Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look Out

Well first things first. Went to see Steve Garro today , and let me say that he looks good for someone who was so close to death. I hope that I have this all right but he said he had 7 broken ribs, broke both kidneys, had a hole in his lung, busted up his adreanl glands, broke his back, and had his femur fractured in 5 places. I may have missed one or two things but was pretty blown away from the run down. Having said that he looked good, he was in the lunch room getting done eatting dinner and watching the sun go down. He has a great support base and a great out look on what is to come ,He even moved his toes for me and the doc's say he can come home in two weeks. We are all lucky that he is alive for he is such a great man and an icon in the sport of cycling. I skipped riding in moab last night because i did not want to ride with my head lamp and my son James need some dad time. But today was something else. Today I rode up to a trail Steve showed me years ago ( the look out trail ). It was great the temps were great and the sun was out through the thin layers of smoke from a RX burn. I went up Shultz creek trail and spured off some single track untill i hit the fire road that cuts acrrose the MT. From there I climbed old weatherford rd untill the trail started. This is a great trail it has everything smooth single track and tec sections that make you think. After statnding at the look out point i ripped back to town found the family and pounded a cold one. It felt good to ride a trail like this in nov. when their is snow on the ground at home. I know that no one reads this and that is ok but thank what ever is out there that did not take Steve away................

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