Thursday, October 30, 2008


The long way in was not long enough
to quite the voices.
Sorrow and boredom still fill my bloodstream.
Need something to happen something to spark a tired being.
Happiness can be found on two wheels I am looking for it.
Just feel like i need direction.
Wheels did move ok the cross winds worked me more than
i wanted. I am going to try Coffee and a Scone and see
what becomes of it.
Now I wear my Dark Heart Smile and
get through the day.
The Big wheels will carry me Home.


Puddytoes said...

Hi, remember me? I am in Lyons. I haven't kept up on your blog, but why are you feeling so dark? Is that what Wisconsin does to you? Just curious....I complained to my friends about you not getting your beer. I told them all Spot/DPA racers should be provided with as much beer as they need, especially if they can't get it where they are. Just so you know I'm stickin' up for you!
And I have a whole fridge full of Ol' Chub, but after discussing the problems associated with actually putting it in the MAIL, I decided that might not be a good idea after all. Yep, they have Gordon's and Ten Fidy in a can too. What's your favorite? Are you the hoppy DPA lover? I'm not even really a beer drinker, but I do like the Ol' Chub; lucky I came into such a large store of it.....Too bad, cuz maybe some good ol beer would cheer you up some. I don't want to rub it in, but we are having Indian Summer, today was 75, and we have a new trail that leaves town and heads right up the mountain. I'm on my ss more and more as I get the strength and skill. Luv it.

devin said...

I am just missing my old home and having a large group of folks to run with.. Sometimes you get lemons.. Esp..when work sucks,,,sometimes the bike shop can bring you down.. thanks for the kind words...I have been a big fan of Good old IPA,, my first love. Glad to here that the SS is becoming a good friend. Enjoy the warm temps.