Sunday, November 13, 2005

White Jersey

The day started off with a bit of skiing with the kid here at breck. She had it going on making the tele move and having fun. Thenwe came ome and i got ready to go to the cross race. It was cold down in Denver but that was ok. A good line up for the start the two young studs were there and the race was off. Great lay out for the race and I just tried to stay out front. I duked it out with my nearest GC contender and crossed the line in third, it was nice to have some folks to work with. Then back home to the snow, I think i'll try to xc ski tomrrow.

1 comment:

random said...

good work, fun course with lots of power stretches, you must have enojyed the single on it. proper cross weather, without the mud though. bummer.