Thursday, October 02, 2008

Going to HELL on a Bike

I have had a lot of things said to me between the hours of 9-5... Stuff like " I have a dark Heart" Shallow,,, Arrogant spandex tour de france SOB" But yesterday I learned that I am a leader of a CULT. Now in the mid eighty's the Cult was a good rocking band then in the 90's we heard the word cult used with the Branched Divdants in Texas. And now in Lacrosse Wi in 2008 when it comes to skinny guys that ride bikes. Not sure what to think being thrusted in t this position but here it is and I guess I except my partys nomiation. First I want to thank stevil for the use of his logo. And big up's to all of you who are out there "Going Buy Bike" those two wheeled charriots of the darkside. Get out there spin your wheels bark at the moon do what ever it is you do,, just ride and remember that salvation comes on two wheels. If I am going to Hell in a Bucket,,,,I am enjoying the Ride.

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