easy I want no more " where is the money coming from"? Enough bitching it could be worse we could be totaly shit house broke the kid are healthy and seem to be well adjusted, and will get to have a lot more when we get to Wisco... Now if would just snow so I can spend the last days of 32 in powder, because if I can't ride a bike I want to ski.. I take that back I can ride the rollers now that xc is over but fat powder shots would be nice.. It can always be worse I could be in Iraq fighting a was that has no end for some dip shit who thinks that he is doing good....... All in all i do have it good , but it can get better!!!!!

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