Saturday, July 18, 2009


While at the Trek HQ I got to ride Jim's Trail's. This is the super secret fun tech trail that these guys and gals get to ride every day. Good fun went out with my inside rep and some of his closest inside buddies. Fast and fun tons of thought went in to building these trails. The only down side was the Misquotes that were out for blood.. Being at the Waterloo Site was a trip it was like Disneyland for the Bike Nerd. Bikes everywhere new 2010 stuff just hanging out and Lance and Contador at every turn. I saw Belt Drive Madones and things that may never make it to production. And I learned more about how the body and bike interact. I hate to sound like self centered but I need some time on the bike not just near the bike I need that Quiver in the legs again. All good this in all good time.. Sounds like I need to run For the Roses. Beer and sleep is on tap. Bikes at dawn!!

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